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Witness Recounts Triangular Shaped Crafts Over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Triangular UFOs Over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Reader Submitted Report

     This is a rather old report. I was reticent for a long time to discuss this episode. This event occurred in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

On April 30, 2004 I was with my wife on our backyard deck with our telescope. While my wife was looking through the scope, I was looking at the sky trying to decide which sight to turn the scope to next, after she had finished examining the Andromeda Galaxy which was bright and clear that night. I saw what initially I thought was a group of ducks flying in rather low to the man-made lake just down the block from our home. It is an often utilized stopover by ducks and geese as they return from their wintering in the south. I don't know what caused me to look again, but in an instant after they caught my eye I looked at them for a closer observation, realizing they were not ducks. There was no sound, there was no flapping of wings, but they were dark in the night sky, as I might expect ducks to appear, illuminated by only a waxing moon just up about an hour in the southeastern sky.

I noted that these were four flying black triangles, moving in a very tight diamond formation. They were large from my perspective; they were traveling from the West-Southwest across our neighborhood; indeed over our home. They were moving to the East-Northeast. And while they seemed to be moving quickly across our view of the eastern sky, they also appeared to be floating. They had no markings and no lights, but moonlight caught them so that their tops as they flew by were illuminated. They appeared smooth and metalic but very black and very flat. Their formation was so tight that initially i thought it was one huge triangle but when they tilted upwards I saw that they were in an extremely close formation. I kept thinking that one tiny error and there would be an accident.

As they drifted on past our neighbor's house, they suddenly stopped and tilted their noses skyward. They hung in place for a few seconds and then in a flash shot straight up into the air and completely out of sight.

I didn't know what to make of this, and determined not to say anything. In October of that same year a passing comment in the Edmonton Journal of October 17, 2004, while discussing animal mutilation events in the farmlands near the city, the writer of the article made passing comments about the fact that these triangles were seen all around the St. Albert area (a suburb of Edmonton N/NW of the city) during the same period of time. No photos or film was made of this event.

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