Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Locals Report Sightings Over Huntington Beach

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report


My girlfriend and I were driving North on Bolsa Chica street from Warner in Huntington Beach. In the sky above us, also traveling North, were two fighter Jets flying in a tight formation. We watched them as we drove, I really enjoy the sight of jets.

As we got to the cross street Heil, they broke formation and one flew west of the Naval weapons base and the other flew on the east side. I watch the jet that flew west and noticed there was a small, lone cloud just above the Navel base. Watching the jet and the cloud in my peripherals, this bright ball caught my attention flying directly in front of the jet. The jet, appeared to be on its pursuit. Within a few seconds, the ball flashed super bright and just disappeared. I think the expression of confusion lite-up on my face. My girlfriend asked me what was wrong, and to not alarm her, I just said "nothing." She then said, "I know, I saw it too".

I also wanted to note that we were driving to Target, spend 30 minutes there, and upon driving home in the same area, that same lone cloud was still hovering in the same spot over the weapons base. It just didn't feel right, not another cloud in the sky let alone this cloud hadn't moved for about 40 minutes.


Today is 3/12/2010. At around 8:10am, Myself and about everyone driving East on Warner passing Springdale, in Huntington Beach, saw this wierd, what appeared almost as a rocket, descending down from about 400-500 ft to the ground. First thought that came to mind is that this was a big nuke that was going to wipe us out. After about 10-20 seconds, I noticed it just appeared to be falling by the trails behind it but it was in fact not moving.

Two minutes later, it then turned into a oval and appeared to be spinning, looked like spinning smoke. I tried blinking or moving my head around incase it was something on my windsheild. However, I could tell I wasn't the only one seeing it as the head's of everyone driving were looking up to the sky and many people were grabbing their phones to take pictures. After another minute, it became a spiral and was spinning into the center, much like a vortex still appearing to be a whitish/gray smoke color. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It did this for about another minute and shot off at an amazing speed, est. to covering a mile per second. After about twenty seconds, it disappeared into the distance, much to far to see with the human eye.

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