Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Documentary Film Maker James Fox Sheds Light On Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin's UFO Sightings

From The Joiner Report
© 6-26-09

Aldrin's About-Face

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 6-30-09
Angelia JoinerAs most of our regular readers are aware a few weeks ago the Joiner Report, (with host Angelia Joiner) was borne; Angelia started out with a bang in having former CNN news anchor, Miles O’Brien on as her first guest.

Billy Cox Since the premiere she’s maintained her steam with names like, “Billy Cox,” “Milton Torres” and “Leslie Kean.” Last week’s episode was no different, as documentary filmmaker “James Fox” joined Angelia for the hour.

Ufologists, enthusiasts and the curious have been waiting with bated breath for any news on Fox’s latest endeavor, a sequel if you will to the very successful, “Out of The Blue.” Although, initially, the title was going to be an offshoot of the original film, for assorted reasons it has been more accurately named “I Know What I Saw.”

“Somebody Got To Him!”

Buzz AdrinFor those that have listened to the episode, the only complaint was that “it wasn’t long enough!” Fox shared much of his trials and tribulations in making the film, as well as his hopes and goals for its success; however, amongst the interesting minutiae an item I found most intriguing, as I’m sure many of the other listeners did (and will), was the inside scoop on former astronaut, “Buzz Aldrin.”

As most readers are aware Aldrin went public with a UFO sighting he and fellow crew members experienced on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, (see video below), only to later reverse himself on the Larry King Show
no less.

Apollo 11 Saturn V RocketAldrin, in contrast to his earlier public statements on the matter, with a model of the Apollo 11 spacecraft in hand, gave a detailed account of leaving earth orbit and preceding to the moon; he cited a “boost protective cover,” various “panels” that come off when the command module does its separation maneuver, as well as the upper stage of the rocket (SIV-B); thus (now) giving the "impression" that this is what he saw.

Obviously, had Aldrin or any of his comrades believed that what they were seeing was any of the a fore mentioned parts or debris “it would have been a non-issue!”

In that vein, Angelia has graciously allowed TUC to share the pertinent snippet with the Fox interview, detailing his quest to interview Aldrin, the latter’s compliance and then last minute refusal.

In the aftermath, it evokes but one question, “why did Buzz Aldrin change his tune?”

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