Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Know What I Saw
The Movie

I Know What I Saw
A Review

By Mike Fortson
© 7-1-09

Mike Fortson     I’ve had the pleasure of knowing James Fox for over 9 years now; we met at my Gilbert Arizona home where he interviewed me for his documentary film, “Out of the Blue.” As some might know, my lovely wife Nan and I were witnesses to one of the massive UFOs that flew over the great state of Arizona at 8:30 pm MST, on March 13, 1997; the event is commonly (and erroneously) known as “The Phoenix Lights.” James left an incredible impression on me as he quizzed me that day. I remember saying to myself; “this guy really cares and is asking the right questions.”

The interview lasted about 2 hours—finally, a movie producer that has a passion for the truth about “UFOs!” The rest is history, as “Out of the Blue” is by far the best documentary on the subject of the UFO phenomenon available today . . . that is until later this year when “I Know What I Saw” will become available.

I was greatly honored when James asked me to watch and review his latest creation. It’s not everyday a famous Hollywood producer calls and asks this humble witness for his opinion. Thank you James for trusting me!

As a witness to the massive V shaped craft of March 13, 1997, I applaud this film as the FIRST to “fully explain” the difference between the events of the massive contrivances and the 10:00 pm MST videos of high altitude flares.
Finally, there exists a definitive explanation that contrasts an extraordinary event to that of the very mundane action of dropping flares!

Tens of thousands witnessed the 8:00 pm events, while less than 20 actually saw what was filmed on those videos looking southwest from elevated mountain properties around 10:00 pm that night.

Thank you James! You are the first to get it right!

Not only does “I Know What I Saw” spend time on the March 13, 1997 Arizona mass sighting but he goes in great detail about the mass sightings in and near Stephenville, Texas. James got the best witnesses there as well e.g., Ricky Sorrels, Steve Allen and Angela Joiner (the latter being the local reporter who broke the story). There are many similarities between the mass sighting in Arizona and the Stephenville case.

But, most importantly he was able to get the highest caliber of witnesses from government, aeronautics, astronautics and the military from all over the world! This collective represents the utmost in credible witnesses with very powerful information that in my view is evidentiary that a percentage of UFO reports are extraterrestrial in origin! All these high level witnesses met in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club. Their evidence is overwhelming!

The goal is simple: Dear US Government; please open your UFO files and tell the world the truth. We can handle it.


  1. Whatever happened to "Beyond The Blue", the supposed sequal of Out Of The Blue? Did Fox change the name at the last minute? Hmmm...not to keen about the name but the trailer looks interesting.

  2. Good Day BITM,

    Thanks for taking the time to make comment.

    Originally, the name of Fox's latest effort was to be similar to "Out of The Blue"; however, due to conflicts with his goal of having it seen in the "movie theaters" it "couldn't" be similar to the previous production.

    The name will grow on you!



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