Monday, May 18, 2009

Mystery Object in Arizona Skies is No Mystery at All!

Weather balloon northern Arizona
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-18-09

     Heather Hoch of the Arizona Republic broke a story today of UFO reports from Scottsdale to Sedona; she in part wrote:
"UFO sightings from Scottsdale to Sedona had several skeptics and believers keeping their eyes on the skies Monday afternoon.

The object has been described as clear, spherical, and stationary from different people who saw it.

Ian Gregor, spokesperson from the Federal Aviation Administration, said the object appears to be a balloon. It was not showing up on FAA radar, which Gregor said could mean it is a small, non-metallic object. Gregor said he has been getting calls about the object all afternoon, but likely will not be able to actually confirm the object's origins.

National Weather Service officials said that the object is not one of the agency's weather balloons. . . ."
Long time sky-watcher (and eyewitness to the original huge craft that flew over the southwestern United States [AKA Phoenix Lights] 12 years ago) TJ, from New River was able to photograph the object; he in turn shared it with good and friend and colleague Mike Fortson who passed it along to The UFO Chronicles; the image of course confirms the FAA's speculations.

This may disappoint UFO enthusiasts, as any (initial) unknowns reported in the skies over Arizona gets everyone's attention; however, on a positive note, it's indicative of how alert Arizonians are these days to what flies in their airspace, and how conventional objects can quickly be identified—so before anyone assigns sentient life to the "silver orb" they witnessed, understand that it was just a "weather balloon"—really!

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