Monday, May 18, 2009

Weird '09
Wiltshire's Premier UFO
Paranormal Event

Weird 09
Weird '09, Wiltshire's premier UFO and paranormal Events

Is to be held on 29th 30th August 2009

We are proud to present a stellar line-up of distinguished speakers, from the UK and the US, who will share with you their expertise and experiences in ufology and the paranormal.

With lots of new, never seen or heard material being presented by the speakers for the very first time at Weird '09.

Speaking live will be:

  • Nick Pope

  • Paul Devereux

  • Joe McGonagle

  • Dr. Peter McCue

  • Malcolm Robinon

  • Mike Oram

  • Kevin Goodman

  • Hayley Stevens

  • Nick Redfern

  • Brian Allan

And hosted by Ross Hemsworth from 'Now That’s Weird' Radio and TV shows.

Recorded interviews with Dr. David Clarke and Steve Dewey will also be shown.

Weird 09 will be held over two days at the Athenaeum Theatre in the small town of Warminster, once the UFO capital of the UK, and possibly the world, with over 5000 sightings reported over a ten year period.

Warminster nestles in the beautiful rural countryside of Wiltshire, within easy striking distance of important ancient monuments, including Stonehenge, Avebury, West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill. The impressive Iron Age hill forts of Battlesbury and Scratchbury are also close by.

You will also be able to join the annual Warminster Sky Watch at the fabled Cradle Hill and participate in a paranormal investigation over the weekend.

Tickets are £15 PER DAY OR £25 for a weekend pass and can only be bought on the official web site and no where else.

Please Note: Special Care Baby Unit Weird '09 will be raising funds for the Swindon Great Western Hospital SCBU.

The funds will be raised during the conference and will take the form of raffles for exclusive UFO and paranormal items donated and signed by our guest speakers. Donation points will also be available.

Speakers are free for interviews in the press room at the venue on the day if you wish to arrange this please contact:

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