Thursday, April 16, 2009

UFO Conference at Smith Mtn Lake – May 2nd!

By VA Chapter of MUFON
     The Smith Mountain Lake One-Day UFO Conference is set for Mariner's Landing at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake with pristine lake views, indoor pool, spa, fitness center and too many amenities to mention.

Sponsored by the VA Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). A great program has taken shape and night skywatching should be spectacular!
  • Learn More about UFOs from the Experts
  • Hear About Compelling UFO Cases From VA and Beyond
  • Gain Insights Directly from a MUFON Board Member
  • Be Amazed By the Facts Surrounding the Aztec UFO Crash
  • Hear How MUFON Has Acquired a Valuable Partner in UFO Research

Scott & Suzanne Ramsey

Aztec New Mexico UFO Incident: New Findings

Scott & Suzanne RamseyThe charming couple of Scott & Suzanne were brought together over the Aztec UFO Incident. With 20+ years of study, the duo has lent credibility to the 1950 Frank Scully story in his book Behind the Flying Saucers. The idea of a flying saucer crashing or landing outside the town of Aztec in the spring of 1948 has some compelling evidence to support it. Extensive modern research involved finding the precise location of the site, and the most probable location emerged as being high on a mesa. There the Ramseys found the infamous concrete slab; Was the slab just part of oilfield history, or did it play a part in the alleged UFO recovery operation as told by a few? Expert oilfield workers, engineers and a leading concrete and engineering company evaluated the age of the concrete and rebar inside the thick slab. To see the slab in its odd location up on the mesa is a very convincing experience, and your hosts Rob & Sue Swiatek were quite impressed while on location with the Ramseys. Join us as Scott & Suzanne take us on a journey back to 1948 in Aztec, New Mexico!

Cameron Pack

UFOs and the Amateur Researcher

Cameron PackCameron Pack gained his earliest first-hand experience with the subject of UFOs in 2003 when he had a Close Encounter of the First Kind in his current hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cameron was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1983 and has always kept an open mind about the paranormal. After his 2003 sighting, Cameron began to research UFOs in earnest and in 2004 obtained a collection of UFO sighting reports from the Virginia Beach City Police Department, dating back to 1976. He has made numerous FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests to other police departments, the FBI and to every US Air Force base in the world seeking UFO sighting reports found within the base security forces police blotters. Most recently he was able to observe the east coast’s spectacular falling meteorite of March 29, 2009. Cameron will speak on all of these topics during his lecture. Cameron is currently taking a science based curriculum of college courses and intends to become a MUFON Field Investigator within a few months.

Robert Swiatek

Busy Brits: New Web Postings from the UK UFO Archives

Extraordinary Research Partnership:
Will It Yield UFO Gold?

Rob SwiatekRobert has had a curiosity about space, aeronautics and UFOs all his life. From launching rockets as a boy to working as an intern at NASA during college, Robert has only continued to increase his knowledge of conventional space vehicles as well as unconventional UFOs. His degrees in Physics and Earth Science paved the way for a career at the US Patent Office where he is a Physics Examiner in aeronautics and astronautics. Robert has lectured at conferences throughout the US and contributed writing to numerous UFO projects and titles, especially for the Fund for UFO Research, Inc. (FUFOR). Robert is frequently seen turning up on the Discovery or History channels in various productions. His aggressive debating style on programs such as Larry King Live have won him accolades from many in the field. He has served as Secretary-Treasurer of both FUFOR (since 1986) and the UFO Research Coalition (URC) since its inception. Robert has been on the Board of MUFON since 2004.

Susan Swiatek

Welcome & Status of Virginia MUFON

Truly Bizarre Cases From My Files

Sue SwiatekSusan was born in Washington, DC, grew up outside Denver, Colorado, and since 1970 is again near the nation's capital, in Fairfax, Virginia. She is MUFON VA State Director and is active with the Fund for UFO Research, Inc. (FUFOR). Susan's early years were spent in the Rockies gazing up at the stars and reading such books as Charles Fort's Book of the Damned. When Betty and Barney Hill's Interrupted Journey exploded onto the pages of Look Magazine in 1966, she was hooked on the UFO mystery. Susan holds a BFA degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore and is working in the publishing field. Susan hosted the 1999 International MUFON Symposium just outside Washington, DC and has lectured widely. Her artwork appears in books such as Ron Story's Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia and Richard Hall's The UFO Evidence-Part II. She has created many covers for the Fund and UFO Research Coalition (URC) publications.

Antonio Huneeus

A New UFO Briefing Document? Update on The Best Available Evidence Worldwide

Antonio HuneeusWorld traveler Antonio Huneeus was born in New York to a Chilean diplomat and a United Nations official. He studied French culture at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Journalism at the University of Chile, and Communications Theory at the Catholic University in Santiago. Antonio has covered the field from an international angle as a science journalist, investigator and lecturer the past 30 years. His articles have appeared in the Americas and throughout the world; Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Japan. Antonio's most prestigious contribution to date was perhaps his co-writing in the mid-90's of the UFO Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence, a Rockefeller/FUFOR commissioned report that was sent to members of Congress and selected VIPs worldwide. He has served MUFON quite ably in the past as International Director, speaking fluent Spanish, French and English.

Mystery Speaker

Mystery Speaker

Mystery Speaker
Stay Tuned. Watch this spot. It's still a Mystery.

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