Monday, April 13, 2009

Witness Has Close Encounter With Triangular Shaped UFO, Notes 'Time Distortion'

Triangular UFO Over Perryville, Rhode Island
Reader Submitted Report

     My first encounter was when I was camping at 15 yrs. old with a friend and his family in Charlestown, RI, in 1964, August, 9pm. Tommy and I were alone looking up at the stars at the pond's edge when we both saw a very bright 'star' exit quickly from the nearby ocean, in the distance, near Block Island. It zig-zagged at 45 degree angles, in a kind of 'jerky' motion, gaining speed until the last 'zag' sent it instantly into space. The whole thing lasted maybe 3 or 4 seconds. It was just a very bright white light.

My most recent sighting was in April, 2006, in Perryville, Rhode Island, about 9pm as I was returning from a night class at URI nearby. As I swung off Rt. 1 onto the Ministerial Rd exit and intersection with Old Post Rd, I was a huge yellowish white light about 200ft above the intersection..I was shocked! No sound, just this light, about 10ft in diameter, and a small electric-green light flashing in what i'd say was the middle of the craft.

There was another huge white light at the other 'wingtip' as I figured the craft was either triangle or chevron shaped. I stopped the car, got out, almost directly under it and watched in very slowly and smoothly pivot and move northeast over Ministerial Rd and toward the town of Wakefield. I lost sight of it quickly, almost too quickly; it may have vanished.

I called the police in town and the dispatcher took my report seriously, saying no one elso has called in about it. An odd thing, is that as I was under the craft it seemed that time slowed down or was out of whack somehow. One other car came out of a side street while I was out ot the car looking at the craft, but the driver sped off, either afraid or oblivious of it.

I had one other good sighting back in the early 90s, summer, while camping on the beach at Martha's Vineyard, Mass. I spied a rotating pinwheel of redish light spinning at the ocean's surface a mile or so off shore at Gay Head. A fishing boat was not too far from the object and had to see it. I watched it for about 5 seconds whereupon the wheel and light just 'went out' like someone pulling a light switch.

Weird but true. I was alone on the beach camping (illegally) at the time; it was a clear and beautiful summer night about 11pm.

ps I 've had two other sighting but not as dramatic as these.

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