Friday, April 10, 2009

Alien Creature Evokes Hair-Raising Fear For Texas Woman!

Alien in Road
Reader Submitted Report

      I am a 51YO woman living in Xxxxxx, TX. One or two street turns puts us into Xxxxxxxxxxxx, and we generally travel that way to get to the main thoroughfare to get into Dallas area. I do service work at a large corporate facility in Xxxxx, and very often do this work very early in the morning while my husband is sleeping and return in the morning in time to get our daughter up and off to school.

In March of last year, I began my drive in to Xxxxx. It was quite cold, it had rained but was not currently raining though the wind was blowing water still and it was very chilly. I believe it was only slightly before three o'clock in the morning.

We live on acreage and I drove the short blocks and turned on the road to drive through Xxxxxxxxxxxx to go to my work site. I was approaching a stop sign and my headlights illuminated a 'creature' crossing the road at the cross street. I believe it was an alien. I'll describe it. I should also say that as soon as I saw it, I was instantly struck with hair-raising fear. I saw this alien for several seconds as it traveled across the roadway in complete view. I believe it to be about 5 feet tall. I could not see any type of clothing, and it was a pearly white/grey color, from it's head to it's feet. It was glossy-looking. The head was not oversized. What was very striking were it's arms and the way it moved. Instead of picking up the feet and bending at knees, it had a fast shuffling type gait. And the arms were very long, hanging past where you would expect knees to be. It did not turn it's head to look at me and I don't know what the eyes or face looked like.

My work van was already slowing in preparation for stopping at the stop sign. I promise you it took all my courage to turn my head to the left. It was not anywhere that I could see, and I floored it down the street. I broke out into a fear sweat. I has an instantaneous fear reaction.

It has been a little over a year since I saw it. This experience definitately affected my willingness to get out during the night time. I am relieved to say I haven't seen anything since, except a green fireball one night, which my husband says was probably space trash with copper in it.

I don't know what to make of this experience. I find it much more interesting now that time has passed and nothing more has occurred.

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