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Operation Bird Droppings

The MJ-12 Saga Continues:

By Robert Hastings
© 4-9-09

Robert Hastings     This is the second update to my recent article, “Operation Bird Droppings” which may be found at:

In Update 1, which follows the article, I posted an email exchange between Timothy S. Cooper and myself, regarding the cache of MJ-12 “documents” that were allegedly mailed to Cooper between 1992 and 1999. Following the circulation of those supposedly genuine government files within the ufological community, charges arose that Cooper forged the documents, or had otherwise been involved in perpetrating a hoax relating to them. In response to those allegations, Cooper swore out affidavits in which he denied any involvement in a hoax. He also took a lie detector test, which he failed.

In an email to Cooper, dated April 6, 2009, I wrote:

First, let me say that one leading researcher who has written to me thinks that you forged the documents you gave to the Woods. Whether that is true or not I do not know, however, I note that you've already failed one polygraph test regarding the “documents” you allegedly received...

In Cooper’s emailed response, dated April 7, 2009, which he asked me not to distribute or post, he said that the first test was “invalid” and that he had only failed it because he had not slept for 24-hours prior to taking it. However, he declined to submit to a second polygraph test.

In my latest email to Cooper, dated April 8, 2009, I wrote:

“Who said it was invalid? The examiner? If so, can you send me his written statement to that effect? It seems to me that you would want to clear your name, once and for all. Why not arrange for a second test, after a good night's sleep. We can discuss the cost; I may be able to pay for it, or most of it, and find others who will pay the balance. Will you agree to this?

During the course of these exchanges, I emailed respected UFO researcher Barry Greenwood and informed him of Cooper’s recent statement to me, indicating that he now thought the supposedly-genuine documents he received in the 1990s were actually fraudulent. (That startling acknowledgement, which Cooper has never uttered publicly, is reprinted in Update 1.) I also told Greenwood that, despite Cooper’s important admission, he continued to assert that he had no part in the bogus documents’ creation.

In addition to Greenwood’s ground-breaking work on the UFO-Nukes Connection, as published in his co-authored book with Larry Fawcett titled, Clear Intent, later re-titled The UFO Cover-Up, Greenwood also conducted an extensive forensic analysis of the first batch of MJ-12 “documents” released in the 1980s—which he concluded were fraudulent—as well as a more recent analysis of the alleged documents that Cooper claims he received. Those, Greenwood asserts, are fraudulent as well.

In his emailed response to me, Greenwood wrote:
Hi Robert,

Cooper is being disingenuous. He said his documents came in his PO box without evidence of having been mailed and this happened repeatedly. He said they came from a Thomas Cantwheel.

Cooper's [March 1999] affidavit says this:

‘6. That he and others have performed and are now performing due diligence to locate, identify, and bring forward the person AKA THOMAS CANTWHEEL or establish his true identity and credentials.’

So Cooper was receiving what [were] ostensibly classified government documents in his personal PO box, illegally. He was also receiving improperly prepared materials in his mailbox, subverting post office fees without postage due. If Cooper was walking out of the post office with the documents in hand, and saying nothing, he was breaking the law (that is of course if they were genuine).

Did Cooper report the illegal ‘mailing’ to the postmaster or box line clerk at the post office, exercising “due diligence” to locate the perpetrator, Mr. Cantwheel? After all, Cooper could have gone to federal prison for Mr. Cantwheel's alleged actions. How did Cooper know he wasn't being set up for a sting by accepting the papers without question? None of this seemed to have been a concern to him.

Cooper had a PO box. It was a locked box. Only he could get into it, unless he handed out his key to others, inviting abuse. One can't hand a stack of papers to a clerk to put into a PO box for free. They must be in a mailing container with postage. If the clerk didn't do this they would be fired. What mail clerk would repeatedly put classified government documents into a customer's mailbox from a stranger for free, knowing full well that the postal inspection service is always trying to catch illegal acts like this?

Cantwheel was said to approach 90-years-old. Did he break into the post office repeatedly and plant the documents, raising the question again: Did Cooper report the illegal activity to the post office? If not, why not? Only someone who knew they weren't going to get into trouble would approve of this going on, and that would be because this story-line never happened.

So where is the documentation of Cooper's reporting a “crime” to the post office? By Cooper's own words promoting MJ-12, he was outwardly committing a crime if he believed the documents were genuine. If he didn't believe they were genuine, he was committing fraud.

I should note here that Barry Greenwood worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 38 years, 19 years in computer mail sorting and 19 years in postal finance, overseeing many station operations including postal insurance and post office boxes. He retired in 2008. In a follow-up email he added:

You said:

‘I wrote to Cooper again yesterday and asked him to take another polygraph test, and to file an affidavit explicitly stating that he had not forged the documents himself. He declined, saying that he has been ‘out of touch with what's [been] going on for some time.’

You should remind Cooper of his statement in his affidavit:

‘12. That he is willing to submit to vetting and polygraph examination to establish his character and truthfulness in matters pertaining to allegations that he is a hoaxer, forger and fabricator of documents and signatures.’

Or is this just more deception?

If Cooper is tired of this, also remind him that he started ‘New MJ-12!’ Some people are still fraudulently deriving income from this so there is no reason to let him off the mat until he does way better than what he is doing now.

I agree entirely. In my opinion, Mr. Greenwood raises some very valid points which Tim Cooper has yet to adequately address. This is an unfolding situation and I will provide further updates as warranted.

Tim Copper's March 1999 Afidavit Re MJ-12 Docements
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MJ-12 - Tim Cooper Afidavit (1A)
MJ-12 - Tim Cooper Afidavit (1B)
MJ-12 - Tim Cooper Afidavit (2A)
MJ-12 - Tim Cooper Afidavit (2B)

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