Monday, August 11, 2008

VIDEO: Has The 'Topanga Canyon - Los Angeles UFO' Been Sighted Over Oregon?

By Blake Lundstrom

     I was the one who shot the video of the UFO over Sunriver, Oregon on Sunday, August 3 between 10:30am and 11:15am. This is not a trick. If it was I could have done a better job. I am not profiting in any way of this video. It has been given free to any and all.

The story was first featured locally on KOHD News our local ABC affiliate.

So what did I see? I do not know. I would think it is unlikely that is is men from outerspace. Maybe it is a military drone or a weather balloon. I was zoomed (Optical and Digital) all the way IN with my Sony PD150 mini dv video camera and was shooting with a tripod.

Look at some of the shots. You can see when I zoom all the way out the corner of my office building. Look how small the object is in the sky. It was barely noticeable to the naked eye. This object moved from the west (where I first noticed it) to the south, over LaPine, then flew north over Bend till it was out of sight. Would a weather balloon act like this?

Also notice in the first shot how the object is spinning and seems to have an irregular shape and a light and dark side. I am not a meteorologists but it seems to me that the upper air patterns would not be so localized.

As I watched the object, 3 or 4 airliners where flying south and this object was over twice as high as they where. I would like to think that that rules out some kids’ balloon.

So what are your theories? Who else has seen something like this? Do you have video?

The local paper up here is working on a story about this object. The reporter is attempting to contact air traffic control and maybe NORAD to see if any planes where reported in the vicinity and heading.

All I can tell you all as I saw what I saw and shot the best video I could of it considering the conditions and adrenalin.

Still Shot
UFO Filmed Over Oregon  (B) 8-5-08

Oregon Man Catches UFO on Video

By Elizabeth Bishop

     SUNRIVER, OR - Home video from a man in central Oregon showing what appears to be a UFO has experts scratching their heads.

"This is odd, I said, 'I've got to go get my video camera.' So I ran upstairs to the office and grabbed my video camera and the tripod," said Blake Lundstrom. He had been enjoying the view of gliders from the Sunriver airport outside his office sunday morning when what he calls a ufo appeared out of nowhere.

"The glider was just about 1000 feet off the ground here and the object was way up in the sky up here when I first saw it pretty much we are looking due west," Lundstrom said.

He followed the object for 45 minutes as it traveled curving south and then north towards Bend, Oregon.

"It came way out here there until it became so distant and then I lost it."

Lundstrom, who owns a small private television production company in Sunriver, has been looking for answers online, thinking it might be a weather balloon but can't pinpoint what he saw.

Bob Grossfeld at the Sunriver Observatory watched the video and isn't sure either. At first glance he thought it was the planet Venus.

"A spacecraft would be a constant movement like this, a planet would be more like this. It would be very, very, very slow and it certainly wouldn't change directions so yeah anything is possible," said Grossfield.

Grossfeld used numerous Web sites to see if the space station or any satellites were in the area during that time sunday morning. nothing turned up.

He says these type of sightings aren't unusual. that same day many people in the area saw what turned out to be a fire ball just past midnight early sunday morning which illuminated the sky. the unusual part of lundstrom's sighting was the length of time the object was visible.

"There's certainly tons of things out there.. no clue..we've seen some things here theres no way we can do all the tracking, we've seen objects that are running triangles," Grossfield said.

"I said if I don't go shoot this no one is going to believe me and now I have some video footage and some people think I am crazy but it's unexplained," said Lundstrom.

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  1. This is exactly what i saw in Chatsworth,CA in 1992-3. I was standing outside on my break and i looked north and saw that shiny object floating in the sky against the hills. it was as bright as the sun. Then it wasn't there any more.


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