Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Noted Ufologist 'Robert Hastings' Addresses Erroneous Statements in Article by Raelian Sect

By Robert Hastings
© 8-10-08

Editor's note-An article dated July 27, 2008, entitled "Raelians comment on nuke missile failures caused by UFOs" was recently posted at an apparent "advertising site" for the religious sect known as the "Raelians"; as the title suggests, the author delved into UFOs and incidents involving nuclear weapons and or bases, which was inspired by a visit from long time UFO researcher, Robert Hastings to the "Larry King Show" and his research regarding same. The article contained several "factual errors" and implied others; Hastings becoming aware of the piece sets the record straight-FW

Robert Hastings Cropped (B)     I appeared on Larry King Live on July 18, 2008. I am the researcher referenced in your piece, although I was misidentified as a fourth military man, which I am not. However, I have spent 35 years investigating nukes-related UFO activity and have interviewed nearly 100 former or retired U.S. Air Force personnel.

Larry King's producers allowed me to hand-pick the three former USAF officers who appeared with me, all of whom described their involvement in nukes-related UFO incidents.

Your article contains factual errors. Actually, there have been a number of incidents during which UFOs have responded with lethal force when pursued by military jet fighters. For you to say otherwise is simply untrue. In my view, those incidents involved actions related to self-defense, however, pilots' lives were indeed lost. I offer two statements by those in-the-know:

“We have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them.” —General Benjamin W. Chidlaw, USAF, Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command 1954-55

“What bothers me is what's happening to our aircraft.” —Anonymous Air Force officer, 1955

If you wish to perpetuate your religious beliefs about UFOs on the Internet, that's fine with me. However, when you mention me and my ex-military sources (although not by name) as if my research, or my sources' statements somehow confirm your views about aliens and their actions toward nuclear weapons, then I feel the need to respond to your uninformed opinions.

For a factual recounting of the nukes-related UFO activity, you may wish to visit my website, www.UFOhastings.com

I intend to post this message on a number of websites. If you are an honest group, capable of admitting your mistakes, you will post it on yours. Sorry if all of this conflicts with your own dogma.

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