Saturday, August 09, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Massive V-Shaped Craft is Sighted; Witness Reports 'Missing Time'

Massive V-Shaped UFO
Reader Submitted Report

     I was about 16-17 years old at the time, about 1996-1997 in Port Saint John Florida. Me and one of my buddies were able to stay out late on the weekends and it was about 11:00 at night and we were only aloud to stay out until midnight when we walked out of my front door and made it to the street, Homestead av, to our left in the sky I noticed a light that looked like a plaine that was low flying but there was no noise from this thing at all.

It was to my best description a huge triangular craft with the pointed ends cut off and there were about 3 to 4 head light like lights on each end with all types of weired little lights on it and it really looked like something from star track no bull shit!

It was comming from my right looking up over the trees and it was moving slow to the left going twards 95 where I was living. When it came out from the tree tops it took up the whole sky, like I mean you could not see the sky and it was so big and quiet you could not look past it at all! This thing was from my guess about 1/2 to a mile in size when I looked over at my friend he was stuned as much as I was.

It seemed to know that we were there cause when we started to talk about it when the center of the craft got over the center of the street it took a quick turn tward us and started to come at us, thats when we jumped into the woods next to my house to hide. When we came out it was back on the track it was going twards 95.

We desided to folow it and we did. We walked around to the next block to walk down the only street that did not have street lights on it. about this time we noticed that every thing around us was quiet and it seemed like time was standing still, ther was no one around and we could not hear or see cars on 95, like we were the only people out at this time.

when we got to a lit area on Chapman st we proceded to folow it up Fay blv to the bridge and watched it fly over our heads going north bound and still there were no cars to be found or in sight. When it got to the first big bend up on 95 going north like flicking a switch it was gone and there were cars and all the natural noises came back.

We ran home and to my amasement I was locked out and it was 3:30 in the mornning. I do not know where the time went or really what happened but my friend got grounded for two weeks and I got in trouble for a couple of days. Mind you my block is as big as track field and there is no way that we were gone for that long of a period of time. My father even was out side looking for us for about an hour walking around the same block and there was no sign of us.

This is the first time I have told anyone besides my family and to be honest with you it really scares me that there was time lost and what I saw was NOTHING FROM THIS EARTH!

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