Friday, June 13, 2008

Stanton Friedman Looks at 40 Years of UFO Research

Flying Saucers & Science (Book Cover)
The Daily Gleaner

     Fredericton resident and nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, well-known ufologist, presents a comprehensive look at 40 years of UFO research data in his new book.

One review stated, "This book will delight those who can't get enough of crashed saucers and government cover-ups."

Friedman has a solid background to conduct a scientific inquiry into the UFO field. For more than 50 years, he has studied, researched, written and lectured on UFOs, culminating in a Lifetime UFO Achievement Award presented in Leeds, England. Last Aug. 27, the City of Fredericton declared Stanton T. Friedman Day.

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 lunar module pilot and sixth man on the moon, gives a brief forward. Also, Bruce Maccabee outlines why certain segments of society continually dismiss UFO sightings. He categorically states, "We are not alone."

Friedman outlines recent views on the "ET origin of flying saucers."

He critically analyzes the 1955 Project Blue Book, the largest official scientific study of UFOs directed by the U.S. government. Friedman details reasons why this is such a shameful research effort.

Further, he considers the 1969 UFO Condon report, the works of the famous Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern University, and the French COMETA report. Again, the author emphasizes his theme of trying to find the data upon which they base their conclusions.

The You Can Get Here From There chapter is strong. It considers the idea of interstellar travel, drawing upon Friedman's research work on nuclear powered vehicles, fission and fusion nuclear rockets, and nuclear power plants for space applications. He notes the development of aeronautics and astronautics flight ideas. Another strong, though brief, chapter considers ET's points of origins.

Two chapters, The Cosmic Watergate and Operation Majestic are related. Friedman shows how certain governments have known, since at least 1947, that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft. He traces the difficulties in his attempts to ferret out documents related to UFO activity, including one CIA UFO document that is completely blacked out.

Friedman's update on the Roswell Incident provides evidence a flying saucer crashed. He dismantles deceptions offered by the U.S. government. This is another strength of the book: he supports his contentions with facts and reasoned logic and makes a good case.

Several chapters attempt to debunk the debunkers. The author challenges the SETI people, public opinion polls, and some science fiction writers like Asimov and Clarke. What kind of research supports their claims? Friedman supports his position and raises important questions.

The author concludes by asking why this UFO question is important. His discussion is too brief, but does pose many unique ideas. This chapter could be a building block for a future book on where, why, and how we fit into the cosmic scheme of things.

The book should be read by anyone who is intrigued by what's out there.

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