Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alien Worlds 3

Alien Worlds 3
By Nick Redfern
UFO Mystic

The third issue of Stuart Miller’s Alien Worlds magazine is almost upon us, and here’s a few items (in Stuart’s own words) that appear in the forthcoming issue:

1. A conversation with Greg Bishop: Greg is an outstanding and experienced observer, author and critique of the UFO field. What marks him out is his ability to think outside the box and to keep an open mind. Without any particular angle or position to hold or promote, he intelligently reads the situation in a thoroughly objective manner. He is, frankly, one of the best minds in the field and is a man I much admire.

2. It is quite a coup for Alien Worlds to have been granted an interview with Professor Paul Davies, one of the world’s leading cosmologists and thinkers. Innovative, imaginative, brilliant, and an outstanding mind, this charming man runs the rule over a few of the major debates and arguments to do with the likelihood of cosmological intelligence, possible messages in our DNA, the Great Filter, life on Mars, the Earth as a computer, the Goldilocks enigma, and, amongst a host of other things, his own early interest in UFOs and the abduction phenomenon. You will need your science hat on.

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