Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Texas UFO Seen By Second Officer of Major Airline

By plumranch
a member of AboveTopSecret.com

     The sighting was in the area of the Texas panhandle so it would be northwest of Dallas. The Boing 737 was flying at about 38,000 ft going to Seattle from Houston to Seattle on 1-20-08 (today). The flight officer is my long time aviation friend with over 10,000 hrs total flight time.

The UFO was "definitely not another aircraft" because it was below his jet in the 3:30 position and not moving in relation to his jet. Not converging which is unusual because all aircraft are moving in relation to your plane, ie. all other aircraft are going about 500 mph and they move right along in one direction. The UFO stayed in that 3:30 position for about 6-8 seconds and then departed suddenly under the plane. It was not seen again.

The startled 2nd officer forgot to check his flight radar to see if it detected anything although it only sees things within 2000 ft so it unlikely it would have seen it. He also did not allert the captain because it was "too wierd" and in the airline industry well, that is often the best thing to do.

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