Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Stephenville' Investigator's Report

By Terry Groff
The Dallas - Fort Worth Mutual UFO Network

It was sheer madness in Dublin, Texas on Saturday.
     A team of MUFON investigators met with approximately 40 witnesses amid the circus that was the hottest thing to hit Dublin, Texas since they opened the oldest Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in the world in 1891. (They still use the original formula)

Our team consists of:
  • Ken Cherry - Texas State Director
  • Robert Powell - Director of Research, Field Investigator (FI)
  • David Keel - State Section Director (SSD), FI
  • Mike DeGroff - SSD, FI
  • Steve Hudgeons - Assistant State Director (ASD), Sr. FI
  • James Shatley - ASD
  • Myself - FI
  • Gary Neitzel - FI
  • Paula Schermerhorn - FI
(Gary Neitzel was unable to go to Dublin but will be employed on subsequent interviews)

I rode down to Dublin with ASD James Shatley. We could tell we were approaching Stephenville with the myriad of business marquees saying things like "Aliens Welcome" and "ET prefers Purple Tacos", We saw no such signs in Dublin but I'm sure they were there.

We arrived shortly before noon and it seemed relatively quiet. The meeting was hosted by the local Rotary Club who graciously offered their hall for our use.

We walked in and there were only a handful of people there including our team. I thought to myself that perhaps this might be easier than we first thought. There was media there including NBC and FOX but there wasn't a crush of curiosity seekers... yet.

Just before 1:00 pm the madness began. Ultimately there would be around 500 people filling the hall designed for 200 people. We had the usual suspects that we quickly put in their place, particularly anyone who attempted to come in wearing tin foil hats. They were instantly told to remove them.

I was truly worried that the media would scare away many witnesses and I was right. Many did leave or never showed up because they were afraid of over-exposure. Yet, many did stay and we interviewed around 40 witnesses from all walks of life and age ranges. I personally interviewed a Grade School Teacher, an Anesthesiologist, a College Instructor, a Rancher, an Escrow Closer, a Day Care Worker and a retired Agronomist.

After a brief introduction of our team we began the interview process. We secured a separate room but it was far from secluded. We didn't allow the media in the room with a couple of exceptions, but the room was still exposed through the open double doors and there were constant cameras poking through the door to get their shots. I did see my face on the evening news in Dallas.

I noticed that this event drew people out that otherwise would not have reported what they saw, mainly because they didn't know how or to whom. Oddly, none of the witnesses I interviewed were witness to the event(s) of January 8th - all were from December '07 - none of which correlated with the others. My witness' reports consisted of a Black Triangle, Neon Green Orbs, repeating orange explosions and one CE3 in the witness' bedroom. This witness also stated that they had been being abducted for years but it had been more than 10 years since the last.

This investigation is ongoing and our intention is to return to Dublin in about a month to do more interviews in which the media will not be invited nor allowed to attend. We plan to publish our results in the April issue of The MUFON UFO Journal.


  1. Frank,

    I just wanted to make a couple of corrections.

    1. James Shatley is an SSD (State Section Director)

    2. Robert Powell is not the Director of Research on the Stephenville case. His only capacity is as a Field Investigator.


  2. Please NOTE: Paula Schermerhorn is not now nor has she ever been a certified Field Investigator for MUFON. She is listed here because she decieved us as to her credentials.

    Terry Groff

  3. Terry,
    I did not knowingly deceive anyone as to my credentials. Until it was brought to my attention today, I was of the understanding that I my credentials were that of a MUFON investigator. I would appreciate you not posting derogatory things about me until you know all the facts. You could have contacted me if you had any questions as there is no need to publish rumors and unconfirmed statements about me on a web site. I do not appreciate you attacking me publicly when you could have approached me via e-mail. I see this as slander and unprofessional. I have sent my credentials to the MUFON headquarters for their information and if you would like I will send them to you.


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