Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ham Radio Report of Flying Saucer Crash in Hawaii – UFO CHRONICLE 1950

Ham Radio Report of Flying Saucer Crash in Hawaii – St Louis Post Dispatch 4-30-1950

     A tale of a "Flying Saucer" [UFO] that crashed into the side of a cliff on one of the Hawaiian islands was relayed to St. Louis area radio "hams" yesterday by the operator of station KH6LZ, Honolulu, Hawaii.

By St Louis Post Dispatch
Henry Cisrun, 890 Riverview Blvd., quoted the sender as saying the saucer, about 15 feet high and 30 feet in diameter had five steps "like an elephant hunter’s hat," and had six holes on each side, giving it the appearance of a musical top.

The saucer was said to have been half buried in the cliff side and a nearby resident, reportedly heard someone scurrying from the crash scene.

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