Monday, October 01, 2007

Details of the Aztec Incident are Revealed By Ufologist Scott Ramsey In Recent Interview on The Paracast

Aztec Crash Site 3 (ILL)
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By Frank Warren

Scott Ramsey (B Sml)     Noted Ufologist/researcher “Scott Ramsey” dropped by the Paracast last week to discuss his 20-year research project on the Aztec Incident, as well as his upcoming book on the topic.

Co-hosts Gene Steinberg and David Biedny left no stone unturned in their interview with Scott. In differentiating Aztec from the widely known Roswell event, which took place 8 months earlier, Scott responds to the co-hosts inquiries with eyewitness names, occupations, the exact location, as well military intervention and post removal and site sanitation.

Moreover, he details the description of the craft, as well as it occupants; the discussion also delves into the early book by Frank Scully, Behind The Flying Saucers (New York: Henry Holt & Co. Inc., 1950) which was the first exposé on the matter, and although the book was highly successful, it’s critics felt the information provided was dubious given two of Scully’s sources, i.e., "Silas M. Newton" and “Leo A. GeBauer.” (Not to mention the magnitude of Scully’s assertions).

One journalist in particular, J.P. Cahn , seemed almost to have a personal vendetta against Scully, and was the primary source of condemnation; he wrote a few articles early on for some popular Magazines of the time; in essence stating that Scully was duped by the two conmen. Scott carefully addresses these charges, and gives the listener an educated alternative analysis.

For all the essentials, and an enthralling two-hour dialogue with Scott Ramsey, and co-hosts Gene Steinberg and David Biedny visit the Paracast.

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