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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Airline Passenger Spots Massive Flying Saucer Nesting in Clouds

Flying Saucer in Clouds Seen Through Plane Window
Reader Submitted Report

     On October 2nd of this year (2007) I was flying from Toronto to Miami on a business trip, on Air Canada flight 916. We departed at 9:45 AM and the weather was rainy and overcast. I had an aisle seat, but the seat next to the window was empty, so I took it once we were airborne. We climbed through a layer of clouds but it was still fairly gloomy, with another layer still above us. After a while, we reached our cruising altitude and broke through the secondary cloud layer, which looked like a solid cotton blanket below the aircraft. Above the plane, all was blue and clear in the bright sunlight. I don't know exactly which direction I was looking, as I don't know the vector the pilot was flying, but I was on the left side of the Embraer 175.

After about an hour in flight, I noticed a huge depression in the cloud cover near the horizon. It looked as though someone had made a massive hollow in the clouds with an ice-cream scoop. There was a huge bright light in the centre of the depression. As I stared at it, I realized that there was a massive metallic disc that seemed to be hiding in the middle of the hollow. The sunlight was gleaming on the disc and I could see both above and below it in the clear sky. I looked around the plane and the other passengers were watching the inflight video or reading, with many of the shades pulled down against the brightness. The seatbelt light was on too, and I felt absolutely no desire to share the experience; it was all very surreal. As I stared at the massive disc I suddenly noticed another smaller shape to its right. It was a round gleaming metal object that hovered on the lip of the depression. About a minute later, another small round object appeared on the left of the disc. Because it was so far away on the horizon, I was able to keep watching for about 5 minutes before it passed out of sight. The small object on the right must have rotated, because I suddenly noticed it was actually egg-shaped. It moved much closer to the large disc and hovered there as the objects passed the point that I could continue watching them.

Just then, the seatbelt light went off, and I'd been waiting to urinate, so I took this opportunity. When I came back I looked back out right away, and noticed another one of the smaller objects, high up in my right field of vision. As I watched, it dropped slowly down and soared back toward where the other 3 objects had been. As it flew out of my sight, I noticed a fifth object very high up to the right. If we were traveling at about 30,000 feet, this must have been nearly twice that hight, gleaming in the sunlight, because it was extremely high. There was a faint and short contrail behind this craft and as I watched, it dropped down to near the horizon and seemed to shadow our Air Canada plane for a couple of minutes. Then it tipped upward and I clearly saw that the underside was black and the entire craft was shaped like an inverted V with rounded edges, like nothing I'd ever seen. It soared back to the left horizon where the other 4 had gone. I sat there stunned for a long time with my heart pounding. When I reached Miami, even though it was very hot, I stood out on my balcony in room XXX of XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX Hotel for a long time, staring at the sky over the ocean. I didn't see any of the 3 types of craft again, nor did I see them on the way back to Toronto .

I have shared this account with my wife and only 3 other people, as I didn't want to set myself up for mockery and jokes.

I know what I saw though, and this is an accurate and inexplicable account.

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  1. Carleton Place, Friday October 5th, 11pm(ish). 3 of us saw an airplane blinking among the millions of stars visible on this very clear night. Our attention was drawn to a much larger light that was trailing perhaps 500-1000 feet above and slightly behind the airplane. We watched in stunned silence as this much bigger light followed the airplane for about 20 minutes before it turned at a 90 degree angle and went straight up and dissapeared from sight.


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