Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Roswell Legacy
By Jesse Marcel Jr.

Reviewed By Frank Warren
© 7-18-07

     As Jesse points out in his recently released book, The Roswell Legacy, “there have been many books written about ‘the Roswell Incident,’ along with a seemingly endless stream of documentaries, movies and editorial pieces” etc. We’ve certainly been reminded of this fact with all the hoopla surrounding the 60th anniversary of the event, and the festival just held at Roswell.

That being the case . . . what more could be offered? What could be said, that hasn’t been rehashed over and over again? Having just finished the book last night, I can say with great enthusiasm, that not only has Jesse revealed “fresh data,” he presents it in a most “palatable fashion.”

Jesse’s “laid back style” which is evident on camera, certainly comes through on the page. Now this isn’t to say that he “dulls the reader,” quite the opposite in fact, he makes you comfortable, as if we’re having a personal chat.

I found Jesse’s tome to be many things rolled into one; much more then a story about “Flying Saucers, aliens and a government cover-up”; it was a “tribute’ to his father to which his (Jesse Jr.) love and respect was most evident! It was also a tribute to an “American patriot” (Jesse Sr.) and quite frankly I was often moved by his “shared feelings.”

The book was also an exposé of the “Marcel family,” often times very personal; one might think that Jesse needn’t “go there,” but as he points out the “Roswell Incident” had a rippling effect for all those called “Marcel.” I thought this took a lot of guts; moreover, it certainly was a vital component in telling his story.

For the “Ufologist” and or “Roswell researcher,” he doesn’t disappoint there either. He recaps the Roswell events, and his involvement; however, he also provides much evidence in support of the truth of the matter, that he became cognizant of so long ago. With this ammunition provided, he effortlessly quashes the “debunker conjecture” and gives the reader a clear conspectus of what took place over 60 years ago in New Mexico.

Along with covering some familiar ground, he also divulges some “new” and very “gripping information”; some readers may in fact find these admissions unsettling. I was not previous aware of these facts, and I must confess I was captivated by those pages! These revelations will undoubtedly re-ignite “Roswell Research!”

Something I felt unique, and ending up very essential to the book, was a chapter penned by Jesse’s wife “Linda.” In it she gives her perspective, having worked for, then marrying a man, raising a family etc., of someone who is smack dab in the middle of the UFO controversy.

Her views give the reader, an alternative account of their life together, as well as the effect that Ufology has had on her and the Marcel family. Her writing style is like that of Jesse’s and one can imagine sitting in her kitchen having a cup of coffee.

At the end of the book, Jesse shares his views on “life in the universe,” as well as the motivations for the government withholding and covering up information pertaining to the “UFO phenomenon” and it’s source. By this time, the reader has discovered that “Jesse Marcel Jr.” isn’t some “country boy” living up in Montana, wearing a tinfoil hat! He’s a compassionate, intelligent, articulate, patriotic individual!

Finally, most of the a fore mentioned attributes that Jesse holds were mutual between he and his father; in fact I’m sure Jesse Jr. would credit his parents, in particular his father for instilling these values into him. The other admirable trait, is they were/are both “men of their word”; to that end, Jesse made a promise to his father shortly before he died over 20 years ago—this book, this chronicle of events, is a fulfillment and culmination of that promise! Bravo Jesse!

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