Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stanton Friedman & Jesse Marcel Jr. on Today Show

Stan & Jesse On The Today Show

By Frank Warren
© 7-17-07

Noted Ufologist, Stanton Friedman, and Eye Witness To The Roswell Wreckage, Dr Jesse Marcel Jr. Appeared On The Today This Morning.

     This morning the “Today Show” joined the bandwagon and did a short segment on the “60th Anniversary of The Roswell Incident.” Although NBC Historian Michael Beschloss, who narrated the piece, showed his ignorance, it was tame in comparison to the “twaddle” that has been aired as of late (i.e., the Larry King Show, as well as Nightline).

After the introduction, and a brief synopsis of the Roswell events and cover-up, Beschloss mentions the public's interest in UFO's but fails to cite the reasons that precipitated the fascination, i.e., the continuing sightings occurring all over the world--ever since 1947, with flaps several years apart. He omits the Air Force's 22 year investigation into the phenomenon, and the laws put into place in order to keep the topic secret, as well the CIA's involvement in a public debunking campaign.

Beschloss uses the verb, "believe" (re UFOs) inferring that UFOs are attached to some "faith-based mechanism," ignoring the fact that the term "UFO" was borne by the Air Force in 1952, as a label for the phenomenon; to associate, the verb, "believe" or the noun, "believer" with "Unidentified Flying Objects" is nonsensical! (A common mistake for those less informed, [the ignorant] and those who obviously don't do their homework!)

Beschloss correctly states that by the 1990's the government wanted to shut "all the conspiracy theories down about Roswell," stating that the debris found was from a "top secret military project, code-named "Operation Mogul" but skips over the fact that they admitted “lying” about the weather balloon story, and he also didn’t mention the excuse the Air Force used for the many reports of “small” alien bodies; this of course according to the Air Force were “anthropomorphic test dummies” used to assess parachutes.

When pointing out that the dummies were 5’-8” to 5”-10” tall and weighing 180 pounds, and weren’t even close to the description of the “child-like (in stature) aliens described by the eye witnesses, and that these "tests" weren’t performed until 1953—6 years after Roswell, the Air Force attributed that to “mass memory problems!” Ad Nauseum!

The poignant fact about the “Today Show segment” is that it’s the “least worst” in regards to what the public has had to endure recently regarding the UfO phenomenon, or more accurately, the media’s coverage of it!

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  1. The today is show is a typical fluff piece to kill some air time. How can anyone take is seriously with cheesy music and awful special effects?


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