Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Family Spots V-Shaped UFO Over Cedar Mountain

V-SHaped UFO Sighted Over Cedar Mountain 7-5-07
Reader Submitted Report

     What I saw is unexplainable but real. The event happened on Cedar Mountain July 5, 2007, about 12:00 noon or shortly after at the base of Black Mountain about 14 miles east of Cedar City, Utah, where our family has an old cabin.

Six of us witnessed either in sound or by sight the following incident: My son-in-law and his son, age five, and daughter, age three, had the tailgate of their pickup down getting snacks out of a cooler. I was sitting on a folding chair on the front porch of the cabin,facing north,about 40 feet on an angle from those three to my left. My husband and our daughter were on a right angle ( but out of my sight) on the east end of the cabin. We formed kind of a V shape with me in the middle. I heard a whirring, zooming sound, looked to my right as a boomerang shaped black object sped, faster than sound, lower than the cabin roof, maneuvering between two aspen trees. At first I thought it was some kind of a black black bird diving for prey. Then my husband and daughter rushed back toward me saying " Did you see that, what the heck was it?" My daughter Julie had looked up just as it passed over her head. She got a clear view of it. My husband saw it, shadow like, and expressed that it disappeared so fast it was almost like it had entered another dimension. The son-in-law said he heard something strange, then ducked because it passed so close over his head. The children heard the noise but could not express what it was like.

The object was not saucer shaped; the wing span from 4 to 6 feet wide. It directed itself or was directed by something exactly in the V-shape that we made--as if to get a better look at us, or frighten us. We were not frightened but puzzled and somewhat disturbed after the fact as we discussed what we had just witnessed.

My personal opinion contains many possibilities: One being a spy ship sent out from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, practicing. Two being something from outer space "snooping" for information. Regardless, the event was extra ordinary and left us all amazed.

No, we don't take drugs or drink. We simply witnessed something unexplainable. I testify that what we saw was not a bird, that he traveled faster than sound and that six of us witnessed the event. The flying object was too small to have a "man-creature" in it.

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