Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Former U.S. Government UFO Working Group Members Confirm Extraterrestrial Tales

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     A confidential STAR Report by Starstream Research, a private provider of intelligence and analysis on futuristic defense issues, reveals that past and present members of the U.S. Government Intelligence Community continue to be concerned about an alien extraterrestrial presence.

In addition to the confidential report, a series of articles, available to the public at www.starstreamresearch.com tell the story of the United States Government’s interest in the paranormal and unexplained phenomena, like UFOs. Copies of declassified documents are also available for viewing.

"To the Moon and Back, With Love" re-tells the story of Ingo Swann, a psychic secretly tested by the CIA in the mid-1970’s at the Stanford Research Institute, adding additional documentation from the DIA STAR GATE program.

U.K. based phenomenologist Caryn Anscomb examines the intersection of mythology and the Intelligence Community in a series titled "Trickster Tales."

"Exempt from Legal Recourse" is an on-going investigation that uncovers a trail of counterintelligence activities aimed at members of the UFO community, surrounding allegations of an extraterrestrial presence.

According to Starstream Research founder Gary S. Bekkum, "No one has actually confirmed the existence of an alien invasion, but sources suggest high ranking figures in the intelligence community, including former Directors of Central Intelligence, have discussed this issue, at least in private."

Bekkum added, "We have also confirmed the existence of a Working Group on UFO’s, the same group first reported by Howard Blum in his book, ‘Out There’. We have an audio recording on file of a former CIA official stating that he had attended the first meeting of the working group in the 1980’s."

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