Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Are we alone? Your UFO stories...

Aliens Crash Land in Llandrillo
By The Hunts Post

     FOLLOWING last week's article about a UFO sighting above Norfolk Road, The Hunts Post has been inundated with tales of mysterious shapes in the sky.

One reader, John Bray, even sent in this picture, of a close encounter believed to have taken place near the Eaton Oak pub in Eaton Socon.

Mr Bray, who lives in Eaton Socon, claims the photograph was taken by a friend of his in 1979. The friend kept the photograph to himself at first, fearing no one would believe him, but eventually confided in Mr Bray.

Mr Bray claims to have sent the photograph to a "UFO research centre" in Norfolk, who examined the image and could not find "anything wrong with it" to indicate that it wasn't genuine.

As well as Mr Bray's new evidence, the mystery of the UFO sighting in Norfolk Road has become a little clearer.

Sue Plows, of Lammas Gardens, Huntingdon, is the sister of the man involved in the sighting. She told The Hunts Post: "It all happened early one morning. We knew Dave wasn't making it up, we could tell. There were other people around who had seen the same things, and the dog - Pippa - was ill for days afterwards."

David, the fourth child of six, committed suicide in 1991 after a marriage breakdown.

Another reader, Alan Williams from Wyton, suggested that the markings on the side of the craft may have read VRWCON, rather than VAWCON.

Mr Williams says that this could be the registration number of an aircraft from Sarawak, which is now part of Malaysia.

Other readers to contact The Hunts Post included Sawtry woman Linda Ashton, who claimed her family had seen two silver discs fly over their house in Hull in 1976. Mrs Ashton said: "They were there one minute, gone the next. You tend not to make too much of it in case people think you are round the bend."

Eynesbury resident Gina wrote of an experience she had while living in Duxford in the 1970s. She recalls a "bluey-mauve" light enveloping her bedroom, her son, then 18, being scared by humming bright lights in a field.

Gina wrote: "If the spaceships do exist they are very intelligent. Does the intelligence sector of the Government know more than it will ever let on?

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