Monday, February 12, 2007

POLAND: Dozens of Triangular UFOs Seen Over Warsaw

UFOs Over Sluzec
By P.Cielebia┼Ť
"NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal"

     On 20th January 2007 between 1 and 2 am. about 17 unidentified triangular objects appeared in the sky above Polish capital city district of Sluzec. According to the witness, Mrs. Jolanta Z. [53], triangular objects scattered in the sky remained in her view for over an hour, slowly rising up and finally disappearing.

At about 1:15 am. the woman living in a block [in vicinity of a airport Okecie] in Mokotow district, Mrs. Jolanta Z., woke up to smoke a cigarette. At one moment her attention was drawn by a light visible in the sky. The woman who is accustomed with view of landing planes after a while noticed strange behavior of the object that seemed to be suspended in the sky.

When she approached the window, she was amazed with a sight of a dozen of triangular objects. The woman claims that at first she was able to see 17 or 18 identical objects in shape of isisceles triangles scattered in the sky [with their “beaks” pointing eastward]. One of them [located in the southern part of the sky] was noticeably bigger [the witness estimated that it was in dimension of 3 smaller objects].

Each triangle possessed 3 red lights located in the corners, with a line of bluish point lights connecting the red ones.

"They were as if suspended in the air. They seemed to be in formation. It seemed to me that one must see another one" - she said.

When the woman realized that she is witnessing a probable UFO manifestation she decided to call NPN organization hotline, leaving two voice messages containing the story of the sighing.

The woman also mentioned strange behavior of her cats and dog. When she went on the balcony along with her animals they became scared - her dog began barking. After some time she decided to notify her neighbors and friends calling some of them but most refused to get up rejecting her proposal and didn't pay attention for the woman's revelations. Unfortunately she wasn’t also able to took a photo of the phenomenon.
"It was an unusual phenomenon but I wasn't afraid of it" - she said.

At the moment of sighting the weather conditions were good, with rare clouds visible in the sky. The whole formation remained suspended in the sky without noticeable move.

At the moment Mrs. Jolanta Z. is the only one witness of the event. The research is ongoing.

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