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UFO Triangle Over Caracas
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     CARACAS - November 2006. Three people witnessed the transit of a triangular UFO on November 16 as it passed over a state banking institution located on Av. Urdaneta, bordering the central district of Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

According to information provided by Israel Urbaneja, the appearance of this strange object lasted from 9:30 to 10:00 PM approximately, allowing two of his relatives to join the observation from their home on Av. Baralt.

Likewise, he said that the object "was white in color but presented luminous variations of blue, red and green" and moved with a "zig-zagging" motion from south to north over the capital area's airspace until it became lost in the clouds, which was present at all times, althought with various degrees of clearing, accompanied by heavy rains earlier during the day.

"This is the first time that I've seen anything like it and I'm certain it wasn't an airplane or satellite by the way it moved. Furthermore, the object left a glowing, cone-shaped white wake as it flew, which caused a sensation akin to nausea," said the witness.

It should be noticed that this is not the first time that an unknown object with intelligent behavior has been seen over the central district of the Venezuelan capital, where major government offices are located.

Other witnesses have reported the presence of similar objects near the presidential palace and Fort Tiuna (army garrison) on Paseo de los Proceres, as well as in the vicinity of the majestic El Avila National Park to the north of Caracas.

* Source: Archivos Forteanos Latinoamericanos
***A report from Hector Escalante***

* [Translator's note - the health effects produced by flybys of these triangular objects have been reported in other cases, both in the US and abroad].

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to José Martinez, ARGUS-PR and Liliana Núñez (AFLA)

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  1. I believe that several different alien races are visiting are planet right now as so many environmental changes are taking place, and obviously without divine intervention, we are precariously positioned to harm the planet through nuclear and or biological warfare, and possibly even render the human race unable to reproduce, and our food supplies have been dangerously modified, and animals are becoming extinct daily, and our coral reefs are being bleached at an unprecedented rate, our plankton are dying, our rainforests are being bulldozed for economic gain with no regard to generations to come, our oceans are dying, are land is overfarmed and depleted and wrought with mine fields, the air in China and other major areas is unbreathable, and our Petri dish of a planet is being destroyed on so many levels and areas of serious concern, that our interplanetary neighbors are understandably alarmed, and if nothing else, the wars, melting ice caps, droughts, floods, superstorms, earthquakes, and hurricanes, and exploding volcanoes makes for interesting spectator observation, if not a desperate plea for intelligent intervention, so yes, there are many species cruising the planet earth right now, and if things get worse, I am kinda hoping to hitch a ride out


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