Saturday, November 25, 2006

PRG's Work Written up in Roll Call

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     The advocacy efforts of PRG and X-PPAC have been featured in a leading Washington political newspaper, Roll Call.

The article by Tory Newmyer significantly introduces some of the history of the disclosure movement including the Sci Fi Channel's Coalition for Freedom of Information, John Podesta, the Out of the Blue documentary, the Steven Schiff (R-NM) GAO Roswell inquiry, the 1996 Congressional hearing sought by then Rep. Gerald Ford, President Jimmy Carter's sightings - even the alleged comments by President Reagan to Steven Spielberg at a White House screening of ET: The Extraterrestrial.

The article does include certain phrasings which are common to this kind of coverage in higher-tier publications and is often necessary to get editorial approval. No matter. Tory did extensive research, asked all the right questions, and PRG personally thanked him for his piece.

Trust in the U. S. Congress recently reached a historic low of 16%, and the pressure for Congress to take action on a range of issues and produce for the American people is mounting. PRG will add to that pressure soon.

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