Monday, May 22, 2006

Roswell - It Really Did Happen

Col. Jesse Marcel Jr., On & Off the Record

By Tom Horn
© Copyright 2006
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Tom Horn Sml – (Raiders News Update) – A new book by Col. Jesse Marcel Jr. - The Roswell Legacy - claims that the famous Roswell UFO event actually occurred, including the recovery of an extraterrestrial craft. Col. Marcel's famous father, Maj. Jesse Marcel Sr. was the lead military investigator into the crash of 1947 and is finally vindicated according to this book.

Without a doubt the 1947 Roswell, N.M. event is the paramount story of western extraterrestrial folklore. Some think whatever really happened there will never be known. The U.S. government says it was a simple case of misidentification. But as most people know, this wasn't the military's first position.

The contrast of statements by highly trained personnel set in motion the greatest cover-up in American history, says Col. Jesse Marcel, who is admittedly the only civilian alive to have handled the UFO 'debris' from the Roswell crash site. I set down recently with Col. Marcel and he shared information with me, on and off the recorder. I heard things I had never heard before from ufology's legendary friend. Marcel is almost 70 years old now, a soft spoken, gentle man who comes across as ultimately believable.

When I asked Jess, as he prefers to be called, if his father - the Intelligence Officer at Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the Roswell event - could have been mistaken about what was recovered during the field investigation, he answered without hesitation, "No way," he said, and then proceeded to tell me why.

When later I pressed about Mogul Balloons and Operation Paperclip as alternative theories, he shared at length the number of times he had joined honest investigators in a side by side comparison with his drawings and material examples and how each time not a single correspondent to what his father had brought home from the ranch that night could be found.

Getting to the big questions, I offered, "But of course whatever happened at Roswell, surely it could be explained as top-secret terrestrial technology, right?" As cool as silky water, he looked at me and replied, "Tom, what I saw was not of this earth. Though it was material, I held it in my hands, and the pieces were as light as a feather."

I gave Jess greetings from Stanton Friedman, who together with Bill Moore had brought the Roswell cover-up to international light many years ago, and then I said, "So you, like Stan Friedman, believe the Roswell debris were most likely a physical technology?" Jess smiled and told me how Friedman was such close family friend. I'm not sure he ever did get around to answering my question about technology. But Col. Marcel, like his father before him, is a career military man (he had just returned from Iraq where as an ear, nose and throat specialist he was busy patching up soldiers). Over the years he's participated in field investigations of crashed known craft, and is very familiar with many hardware components. To this day he has never seen anything resembling the Roswell artifacts.

Marcel then proceeded to tell me an intriguing story about an incident that had happened some years ago, when he was scheduled to be in Washington, DC. To this day he doesn't know how the participants knew where he would be at that particular time. When he arrived at his motel, there was a message waiting for him on the phone in his room. It was from a man we'll call Mr. "X". He wanted to meet with Marcel the following day, at 1:PM in a certain room at the Capital building. Marcel felt uneasy, but agreed to go to the meeting. On arrival, he was ushered into the office of Mr. "X", who got right down to business. "X" wanted to talk to Marcel about Roswell, and he asked if Jess would be more comfortable "in a secure room." When Marcel explained that he wouldn't be saying anything he hadn't said before, "X" pressed the idea of the secure room, explaining, "Well, maybe I want to tell you something you don't already know."

Leaving the office, they proceeded to the secure room where no listening devices existed, in an area Jess described as "the dungeons of the Capital building." They sat at a table where Marcel noticed a book about Alien Abductions, UFO technology and Roswell. "X" tapped on the book with his finger and said outright, "This is not fiction." The mysterious government insider continued talking for a while and then asked Marcel if he knew where the material recovered from the Roswell ranch was being kept. Jess found the question curious and said, "No. Don't you?" "X"'s answer was as curious as the question, so Marcel responded with a inquiry of his own: "If extraterrestrial activity is real, and you guys know it, when is the government planning Official Disclosure of what really happened at Roswell?"

"If it was up to me," "X" said, "we'd be doing it now."

Following a story like that, I just had to ask Col. Marcel if he personally knew of other members of the government and military who also are anticipating a future moment when the representatives of the world's religions and leaders of nations will stand in the well of the United Nations and say, "We have an announcement to make. We are in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence."

Marcel grew silent for a moment, then looked at me and whispered, "Yes."

Suddenly the phone rang, and Col. Marcel had to leave the building.

Editors note: The full transcript and audio file of Col. Jesse Marcel Jr. and Tom Horn's interview will be available at later this week.

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