Tuesday, January 31, 2006

UFOs Over Tenerife

UFOs Over Tenerife
Great ball of fire?

The Fortnightly Tenerife News

     Dozens of people throughout Tenerife jammed the 112 emergency hotline on the night of January 10, all claiming to have witnessed something strange in the sky: a ball of fire flying through the sky in the direction of Gran Canaria trailing a green light.

One man who contacted the local media told how he had been driving along the TF-1 autopista when he was startled to see what he described as a small shining object cross the sky at high speed and vanish. The vision had lasted just a matter of seconds, he said.

When consulted the Canary Astrophysics Institute said such phenomenon are relatively frequent but go largely unnoticed because people rarely look up at the sky.

The most probable explanation for the “fireball” was that it was a piece of meteorite or space junk burning up as it entered the earth’s atmosphere.
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