Wednesday, February 01, 2006

UFO Sightings Reported Over Over Dhauladhar Mt. Range

UFO Over Dhauladhar Range A

Solar lights spawn rumours of UFO sightings

      Dharamsala, Jan 31: Reports of UFO sightings and mysterious flashes from flying saucers over the Dhauladhar ranges, which have evoked widespread local interest, were dismissed by the authorities today as nothing more than "solar lights" from a nearby Army camp.

"The reports carried by newspapers regarding "mysterious" flashes of light are not based on facts. These flashes were emitted from solar lights installed by the 9 Corps at Yol camp at a religious site," Kangra Deputy Commissioner Bharat Khera said.

He said the trial of these solar lights was on and they emitted very bright flashes in the horizon particularly.

The flashes had been noticed in the skyline over the Dhauladhar ranges last night, causing people to believe that they were emitted from flying saucers.

Khera said there was no cause for panic and asked the people to refrain from spreading rumours.

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