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A History of UFOs

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Roswell incident,
      The most famous UFO incident is a purported crash near Roswell, N.M., in July 1947. Many books have been written and movies made about the incident — some fictionalized, some with a basis in reality.

It all began earlier that summer, on June 24, when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing disk- or saucer-shaped objects flying at high speed near Mount Rainier in Washington . In the days thereafter, hundreds of reports of “flying saucers” appeared in newspapers across the country.

During the first week of July, rancher William “Mack” Brazel discovered a large amount of unusual debris scattered over his ranch, about 75 miles northwest of Roswell. Neighbors told him about the “flying disk” phenomenon and suggested he go to Roswell to report his find.

Brazel informed the Roswell sheriff that he may have found a flying disk, and the sheriff then contacted the Air Force base in Roswell. The base commander sent two intelligence officers to investigate. The officers went with Brazel to his ranch and retrieved some of the debris, part of which was flown to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, home of the Army Air Force’s aeronautical research labs.

In a book written years later about the incident, one witness says Langley Air Force Base served as a secret storage depot for some of the Roswell evidence.

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