Monday, August 15, 2005

UFO Port To Be Built in the Sierra Bermeja Mountain Range

Extraterrestrial Visit in 50 or 100 years

By Wanda Ivette Matías

     The news of the first extraterrestrial route in Lajas surprised him; now he’s overwhelmed with the new project—a UFO port and observation platform on top of the Sierra Bermeja mountain range.

     Reynaldo Ríos Ayala, investigator as well as president of the organization, “Ovni International” (UFO International) is the project manager and has dreamt of this idea for years.

     Marcos "Turin" Irizarry, the mayor of Lajas supports the idea, and believes it will attract local and foreign tourism to the area.

     But also it’s a signal directed to extraterrestrials that there’s a “safe zone” for them to land in, according to comments made by Ayala, who is also a math teacher at an elementary school in Yauco.

     “The project consists of a platform that can accommodate up to 500 people, and will serve as an observatory for night-time watches,” says Ayala.

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