Tuesday, August 16, 2005

UFO Expert Bidding To Revive County Interest

Cumbria with Saucer

By Andrea Thompson
News & Star

     UFOLOGIST Chris Parr is writing a book on Cumbria’s fascinating UFO history as he seeks to resurrect interest in unexplained aerial phenomena in the county.

     The 39-year-old researcher has spent the last 12 years trying to discover the truth about the numerous bizarre sightings which led to Cumbria being known as a hotbed of UFO activity.

     He was recently forced to the review the future of Whitehaven-based British UFO Hunters (Bufoh) which he co-ordinates, following a dramatic decline in sightings. In 2003 there were 60 reported sightings in Cumbria, but that fell to 40 in 2004 – and there have only been two so far this year.

     But Chris is determined to keep alive what he calls “the UFO dream” in Cumbria and has now teamed up with rival ufologist Sharon Larkin, of the North West Cumbria UFO research and investigations group. he hopes his book, which will also reveal the bizarre adventures of British ufologists, will generate new interest in UFOs locally and encourage a whole new generation of skywatchers to come to the fore.

     “Despite the lack of UFO sightings for Cumbria for 2005, the state of British Ufology is alive and kicking,” he said.

     “Although media interest in the subject has waned over the last couple of years and Cumbria has so far had a very quiet year, this is by no means a reflection on the dedicated work of ufologists throughout Britain who continue to monitor the skies and network with the public and local media in order to acquire UFO-related evidence.

     “Ufology is a study that encompasses the whole field of unidentified flying objects and not just “alien craft” which is the usual image presented by the media.”

     Chris will be concentrating on his book after completing the Cumbria UFO survey for 2005. It will focus on Cumbria’s UFO history and the bizarre adventures of British ufologists in their quest for the truth. Sometimes the characters in Ufology are just as fascinating as the UFO cases,” he said.

     In the meantime, he and his team at Bufoh will continue scanning the skies above for evidence of unexplained aerial phenomena – and hope others will come forward with reports of their sightings. Anyone who spots a UFO can contact the British UFO Hunters hotline on 01723 514700, while would-be X-Files agents can check out the Great British UFO Show conference in Leeds on October 1. It will feature a range of speakers and a selection of the world’s best UFO footage.

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