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Roswell Incident: Response to UFO Air Force Report - Fund for UFO Research - 1997

Roswell Incident - Response to UFO Air Force Report - Fund for UFO Research - 1997

     Now response to last week's U.S. Air Force report on an alleged U.F.O. crash at Roswell New Mexico in1947. Today a group called the fund for U.F.O. research hosted this 40 minute event at the
National Press Club. They outlined their position on the Roswell incident and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Don Berliner: My name is Don Berliner, this is Rob Swiatek. We are both members of the Executive Committee of the Fund for U.F.O. Research. The Fund is a nonprofit corporation set up to support scientific research and educational projects aimed at shedding some light on the U.F.O. mystery. We don't know what U.F.O.'s are. We would like to know. A long term mystery like this must be solved sooner or later. And we want to do our part by mainly by bringing the scientific community into this problem. Our reason for being here today concerns the latest Air Force attempt to explain the July, 1947 Roswell incident. And one of the things that keeps us going is not only the nuts and bolts of U.F.O. sightings, but the increasingly peculiar behavior of the U.S. government, in particular the United States Air Force. This latest report is far and away the least believable of a series of reports the Air Force has issued on this particular aspect of UFOs. Each one intended as a final answer to the question. And obviously not succesful.

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