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UFO – Is The Truth Out There?

UFO – Is The Truth Out There
     Chuck Todd: Hello again and welcome to another edition of Meet the Press reports, I'm Chuck Todd.

So is the government hiding what it knows about UFOs? From the moment the first person thought they saw a Flying Saucer,
By Chuck Todd, Sam Brock
Meet The Press
Americans have been fascinated with so-called UFOs. Most sightings are easily explained and Hollywood doesn't help. In the early days Sci-Fi movies often depicted space aliens as human-like Little Green Men who curiously spoke perfect English. But what happens when some 300 people claim to have seen the same thing or when US military Pilots record flying objects that seem to perform feats beyond human capacity. Former military officials believe the government truly is holding something back from the public. So we asked NBC News correspondent Sam Brock to look into what are now called UAPs or somewhat awkwardly unidentified aerial phenomena.

Sam I know this is kind of a fun piece, but it's kind of serious too.

Sam Brock: No doubt because now there's just so much more visuals that we can sort of hang our hat on. Chuck and you're right about the fact that UAPs does not exactly roll right off of the tongue, but rest assured they are on the minds of many Americans. So much so that there have been Congressional hearings to talk about them, testimonies from military members describing them, even a federal department now tasked with investigating them. So what have we learned so far? Not as much as we would like, but some scientists say with a little bit more information we are hot on the trail of a breakthrough.

For years America's fascination and fixation with possible life outside of our world came through the lens of theater, [various clip of old Flying Saucer movies playing in the background] like War of the Worlds. A fervor in the 50s and 60s that generated fear over Flying Saucers. Alien figures with arms legs and laser beams. But more than a half century later that fervor is back this, time fueled in part by some modern day videos that seemingly defy explanation, like this 2004 sighting captured by a Navy jet off the coast of San Diego where a mysterious oblong object first appears to break lock on an infrared sensor, almost instantaneously accelerates and vanishes from sight.

Tic Tac UFO

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