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UFO(s) Shot Down by Air Defense Forces in The Sky Over Rostov

Photo of UFO Over the Rostov region, taken on January 3rd, 2023.

"... several photos and videos of an unusual object over Rostov appeared last Wednesday. Judging by the footage, shells were fired from the ground, knocking down a certain target in the sky."

     On the evening of January 3, residents of the Rostov region were frightened by the bright object and loud sounds of explosions.

On Wednesday, January 3, residents of Rostov-on-Don observed an unusual phenomenon - here and there in the sky something flashed. "Tsargrad Rostov-on-Don" figured out what kind of outbreaks were over the city on January 3. We collected the most complete information about this incident.

What it looked like

In social networks, several photos and videos of an unusual object over Rostov appeared last Wednesday. Judging by the footage, shells were fired from the ground, knocking down a certain target in the sky. Moreover, the loud sound of the explosion at about 22.08 was heard twice with an interval of several minutes. The cameras recorded a bright flash, from which for a couple of seconds the pitch darkness lit up with a bright light. Witnesses of the incident were both Rostovites living in the northern and western parts of the city, and residents of the Myasnikovsky district of the Rostov region. The sound wave was so strong that the walls of the houses were shaking.

What could it be?

Immediately after the incident, several versions of an unusual object appeared over the capital of the Rostov region. Unofficial sources said about the work of air defense. A number of Telegram channels said that Rostovites witnessed the launch from the Iskander tactical missile system. Recall that these weapons are designed to defeat moving and stationary targets, for example, enemy firepower and air defense, command posts, communication centers, and the concentration of troops. Moreover, both conventional and thermonuclear warheads are used. There were also versions in favor of the fact that what was seen was some kind of weather anomaly. And also a number of Rostovites did not believe in the version of air defense and said that the explosions heard were the sounds of fireworks and fireworks on the occasion of the New Year holidays. By the way, not all residents of Rostov-on-Don heard and saw flashes and explosions in the sky. For example, in Alexandrovka (the district is located in the eastern part of the city), many did not even know about what was happening.

Official comments

After two hours of ignorance and various assumptions, Rostovites finally received an official comment from the authorities. Around midnight on January 3, Governor Golubev said the situation was under control. However, he did not report details about the emergency.

The situation in the Rostov Region remains stable and under control. I ask all residents to remain calm, not succumbing to panic Golubev said. There were no further explanations from the head of the region at night.

Until the morning, excited Rostovites wondered in the comments under the post of the governor what it was. And only by 11.00 am on January 4, Golubev reported the details.

Updated information about what happened the day before. Yesterday, at about 10 p.m., the air defense system worked 7 km from the village of Sultan Sala in the Myasnikovsky district. At an altitude of 2.5 km, a small-sized object in the shape of a ball was discovered, which flew freely in the wind. It was decided to liquidate it.

The governor explained. He also urged everyone to remain calm and assured that all forces and means were involved to ensure security - the sky is covered with air defense systems.

Rostov residents in the comments thanked the governor for the explanations. However, not without ironic comments.

Did we kind of shoot down Chinese flashlights and weather balloons? And in general, in modern times, if it did not fly to your yard, then it does not count. So we don't steam, we rest further.

- Rostovites write under Golubev's post. Some commentators urged not to publish such photos and videos, so as not to disclose to the enemy the location of objects in Rostov-on-Don.

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