Thursday, September 17, 2020

UFO Doc 'The Phenomenon' Gets Release Date and New Trailer

UFO Doc 'The Phenomenon' Gets Release Date and New Trailer

James Fox's feature exploring 70 years of history behind
proving UFOs exist will now have a digital release on Oct. 6.
     UFO documentary The Phenomenon, which takes an expansive look across 70 years' worth of history behind proving the existence of UFOs, right up to the latest discoveries, has a new trailer and release date.

By Alex Ritman
The Hollywood Reporter
The feature — from director James Fox — was originally slated for a wide North American theatrical release via 1091 Pictures this fall, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic will now premiere worldwide on all digital platforms on Oct. 6.

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  1. I can understand why the military needs to keep technical secrets. In fact the military would be negligent if they weren’t studying the technology. The fact that we are being visited is not a technological secret. It is a world altering reality that needs to be acknowledged by the military and political powers in this world. The entire human race needs to be told the truth. We also need to prepare for the possibility that at least some of the more technologically advanced space-faring species are NOT necessarily benevolent space brothers. The visitors could be doing recon for an advanced hunter-killer species who could worry that we, as an immature species that still murders could gain the technological ability to appear over their home world and spread destruction on a massive scale. Destroying potential rivals before they can destroy you might be the policy and reason that a species survives long enough to gain insights into the forces of the universe. If you understand how to manipulate gravity well enough to warp space, it would be child’s play to lob rocks from the outer solar system and destroy or set back any potential threat from a rival technological civilization harboring any ambition of space exploration.


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