Friday, August 14, 2020

UFO Caught On Security Cam Over La Pampa | ARGENTINA

UFO Caught On Security Cam Over La Pampa - ARGENTINA

     The event took place at 23:15 hours. A strange luminous body in the sky was recorded by security cameras in the neighboring locality of Arata.

By Luis Burgos
Judging from the images, this would be some sort of unidentified body re-entering the atmosphere, enveloped in flames.

The image was seen by a police officer who was on duty at the time, and further corroborated by a camera located at the corner of Alsina and Italia streets in the neighboring locality of Arata.

Luis Burgos adds: "If the video hasn't been manipulated, it is certainly compelling. Despite having the *appearance* of being a *bolide*, the horizontal movement of its trajectory is very striking, as opposed to a parabolic one. I agree that the its trajectory suggest that it isn't artificial. This perhaps has to do with the angle of escape"

Webcam footage can be seen HERE.

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