Monday, December 31, 2018

Mysterious 'UFO' Sighted Over Ballymun, Ireland | VIDEO

Mysterious 'UFO' Sighted Over Ballymun 12-25-18

     ... Robert told Dublin Live: "I spotted a bright light disappearing and reappearing in the sky early in the morning on Christmas Day.
By Laura Lyne

"I woke up from bed to see the light in the sky and knew it was too bright to be a star or plane,I went downstairs and woke up my mam and when we had came back up it had disappeared.

"My mam went back downstairs and I got back into bed and the light had reappeared through my curtains.

"I immediately got back up, opened the window and took a picture and video on my phone.


  1. photos and videos of lighted objects can be difficult as light tends to send the focus into a frenzy of not being able to focus at all. So many videos and images have a similar physical appearance. Im glad people are noticing and documenting regardless of the challenge and even if it turned out to be something that supposed to be there or of our own making. Because if we start shrugging off the sightings we are liable to miss something valuable. Who knows? Whatever is responsible for the UFOs isnt going ALL out to cloak or hide them. Perhaps they may be avoiding direct contact but even that may not be true in a few instances. I think sharing these photos aids the public in growing accustomed to the idea of other life forms taking interest in us. Just as we take interest in discovering life forms within our own world and beyond.

    1. Harry,

      Of great value re UFO photos and given that the high majority of said photos are of a prosaic nature and the much smaller percentage are of unknowns, establishing a data base of IFOs is paramount.



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