Monday, November 05, 2018

Secrets Behind Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage

Secrets Behind Roswell Autopsy Footage
IN THE 1990s, this video convinced millions that aliens existed.
Now the man behind it has revealed how he pulled off the forgery.
     THE man behind one of the most convincing hoaxes the world has ever seen has finally come clean about how he pulled it off.
By Alex Carey

In 1995, the imaginations of people around the globe were captivated by 17 minutes of grainy, black and white footage of what appeared to be an alien autopsy.

For millions of believers, the infamous Roswell Autopsy Footage provided proof that aliens had landed on Earth in the 1947 “UFO” crash in Roswell, New Mexico.


... last year, filmmaker and ex-magician Spyros Melaris announced he was behind the footage — and that it was entirely fake.

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  1. A bit of revisionist history I've noticed on this subject...the truth is that most people did NOT believe the autopsy was real. We all were interested, but I remember lots of suspicions and internet sleuthing at that time coming up with dead ends. There were doubts about props, Santili, the alien dummy, and just the lack of realism in the film. I doubt millions saw this as proof as the writer stated, but that would take away from the story's motive that the writer was onto something revelatory, and exposing how gullible people are. People were not suckers for this, there was a lot of doubt.


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