Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Stanton Friedman’s Last Visit to the Roswell UFO Festival | VIDEO – INTERVIEW

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Stanton Friedman

     Stanton Friedman, perhaps the world most well-known UFO researcher, is retiring this year. Stanton is responsible for making the alleged crash of a UFO near Roswell in 1947 famous. People from all around the world know of the Roswell incident. Now that Stanton is retiring, he says this will be his last annual pilgrimage to the place it all happened. This interview took place in the Roswell UFO Museum’s library on the last day of the 2018 festival. Special thanks to Andreas Hohl of

By Alejandro Rojas
VaderVideo for filming this interview. The interviewer is OpenMinds.tv’s Alejandro Rojas.


  1. Class act. Shared a hotel floor with him, and rode in an elevator together, and had breakfast next to him just to listen to his non-UFO opinions on the world, and he's just as interesting. And I know the hotel staff really liked him, he was very polite and easy going. Thanks for the impact on this world you have had Stan.

  2. Thank you Stanton for your amazing contribution to the subject of UFO's. You are legend.


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