Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pentagon's Secret UFO Search, Stanton Friedman Weighs In | INTERVIEW – VIDEO

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Stan Friedman on Podcast UFO Live
"The Most impressive UFO Event in a Long Time ... A Whole New Ball Game "
     Stan Friedman with Kathleen Marden weigh in on the Pentagon's Secret UFO Search. Stan mentions he is pleased with Tom DeLonge's efforts and the team of high profile people on the To The Stars Academy board. Kathy mentions how important Luis Elizondo, Chris
By Martin Willis
Podcast UFO Live
Mellon and Dr. Hal Puthoff among others are to the board as well. Stan: "It's a new ballgame for UFOlogy!"


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  1. The NY times UFO hosting report no doubt was super significant in light of the governments historical behaviors towards the matter and hold many implications some addressed and some not. I think NOT seeing an actual alien being gives room to any hesitance to simply blatantly throw the alien word around. However the implications clearly show a long over due admittance that there is indeed some beings somewhere outside this planet thats advanced technologically beyond our human race. Ive never bought into the suggestion that the government was in developed relations with aliens beings or conspiring in anyway. My suspicion was that the release of the evidence of the UFO was because the government is reaching out to the public for assistance without saying it. Its an invitation to expose and bring into focus the Alien question. This is wild speculation on my part based on human behavior in power structures of government entities. As part of that speculation i suspect there are records of events that we have read about but denied by military or government that are likely true. UFO experiences that government wanted to shun hide or deny. Because of the lack of communications with Alien beings that have visited and interacted on this planet and the governments denial of their existence we as a race have only speculations. The government opening up this topic opens the door for a more robust universal approach and sharing of hard information that will remove some speculations and add some facts. The aliens obviously can visit us unfettered and the human race overall does not know who they are and what their interest is here. The voids of knowledge are significant. Id be very extremely cautious to entertain any idea that this the void is mutual. Given the free hand throughout human history of the aliens ability to come and go at will id assume the aliens have the upper hand regarding insight of humans.


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