Friday, April 20, 2018

MUFON Official Quits Over Support of John Ventre, After Racist Rant From a Year Ago

MUFON is Broken

Top MUFON Official Quits Over Organization's Continued
Support of John Ventre a Year After Ventre's Racist Rant


     ... there is new fallout this week from last year’s racism scandal at the Mutual UFO Network. Regular readers will recall that last May, one of the organization’s most important figures, John Ventre, posted racist comments to Facebook in which he ranted about systemic bias against white people and alleged that “everything this world is was created by Europeans and Americans. F’ing blacks didn’t even have a calendar, a wheel or a numbering system until the Brits showed up.” MUFON took little action, issuing a milquetoast statement distancing themselves from Ventre, who blamed literal demons from hell, arguing that “Satan’s minions”
Jason Colavito
By Jason Colavito
control flying saucers and are responsible for atheists and ancient astronaut theorists alike. Ventre resigned his leadership post, but the organization never cut ties with him. Only now, however, are some of MUFON’s members realizing this fact.

In January MUFON selected Chris Cogswell, a Minnesota-based podcaster with a PhD in chemical engineering, as their new director of research. On Friday night, just four months later, Cogswell abruptly resigned after learning that MUFON is still closely aligned with Ventre. He sent MUFON the following letter:

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