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“UFOs Turn Out To Be Real, We're Not Kidding” — Fox News | VIDEO

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“UFOs Turn Out To Be Real, We're Not Kidding” — Fox News | VIDEO

Editor's Note: Author, journalist, Leslie Kean stops by Fox News for an interview with Tucker Carlson. Contrary to media norms, Carlson avoids the badinage that the media is known for, and conducts one of the most serious, sober, intelligent discussions to date.
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

Aside from the recent revelation of a secret pentagon program, Carlson brings up the UFO incident at the O’Hare airport that occurred on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 which was witnessed by dozens of people including pilot(s), ground personnel and people in the tower—FW

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  1. I am a believer. Why, because I have had my own sighting of an UFO. Here is what I witnessed.

    Back in the fall of 2103 I was in my garage and the time was approx. 1:30a PST. It was a clear night and no precipitation. I was standing at the doorway of my garage (man door opposed to the door of the garage where you drive your car into the garage). I was standing sideways in the door way. I have a work bench that is next to the doorway and I was looking down at the bench at the project I was working on. While standing there and looking at the project on the bench I noticed a white light in the corner of my eye in the tree line about 50' in height and no more than 75' from me. It was amazingly close. I turned to look and there was a light bleeding through the Cedar tree branches from behind the tree, I had no idea what it could be (but what I could see was a bright light) and I turned back to place the tool I had in my hand onto the workbench. While doing this out of the corner of my eye I saw the light move (no more than a foot or two) as if to move left to right from my standpoint into the opening away from the trees. When I did this the light quickly moved back to where it was when I first noticed it. (it's as if it noticed that I was aware of it). Now that the light had my undivided attention I trained my attention to it. As I stared at it for no more than five to 10 seconds it started moving out into the open. (almost as if it said to itself - to heck with it I've been seen and I'm heading on the path I was taking) I am no more than 75' from the object and it is no more than 50' in the air.

    The object was a perfect circle roughly 12' - 15' in circumference (it was a good sized object). The light was extremely bright but did not cast light outward as if to shine on something. I was blown away! Here I am looking at an object that is in the air making no noise at all. Nothing. It went from my left to right and was moving at no more than one to two miles per hour. Very slow. I ran out of the doorway towards the object and now I am less than 35' feet away from it when I stopped. It move silently in a perfect line not going up or down, so the altitude did not change nor did the speed of the object. I picked up a rock, that's how close I was to it and was going to throw it at it but worried I may hit the house behind my house if I missed it so opted not to throw the rock. I continued to watch as it moved along slowly. As the object moved from left to right I could see that the object was paper thin. There was absolutely no depth to this object. The light itself is what we now days refer to as an infinity screen. There was no framing around the light at all, so the diameter of the object or edge of the object was white light. I watched it for as long as I could which was maybe 10 seconds until it moved into another group of cedar trees to the right of where I was originally and lost sight of it. I immediately decided to run to the front of my house and down the street in the same direction hoping to pick it up again and never saw it again. I walked back to my house thinking of what had just taken place and I realized this object must have known I was aware of it (but there was nothing living that could be inside it as it was paper thin) as it tried to hide back behind the trees when I first noticed it.

    I believe since no living thing could actually be inside this object that it was what we would refer to as a satellite with a camera imbedded into it and someone or something (another life form) from very far away was looking at me. Wow!

    The events I have told in this post are true. I hope everyone gets to see something in their life time, it truly has changed the way I think as I know for a fact there is something greater than us here on earth or at least visit the earth. I have no idea what that could have been but this was in no way made from human technology. Amazing to say the least.

  2. This is my story:
    As a teenager summer time, in Fresno Ca 1978 my cousin and I were riding our bikes and we were at an intersection waiting for the traffic to clear. Time of the evening was dusk, the sun was settling but had not gone down completely. My cousin says to me" look at those stars" I saw two strangely looking stars. I remember thinking something odd about these stars because #1 it was not dark enough for stars to be noticeable and #2 they were lower than normal as if just above the tree tops. They were positioned side by side the one one the left was slightly lower lose to a 45 deg angle. We're both looking at these stars, then suddenly the one on the right which was in the higher position grew and I'm mean just immediately expanded in size. One way to give an example it was as if the two were the size of dimes and one rapidly expanded to the size of a basketball. Once the it stopped growing the one on the left suddenly spun around the large one, and it went so fast that it immediately left tails as if it was a complete circle surrounding the large one. This continued for maybe 5 seconds? Then the circling light suddenly stopped, it didn't come to a slow stop, it just stopped. Then the large light shrank back to the same size as the other one. They were at the same position,the left at a 45 deg lower. Then they both moved horizontally in the same direction both giving blue and red beams of light, I'll say two flashes each and just like that they disappeared. The only time I had noticed any change of color in the lights is when the left,other than that they remained to be bright white lights, as if they were stars.
    So when they disappeared, my cousin and I looked at each other and calmly said....UFO's are real, then we crossed the street.


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