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Replicating the Roswell Rock | VIDEO

Roswell Rock & Replica - Comparison (The original is on the left)
Roswell Rock & The Replica By Ron Branch (The original is on the left)

Replicating the Roswell Rock

By Ron Branch

      In July of 2008, while roaming the internet, I came across an interesting story about a carved stone known as ” The Roswell Rock ” that was found in 2004 by a man out hunting in New Mexico. Recently, because of certain of it’s peculiarities, he had been encouraged to have it looked at.

The lines and shapes of the carving seemed too precise, too perfect, and had the odd appearance that it had somehow been raised up from out of the natural surface of the rock. Experts and professionals began examining it, but were unable to determine how it could have been carved. They said that even under a microscope, no evidence of tool work of any kind could be found. This in itself was probably enough to make it an object worthy of continued study….but there was more.

Passing a magnet over it would cause either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation depending on the placement of the magnet. Interesting – but more than that, two dominant elements in the design, tangential circles featuring yin-yanged crescent moons, seemed to be placed precisely on these two rotational pull points…

Even more interesting … but it didn’t end there.

At some point someone noticed that this same design had appeared in 1996 as a crop formation in the UK. . . .

The Roswell Rock

Roswell Rock
Credit: Robert L. Ridge /

The Roswell Rock

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      So now we have the Roswell Rock. What is it? Just a rock found in New Mexico with some sort of crop circle design on it that some think is beyond our capability to make. There seem to be no tool marks found under microscopic examination, it seems to have some strange magnetic properties and it was found within twenty-five miles of the site that is alleged to have contained the alien bodies.

It now takes it place with all those other things that have been identified with Roswell such as the Mexican Roswell, the British Roswell, the Chinese Roswell, the Russian Ros… well, you get the point. Stick Roswell in the name somehow and you have a built in audience, even if the event or thing you are describing has nothing to do with Roswell or aliens or a crashed spacecraft.

Stick this rock up there with all the other failed artifacts that have been presented from the bit of debris announced with such fanfare in 1997 as material with a known chain of custody was announced… only that the chain of custody was not presented and never has been. And let’s not forget the scientist who was claiming the isotopic ratios of the metal were not found on Earth (except, of course, they were not naturally occurring but were found on Earth) and the scientist changing the story when independently interviewed.

And let’s not forget the other bit of metal that was taken under police escort for scientific testing only to learn that it was jewelers’ scrap. Nothing extraordinary about it, except for the story that it was part of the spacecraft.

Or the button found on the debris field that proved an Air Force connection of some kind. But it was clear that the button had been planted there for discovery by the researchers in Chasing UFOs. The Air Force didn’t exist (it would have been the Army) when the UFO allegedly crashed and the button was much too pristine. I had Air Force buttons that had not been outside in thirty years that were in worse shape because of simple neglect than this button that had been out in the weather for more than sixty years.

And now we have this rock with a strange carving on it that resembles the sort of symbols found in crop circles. In fact, Colin Andrews, one of the leading expects on crop circles said that it was an almost exact copy of a crop circle. Please note the qualifier here… almost an exact copy.

I suppose what we’re supposed to deduce here is that this rock had been in the spacecraft before the crash and that somehow it was ejected with no sign of the destruction of the craft, to be found, literally miles and miles from the crash site by a bow hunter. And while I have no doubt that the man is telling his story accurately, meaning he found the rock while bow hunting, the fact he was in New Mexico doesn’t mean that this rock had anything to do with the events of July 1947 and there is absolutely no way to connect it to 1947, just as they had been no way to connect any of these other items to the crash.

Here is where we slide off the rails completely. Colin Andrews was able to identify the crop circle and said that it was nearly a match for one created by Julian Richardson, which means it wasn’t alien in the beginning. It was a manmade crop circle and if the design on the rock was almost exactly like that of a manmade crop circle you have to ask, “What are the odds?”

We also saw, in a documentary about the Roswell Rock, an artist who creates designs by sandblasting the surface of rocks, duplicate, to a great degree the design on another rock. But he took only thirty minutes to do it and didn’t bother to polish it much at all. Had he taken more time, then he might have been able to match it to an even closer degree.

But the endgame seems to be the Roswell Alien Encounter Festival 98. According to some who were there, a company known as MLennuim Productions was selling rocks with crop circle designs on them, some looking quite a bit like the design on the Roswell Rock. This should be the last gasp of the alien nature of the Roswell Rock. Humans were making them and selling them in Roswell… so, I guess, it is legitimate to call it a Roswell Rock but it has nothing to do with alien visitation.

We can close another chapter on the Roswell UFO crash. Clearly the rock had nothing to do with it and had it not been found in central New Mexico, no one would have taken a second look at it. For those interested, a quick search of the Internet will provide other examples of these rocks. With all of this arrayed against the Roswell Rock, we have the answers we need… and it wasn’t necessary to devote an hour of TV time to the discussion. It should have taken five minutes, but then, what do you do with the other fifty-five minutes (minus the commercials)?

Mystery UFO Sighting Over Cinnamon Brow

Mystery UFO Sighting Over Cinnamon Brow 8-31-14

Could there be UFOs over Cinnamon Brow?


     A READER has got in touch after a mystery sighting over Cinnamon Brow at the weekend.

Mike Mayoux said he spotted the object in the sky around 6pm on Sunday and is wondering if anyone knows what it could be.

He added: "My wife saw two of them at first but I saw five before going inside to get the camera.

"By the time I came out with the camera, I could only see one left which I photographed using a superzoom camera at full zoom.

"I have no idea of what it is, nor am I saying it is UFO, just some strange objects in the sky which appeared to be moving very slowly but were very high. . . .

Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | VIDEO

UFO Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania (Crpd) 8-25-14

Mystery UFO Caught on Camera, Baffles Police | UFO NEWS

By Kara O'Neill

      Unknown flashing lights from the unidentified flying object even left the local police without an explanation.

There is no question in Stephanie Wilkerson's mind about what she saw in the night sky this week.

When a giant circle of flashing lights appeared over her Pennsylvania home, she ran to grab her neighbour who brought his binoculars to take a closer look.

After the lights started to change colour, the pair called 911 and began filming the strange sight on a mobile phone .

In an interview with ABC New, Stephanie said: "I thought it was a plane until I realised it wasn't moving."

"I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colours," she added. . . .

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | VIDEO

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | VIDEO

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne | UFO NEWS

By Ashley Argoon
Herald Sun

     A UFO has been spotted hovering over Melbourne’s southeast as residents report they’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Flashing red, green, and blue, the light sat still over Carnegie for more than an hour.

“It’s really weird,” Toni Koromilas said, taking a video of the flashing lights from her sister’s Carnegie home.

“Someone said it could be a helicopter but it’s not moving, it’s been there for an hour now.

“We could be way off track, it could just be a plane, but it’s bizarre.”

Melbourne gets an average one UFO sighting a week, with most reports of lights at night time.

So, could it be that aliens chose Melbourne as their destination to make first contact with the world? . . .

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

By Dr David Clarke

     My latest book opens The National Archives’ own ‘X-files’ to shine a spotlight on many formerly secret official accounts of uncanny phenomena and other unsolved historical mysteries.

From mediums employed by the police to help with psychic crime-busting to sea monster sightings logged by the Royal Navy, Britain’s X-traordinary Filesis the result of 15 years research in the archives at London and elsewhere.

Each section is underpinned by images of key documents created by government agencies that have investigated and sometimes tried to exploit extraordinary phenomena or powers in recent history.

Following the style of its companion volume The UFO Files (now in its second edition)the seven chapters throw new light on rumours, legends and persistent mysteries. Some of the subjects covered by the book include:
• The Angels of Mons that were said to have saved outnumbered British troops in Belgium at the outbreak of the First World War one hundred years ago.

• War Diaries and other documents that reveal what happened to 266 British soldiers that ‘disappeared into thin air’ during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915.

• The Death Ray and rumours of secret weapons spread by intelligence agencies between and after the two world wars.

• Scotland Yard’s use of a Dutch clairvoyant to find the ‘Stone of Scone’ stolen from Westminster Abbey in 1950.

• Secret ‘Remote Viewing‘ experiments conducted by British intelligence agencies in the aftermath of 9/11.

• MI5 investigations into reports of mysterious lights and ‘crop circles‘ in WW2.

• The extraordinary trial of a London man who was found guilty of killing a pedestrian he believed to be a ghost.

• British Army investigations of dowsing and other extraordinary powers to locate buried bodies and mines.

• The mysterious Solway Spaceman photograph that baffled police and RAF experts fifty years ago.

• Results of inquiries into the mysterious disappearance of British aircraft and their crews.

• What the British government records say about the fate of captain and crew of the Mary Celeste.

• The future King George V’s sighting of a phantom ship, The Flying Dutchman whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

• Arthur Conan Doyle’s sighting of the mysterious Victorian sea serpent.

• The Loch Ness Monster Files: what papers at Scotland’s National Archives and London’s Natural History Museum reveal about the Nessie legend.

Britain’s X-traordinary Files is published by Bloomsbury on 25 September 2014 and can be pre-ordered here:

I will launch the book with an illustrated lecture on the Angels of Mons and other legends of the First World War at Sheffield’s Off The Shelf literary festival on 27 October.

Praise for Britain’s X-traordinary Files:
‘This is a feast of a book, valuable above all for folklore studies but also for parapsychology, history and hard science; and the more important for having grounded itself in the most prosaic of sources, the official records of the nation.’

–Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol

‘In this entertaining and absorbing book, David Clarke excavates hidden marvels from the depths of The National Archives, casting new light on our uncanny world – from death rays to ghost ships and angels.’

–Professor Owen Davies, University of Hertfordshire

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‘Huge’ UFO Reported Hovering Over Texas Town

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‘Huge’ UFO Reported Hovering Over Texas Town 8-24-14

By Roger Marsh

      A Texas witness at Fairfield reported watching a “very bright, white light” UFO at close range, according to testimony in Case 59342 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was “patrolling on County Road 2570” on her way to County Road 833 at 8:47 p.m. on August 24, 2014, when the object was first seen and thought to be part of a tower. She pulled her vehicle over to the side of the road.

“This huge, very bright object, went up and traveled slowly to my right,” the witness stated. “I then heard this jet-like noise that ended as quickly as it started. I put the truck in gear and went down to County Road 833 and turned around. By this time it was coming back to the spot I had first noticed it.”

The witness again parked her vehicle and while watching the object noticed lights on top of it.

“They went from one side to the other and had a rhythm in its own pace.” . . .

Strange 'Spikes' Spotted In Siberia By ISS Astronauts

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Strange 'Spikes' Spotted In Siberia By ISS Astronauts - August 2014

By Dominique Mosbergen
The Huffington Post

     Astronauts looking down on Earth from the International Space Station in June were left scratching their heads when they spotted a “strange pattern of spikes" crossing Siberia's Kulunda Steppe.

The astronauts were so puzzled that they called down to Houston to ask for an explanation, according to NASA. But only recently have scientists at the agency's Johnson Space Center been able to explain what the astronauts were looking at when they saw the dark green spikes stretching over the rural landscape. . . .

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks | VIDEO

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Scientists Unravel Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks


     The first witnesses to an enduring natural mystery are an engineer, a biologist and a planetary scientist who met thanks to a remote weather station.

This odd group has captured the first video footage of Death Valley's sailing stones creeping across Racetrack Playa. For a century, these eerie rocks and their long, graceful trails have stumped visitors and scientists. The boulders of black dolomite appear to move on their own, sliding uphill across the playa's flat lakebed. The trails are the only evidence the rocks move. No one has ever seen them set sail.

Lacking direct evidence, explanations for this geologic puzzle ran the gamut, from Earth's magnetic field to gale-force winds to slippery algae. Now, with video, time-lapse photographs and GPS tracking of Racetrack Playa's moving rocks, the mystery has finally been solved.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Silent, Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Lexington Neighborhood

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A Silent, Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovers Over Lexington Neighborhood

Hovering triangle UFO moves away ‘instantaneously’

By Roger Marsh

     Two Kentucky witnesses at Lexington reported watching a silent, triangle-shaped UFO hovering overhead that seemed to move away “instantaneously,” according to testimony in Case 59404 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witnesses were outside in their backyard on July 15, 2014, when a black, triangle-shaped object was seen hovering over their home.

“We were both lying on our back and it was directly above us in the sky,” the reporting witness stated. “I looked at it for at least a minute before pointing it out to my boyfriend, who then also studied it. He confirmed that it was black (or at least dark) and triangular-shaped.”

The object moved away quickly.

“I’m not terribly great with direction, but it seemed to be pointing in an easterly direction. As we lay there discussing it for at least another minute, we watched the object slowly rotate (as if on an axis) in the completely opposite direction (west) – making no noise and showing no fuel trails- and then it was just gone.”

The object seemed to instantaneously disappear. . . .