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CEFAA, Chile’s federal UFO study project Investigates Incident Over Santiago

CEFAA, Chile’s federal UFO study project Investigate Incident Over Santiago

The weeds of curiosity

By Billy Cox
De Void

     CEFAA, Chile’s federal UFO study project, recently brought its resources to bear on a September 2012 incident over Santiago. The cell phone videos were poor quality and the object(s) left no radar clues. But government researchers, operating under the auspices of Chile’s equivalent of America's FAA, evidently felt compelled to check this one out because of its audacity, unfolding as it did near that nation’s Air Force War Academy. Not to mention the animation in the witnesses’ voices recorded during the event.

Author Leslie Kean published a summary of CEFAA’s report last week at Huffington Post. Three witnesses, two civilians and a career air force sergeant, saw five nighttime lights make an approach the Academy from the mountains. Their original horizontal formation split into a triangular array, reformed as a circle, and then quickly departed. All reported dramatic color shifts during the fly-by, but the sergeant's story was the most detailed. He described seeing “an oval shape, like a submarine; the upper part had windows with lights coming out ... with a dome or something like it.” But what elevated this relatively unremarkable anecdotal encounter from multitudes of others was the time and effort an interdisciplinary lineup of Chilean officials invested in trying to figure it out.

Weather conditions were eliminated from the suspect list, as were conventional aircraft and interference from ground-based light sources. Consequently, CEFAA declared the event an “anomalous luminous phenomenon,” which is about as neutral a phrase as could be applied to an incident whose characteristics are consistent with a display of intelligence/high technology. Anomalous luminous phenomenon is a fancy way of saying “We don’t know,” which is a sane and welcome contrast to Uncle Sam’s fidgety aversions, denials and inventions when confronted with The Great Taboo. Better yet, there were evidently no repercussions for the eyewitnesses, no job insecurities, no (apparent) negative press, no institutional credibility collapse for failing to be omniscient. But this is the sort of climate CEFAA has been nurturing since its inception in 1997.

Five years ago, in fact, two of CEFAA’s top operatives — Ricardo Bermudez Sanhueza and Rodrigo Bravo — called for coordinated global dissemination of UFO data, most likely through United Nations channels. While the UN and its ferocious competing interests often rate raspberries for staging so much futile theater, it’s hard to imagine how any country could exploit The Great Taboo for nationalistic rhetoric. (Well, OK, it’s not that hard. Kim Jong-un: “Bandits breaking the laws of physics will encounter a resolute people's wall of fire at the borders of our sacred space”.) Still, for broader approaches to breaking the UFO gridlock, it’s worth taking a look at some multinational ideas published by the American nonprofit National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena in 2010. Even more specifically, a retired Belgian air force general noted that a logical UN channel — the International Civil Aviation Organization — is already in place. Or, failing that, try the International Air Transport Association based in Montreal.

The key to making it work, obviously, will be the erosion of American resistance, mired in an endless current of updates on rapidly multiplying exoplanets and exposure to alternative media coverage -- from the insipid to the provocative -- on The Great Taboo. The stigma is losing its grip; like attitudes on gay marriage, weed, and race, everything changes. Suppressing the reality of an experience runs counter to human nature. Most U.S. pilots, for instance, are loathe to go public with their encounters, yet scores have filed reports with groups like NARCAP and the National UFO Reporting Center in exchange for anonymity. Once upon a time, a guy like Andrew Danziger might’ve taken his 1989 UFO sighting to the grave. But in April, the pilot who flew candidate Obama on the 2008 campaign trail decided to spill the beans. And a full month later, Fox News(!) actually followed up(!) with a live interview and played it straight(!).

Things are happening, in small but significant ways. Countries like Chile remind us that things do not fall apart when we confront the holes in our knowledge, however impossible or irrational that evidence may appear.

Why Aren't The Aliens Here Already?

Why Aren't The Aliens Here Already?

By Adam Frank

      The story begins like this: In 1950, a group of high-powered physicists were lunching together near the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Among those in attendance were Edward Teller (father of the nuclear bomb) and the Nobel Prize-winning Enrico Fermi. The discussion turned to a spate of recent UFO sightings and, then, on to the possibility of seeing an object (made by aliens) move faster than light. The conversation eventually turned to other topics when, out the blue, Fermi suddenly asked: "Where is everybody?"

While he'd startled his colleagues, they all quickly understood what he was referring to: Where are all the aliens?

What Fermi realized in his burst of insight was simple: If the universe was teeming with intelligent technological civilizations, why hadn't they already made it to Earth? Indeed, why hadn't they made it everywhere?

This question, known as "Fermi's paradox," is now a staple of astrobiological/SETI thinking. . . .

Passenger Jet Reports Near-Miss with Drone

Passenger Jet Reports Near-Miss with Drone


     A commercial airliner narrowly missed colliding midair with a drone near New York's LaGuardia Airport Friday morning, according to federal officials.

The pilot reportedly had to swerve upward over Brooklyn's Prospect Park in order to avoid the drone as the plane neared the airport. The incident followed several earlier instances of pilots reporting they had had lasers pointed at them near New York airports.

"The flight crew of Shuttle America Flight 2708 reported climbing 200 feet to avoid an unmanned aircraft while on final approach to LaGuardia Airport at about 11 a.m. today," the Federal Aviation Administration said. "The crew ... reported that the unmanned aircraft was operating in the vicinity of Prospect Park in Brooklyn at an altitude of about 2,700 feet. The FAA will investigate.

Four-Cylinder Engine Runs on Water for 48 hours

Four-Cylinder Engine Runs on Water for 48 hours

By The Dallas Morning News
September 8, 1935

     C.H. Garrett, Dallas inventor, gave a private demonstration Saturday of a recently patented contrivance which he said substituted water for gasoline as fuel for internal combustion engines.

He said it broke up the water by electrolysis into its component gases, oxygen and hydrogen, using the highly explosive hydrogen for fuel in the motor cylinder.

The working model operated a four-cylinder engine for several minutes in the demonstration, at varying speeds and with several starts and stops. Garrett said he had operated the engine continuously for more than forty-eight hours.

The inventor said the idea itself was not new. He explained that difficulty had been encountered heretofore in attempts to store the dangerously inflammable hydrogen. He claimed to have avoided that trouble by making and exploding the gas in the same process without a storage chamber in which the flames from the motor cylinders might react. . . .

Nitinol Memory Metal Engine – A Free Energy System? | VIDEO

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Nitinol Memory Metal Engine – A Free Energy System? | VIDEO

By World Opinion Forum

Editor's note: CNN’s science editor, Kevin Sanders visits the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and talks with Nobel prize winner, physicist Edwin McMillan about the amazing properties of Nitinol, and its use in so-called heat engines–FW

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Bizarre 'UFO' Lights Filmed Over a Remote Part of Russia | VIDEO

Bizarre 'UFO' Lights Filmed Over a Remote Part of Russia

By Jon Austin
BIZARRE 'UFO' lights filmed over a remote part of Russia have been called "the real deal" after they went viral on YouTube.

      The bright and apparently hovering lights were captured in the sky in the Astrakhan region of Russia at dusk.

Onlookers who recorded the footage were puzzled by the fact what appeared to be elongated orbs of light clustered near each other appeared to be static.

And when the camera panned out they appeared to be hovering over a road by a lake in empty countryside. . . .

Duo Arrested for Creating 'UFO' Scare in Mumbai

Duo Arrested for Creating 'UFO' Scare in Mumbai

By Yogesh Naik

      Stunned event organiser whose unwitting act of releasing gas balloons in the air sent the defence and intelligence agencies into a tizzy says he will never ever do it again.

When event organiser Kunal Shah and his colleague Nilesh Shrimankar decided to release gas balloons at the end of a cricket match they organised at Kalina on Saturday, little did they realise it would trigger a nationwide hunt by defence and intelligence agencies, culminating in their arrest on Tuesday morning.

After a Jet Airways pilot spotted five objects that looked like unmanned parachutes on Saturday evening, he aborted take off, and alerted air traffic authorities. Within hours, defence and intelligence personnel were all scrambling to figure out what the objects were. . . .

A Secret UFO Symposium in New Hampshire – Betty Hill’s Last Hurrah

A Secret UFO Symposium in New Hampshire

By Robert Sheaffer
This article is reprinted from my Psychic Vibrations column in the Skeptical Inquirer, September/October, 2007. I am reprinting it because it describes an important piece of UFO history that is not otherwise available on-line. It contains some updates and revisions. It also gives me an opportunity to share some great photos of UFO history.

     One of the most curious events to come out of the Great Internet Stock Bubble was the so-called “Encounters at Indian Head” project, whose very existence has been kept unknown to the public until just now [2007]. The symposium was prepared under a shroud of secrecy that was amazingly effective, given the decades-long inability of most top UFOlogists to behave responsibly about anything. Organized by the late Karl Pflock, author of Roswell – Inconvenient Facts and the Will to BelieveRoswell – Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe(Prometheus, 2000) and the British Fortean author Peter Brookesmith, the event was funded by Joe Firmage, the Silicon Valley then-multimillionaire who seems determined do whatever it takes to bring the public into an even higher state of extraterrestrial awareness.

In September of 2000, I traveled from California to New Hampshire to participate in the secret “stealth” UFO symposium. The subject was the alleged 1961 UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, the first such incident reported in the U.S., made famous by John Fuller’s 1966 book The Interrupted JourneyThe Interrupted Journey, then even more so by the 1975 NBC-TV movie, The UFO Incident. Firmage was covering all our expenses, and even paid us for the rights to the papers we were writing, which would be published as a book. The purpose of the symposium was, simply, to find out what really happened to Betty and Barney Hill. The plan was that nobody would find out about even the existence of the symposium until the book containing its published proceedings appeared ‘out of the blue,’ presumably creating a sensation. The symposium came off exactly as planned, a tribute to the skills of the late Karl Pflock. . . .

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Questions About The Roswell Slides Fiasco Remain

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Questions About The Roswell Slides Fiasco Remain

The Roswell Slides: the Anthropologist from Canada

Curt Collins By Curt Collins

     A lot of questions about the Roswell Slides fiasco remain, but no one is talking except Jaime Maussan. To get some answers of how it all came together, we have to start examining the statements made by the players before the event.

Tom Carey had been waiting for a "smoking gun" on the Roswell case for decades. Describing when he first saw the image in the slides, he said, "a chill ran down my spine..." and he knew it was genuine. On March 1, 2015, Tercer Milenio TV aired the program "Contacto Con Jaime Maussan." In the second hour of the show, Tom Carey joined the program via a Skype interview to promote BeWitness and talk about the Roswell Slides.

Tom Carey on the man from Toronto

Tom Carey on the man from Toronto
"I contacted one of my fellow graduate students when I was in the University of Toronto years ago, and I confess he was, and remains, a friend of mine, but he will tell me the truth. I respect his opinion more than anyone on anything relating to Anthropology. He’s that bright of a fellow, he still is. So, I sent him a copy of this fuzzy image that’s going around I did not send him one of the originals. I sent him the one that’s going around that someone has enhanced up. So, I had him look at it.

Leaked Enhanced Up Image Leaked By Narrenschiffer
Leaked Enhanced Up Image Leaked By Narrenschiffer
I didn’t tell him what it was, I told him, ‘look at this, and you tell me what you think it is. Well, most Anthropologists that we talked to, that will talk to us, most of them run away, as you know, they do not want to get involved in anything related to UFOs or Roswell, they run away as fast as they can, but we do have a number of them who did go on the record.

But, my friend up in Toronto, he looked at this, and he did ask me a few questions about it, when it was taken, where it was, which we don’t know exactly where it was taken. And he went a step further. Most of the Anthropologists will tell us what it is not. It’s not a non-human primate, it’s not a child, it’s not a human child, it’s not a deformed child, stuff like that. Well, my friend up in Toronto went a step further. His final conclusion was- 'I said, what is your final conclusion?' And he emailed me back, he said, “This critter (that’s what he called it) the critter, this being is not from this planet. That was his conclusion.” He wouldn’t tell me what it is, he just said, whatever it is, it’s not from this planet. So, I received this yesterday, and I thanked him for his honest opinion.”

Richard Doble
Richard Doble
It seems strange that Carey would send the leaked slide image for analysis, as it has been widely disparaged by the slides promoters. Jaime Maussan said of it:
"It is a picture that they took and with which they wanted to base all the research. It is a figure that is not very clear , it’s something they stretched , then modified and adjusted . I say it is more like the canary Tweety from the cartoons, the one who is always against the cat and well ... it looks more like Tweety than reality."
We now know that the former Toronto classmate that Carey was describing is Richard Doble. As the only English speaking expert featured in BeWitness, a lot of attention was focused on Doble's opinion. So far, nothing has been presented to show if he was allowed to see the original images of the slides before offering his dramatic conclusions.
"It's nothing like us, we can see that his feet, his legs appear to be a reptile, could have evolved from something like a gecko..."–Richard Doble

Richard Doble presented video analysis of the alien in BeWitness.

Richard Doble's written report

Update: Richard Doble responds to exposure of the placard revealing the body to be a mummy.

Jaime Maussan's interview with "anthropologist" Richard Doble

Continue Reading . . .

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Black Triangle Spotted Over Charlotte | UFO NEWS

Black Triangle Spotted Over Charlotte

      Friend (SF) & I were leaving Goodwill in Charlotte [North Carolina 5-23-15] - I looked up at sky and mentioned how beautiful the clouds and sky looked. I saw what at first looked like a black bird flying just below the clouds, but at what I estimated to be at least 2 miles high.

As I watched a few seconds, I called my friend's name to see what I was seeing. I said "That's not a bird." My friend said "It's not flapping its wings." We watched as it swirled around, doing a loop and flying like a bird would, but never changing its triangle shape. It reversed course to the east, changed to a circle, flew around about a short while, then took off to the north at a fast clip... way too fast for a bird.

Friend thought it might be a drone. I said drones don't change shape or do loops... they fly a straight path. He admitted that it was odd. . . .