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Bright Orbs Photographed Rising Above The Ocean

Bright Orbs Seen Rising Above The Ocean

Booms are one thing, but what were those bright orbs?

By Rob Morris
The Outer Banks Voice
      Reports are that a loud boom or series of booms last night came from Navy training exercises, but numerous people on the Outer Banks also reported seeing bright orbs rising above the ocean at about the same time.

Speculation about the lights has ranged from Chinese lanterns released from the beach to helicopters and hovering Osprey aircraft operating offshore.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we feel confident in reporting that they were not UFOs.

Ed Beckley, who lives in Nags Head and has a good vantage point from his house on a dune line near Jockey’s Ridge, said he saw the lights from his top floor after hearing the boom.

“Very quickly there were six of seven of them,” Beckley wrote in an e-mail. “Four of them formed a square formation. Another one was north and higher than them, and another one was just south and lower. . . .

Mysterious UFOs Captured On Cell Phone Cam By Former Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza | VIDEO

UFOs Captured On Cell Phone Cam By Former Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza 7-14-14

By Nick Menza

     While checking out the extra large moon we saw something . . . We lost site [sic] of it as it went up through the clouds. It was distant, dimly light [sic] and hardly moving. If it wasn't for the fact that we went out to look at the big moon, we probably wouldn't have noticed it. The Samsung Galaxy 4 phone camera was on full zoom, hence the shakiness even after stabilization. In total [there] were four witnesses including me. . . .

'Silent UFO' Over Swansea Amazes Witness

'Silent UFO' Over Swansea Amazes Witness

By South Wales Evening Post

     THIS is the early morning image of the skies over Swansea which left an ex-soldier staring in amazement.

The photograph, which was taken in the early hours of Monday, shows a shadowy object hovering several hundred feet in the air, over Llansamlet.

Witnesses say the object made no noise and soon disappeared.

The photograph was taken by quick-thinking Paul Lewis, who snapped the object from the bedroom window of his home in Mayhill. . . .

Large Circular UFO Chased By Air Force Jets | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Television Receivers Experience Interference During UFO Flyover | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

“Alien Life May Only Be Found On Worlds Possessing Oceans…”

“Alien Life May Only Be Found On Worlds Possessing Oceans…”

Oceans needed for alien life? Study says look for water on other worlds

By James Maynard
Tech Times

     Alien life may only be found on worlds possessing oceans of water, a new computer study concludes. These large bodies of water could also provide astronomers with a way to find living worlds beyond our solar system.

The virtual models showed how large oceans moderate global temperatures and conditions. On Earth, seasons would come on much faster, with greater extremes of temperatures, without its large quantity of water. Life is more likely to exist on similar planets, the models showed.

Astronomers are trying to find as many planets as they can within the "habitable zone" around other stars. However, the simulations showed that without large bodies of water, life on another world would likely be quickly wiped out by extreme temperatures. . . .

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UFO Sighting Linked To Wiltshire Crop Circle? | VIDEO

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UFO Over Charlton Park, UK, - 2014 July

By TristanCork

     A woman says she has been left ‘freaked right out’ after she saw a strange light in the sky – then heard that not only had a friend seen it too, and photographed it, but that a mysterious crop circle had been discovered the following morning.

Jo Webb said she and her friend Lisa Willcox were returning home to Malmesbury from an evening trip to Cirencester on the first Monday night of July, when she saw a strange light in the sky.

“I was driving and I spotted a bright orange light in the sky to the right at an angle of about 45 degrees,” she said. “We were driving down the A429 just approaching the Charlton Park Estate and it was away to the south west.

“It looked like something exploding in the sky, really bright and fiery. I was looking at it as best I could, while driving. It wasn’t moving and it was there for a while. I looked at the road, looked back and it just vanished completely,” she added. . . .

STAN ROMANEK UPDATE: Evidence in Alleged Attack on Accused Child Porn Distributor & Self-Described Alien Abductee Inconsistent with Claim, Case Suspended

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Stan Romanek

Police detective: Evidence not consistent
of a fight in Romanek assault case

By Jack Brewer
The Examiner

“The physical evidence, specifically the neatly cut piece of cloth and the confined space the broken glass was in was not consistent with a fight having occurred.”

     A report released Monday by the Loveland Police Department included statements from Detective Henry Stucky who concluded physical evidence was not consistent with a fight having occurred in the reported assault of Stanley Romanek. An investigation into the Feb. 24 incident resulted in no suspect leads, reported Stucky, who has now suspended the case due to lack of suspect information. . . .

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Monday, July 21, 2014

What was The UFO The Apollo 11 Astronauts Spotted? | VIDEO

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What was The UFO The Apollo 11 Astronauts Spotted

By Mark McCarter

     HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Something was there, floating in space outside the window of Apollo 11, "out there close enough to be observed," as Col. Buzz Aldrin would say years later.

The crew of Apollo 11, en route to the moon, encountered an unidentified flying object.

That doesn't necessarily mean it was little green men in a space ship from another planet or the USS Enterprise or Mork soaring in from Ork.

But something was there.

By the purest definition of the words "unidentified flying object," it's exactly what it was.

Even now, it remains unidentified. . . .

Goverment is Secretly Probing UFOs | UFO CHRONICLE – 1977

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Govt. is Secretly Probing UFOs - The National Enquirer 7-12-1977

By The National Enquirer

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