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Mysterious Cloud or UFO Over Sacramento, California? | VIDEO

Mysterious Cloud or UFO Over Sacramento, California?

By Damany Lewis
An Sacramento resident wanted to know what she captured on her IPhone. 10 days ago Sunda Barker says she witnessed a glowing object in the sky.

     A Sacramento resident wanted to know what she captured on her iPhone.

Ten days ago Sunda Barker says she witnessed a glowing object in the sky while walking home from lunch with her son.

"It was beautiful it was radiant," said Barker

Barker said she saw the object again two days later and thought it could be a possible UFO. . . .

UFOs Filmed Over Sevenoaks, UK | VIDEO

UFOs Filmed Over Sevenoaks

By jamin won

      Pulled up on the A21 Sevenoaks when i saw the first object that looked stationary with what looked like a helicopter over to the right of it then a second white object appears from nowhere. . . .

Google Moon Shows Alien Base, says Scott Waring | VIDEO

Google Moon Shows Alien Base, says Scott Waring

By Rob Waugh
A video unearthed on Google Moon this week appears to show that ET may be lurking closer than we thought - and has made an underground base on the moon.

     A video unearthed on Google Moon this week appears to show that ET may be lurking closer than we thought - and has made an underground base beneath the lunar surface.

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring was exploring the moon with the 3D software, and says, “Along the edges here there is a walled area, which tells us there is a cavity there because the wall is to keep things from falling in," Waring said.

Waring’s sighting is far from unique - his own sightings number more than 200 - and a constant stream from NASA's imagery. . . .

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UFO Photographed During World Cup Games | CHILE

UFO Photographed During World Cup Games

Chile: Regional Businessman Photographs UFO During World Cup Games

By Cristian Riffo

     Photo taken by businessman Carlos Ruiz showing the city of Ouro Preto and a self-luminous disk-shaped object in the sky.

Thousands of compatriots traveled to Brazil to see Chile playing in the most recent World Cup games. One of them was Carlos Ruiz, a local businessman and former Assistant Dean of the University of Aconcagua.

Aside from attending all of Team Chile's games, his goal was to enjoy the beauty of Brazil's cities. Thus, following the Chilean team's defeat in the games, he headed for the city of Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais.

"When Chile lost in Belo Horizonte, I went off to a city that was recommended to me. It is an old city, a world heritage site, with a Portuguese flavor, used in several Brazilian TV series. I toured the streets, taking photos and visiting museums. This happened before my return trip home on July 1," states Ruiz.

During his entire stay in Brazil - for over 30 days - the businessman employed a Nikon P510 camera.

"In the evening, at 18:15 hours, I was taking my last photos before heading off to the bus station, and that's when I saw something appear. I was holding the camera, and thinking quickly, fired off two photos. Then it vanished. I saw something unknown to me appear out of nowhere, and it drew my attention," he noted.

Two Photos

Thus, Carlos Ruiz managed to capture the object in two photographs with a distance of less than 2 seconds between each. According to his report, there were no other witnesses or people photographing the UFO from that area.

"After it vanished, I went away to see if I could spot it elsewhere, but it was gone. I kept taking pictures. I've had the good fortune to travel a lot, but this the first time I've seen anything like it, except perhaps in Chile, when I saw something strange when traveling to Candelaria, but I didn't get to take any pictures.

The images - plus the local businessman's account - will be analyzed by UFO researchers gathered at a meeting on Thursday, August 14. Meanwhile, ufologists will hold a series of lectures on August 15 & 16 at an anniversary in the city of La Serena (Chile).

Carlos Ruiz also authorized the photos taken in Brazil to be seen by people visiting the Puerta Mall in La Serena between August 14 and 17, where Expo OVNI 2014 will be held. A sample of historic UFO cases will be on display there, including the alleged crash of a strange device in Paihuano on 7 October 1998.

* [Translation (c) 2014 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario El Día (Chile)

“If We Down At Least One UFO We'll Be Facing An Interstellar War” - Former Defense Minister Of Canada

Paul Hellyer

By Sophie Shevardnadze
He was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War – and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Today we ask the man who says UFOs are a serious business – Paul Hellyer.
Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada, and he believes that life forms from space are present on Earth. It’s great to have you on our show. Why do you say that UFOs are as real as airplanes flying over our heads?

Paul Hellyer: Because I know that they are. As a matter of fact, they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the “Panic” button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species - at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years. We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb and they are very concerned about that and the fact that we might use it again, and because the Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well.. . .

MJ-12, The Unholy Thirteen and Roswell

MJ-12, The Unholy Thirteen and Roswell

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

      Since it has come up recently on Facebook, I thought that I would revisit the “Unholy Thirteen,” as named by Brigadier General Arthur Exon about two decades ago. It was Exon who brought this up in my first interview with him, it was he who described the committee, and it was he who linked it specifically to UFOs.

First, though, a little bit of background. Back in the late 1970s, when cattle mutilations were all the rage, I did an article about my investigations into them and the fact that I had found terrestrial explanations for these seemingly inexplicable events. I wrote an article for one of the half dozen magazines devoted to UFOs but the editor sent it back with a note that he, or the magazine, wasn’t interested in another discussion of cattle mutilations. Imagine my surprise when the next issue contained a long story about cattle mutilations. It seems he was not interested in solving the mystery, but rather in keeping it alive.

My lesson might not have been what he wanted it to be. I learned that if I was going to write an article explaining something, I had better find an alternative mystery. Or, if I was going to expose MJ-12, I had better find another mysterious committee to replace it. Exon provided that for me with his discussion of the “Unholy Thirteen.”

According to Exon, he had run into this committee while assigned to the Pentagon in the mid-1950s. He said that he was not a part of it, but he did know who some of the members were. He linked it to Roswell, but in today’s world, given what we know about the history of UFOs, the creation of this committee might have preceded the Roswell crash. The information about the debris was sent up the chain of command, and this oversight committee, whoever they were, would have been about the last stop on the journey. Exon didn’t know their official name and called them the “Unholy Thirteen.”

Exon said that the information about Roswell would have gone to Brigadier General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth because he was the next level of command. It would have been passed farther up the chain of command to Strategic Command Headquarters (Kenny) which was in Washington, D.C., to the Chief of Staff of the Army for Air (Spaatz), the Chief of Staff of the Armies (Eisenhower), to the Secretary of War for Air (Stuart Symington), the Secretary of War (Patterson, I believe) and finally to the President (Truman, if I need to point that out). Remember, this would have been the first word of the discovery, and today it doesn’t matter what you believe fell at Roswell, this protocol would have been followed because in July1947, these top people were worried about the identity of the flying saucers. They wanted to know what they were, who made them and if they were hostile… which is not the situation we find ourselves in today.

Exon also said, “I just know there was a top intelligence echelon represented (here I think he is referring to Colonel Howard McCoy who had been studying these things since the Foo Fighters of WW II and for more about McCoy see Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-up which is a plug for my book but would provide the details of this for those who want it) and the President’s office was represented and the Secretary of Defense’s office [at the time, July 1947, Secretary of War] was represented and these people stayed on it in the key positions even though they might have moved out [Symington, for example, becoming a US senator].”

This is important because these guys who Exon named were not mentioned in MJ-12 document, but given who they were and what they were doing, they would have been tapped for this kind of committee… but then, if Eisenhower was on the committee, he already knew about Roswell and there would be no reason for the briefing given to him in 1952. Given the structure of the government in 1947, these are guys who would have been involved and that they are not mentioned in MJ-12 is just another indication that MJ-12 is not legitimate.

We know that this was going on because Edward Ruppelt, one time chief of Project Blue Book wrote, in his book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, (page 109 in hardback, 147 in Ace paperback), “The only people outside Project Blue Book who have studied the complete case of the Lubbock Lights were a group who, due to their associations with the government had complete access to our files [emphasis added]. And these people were not pulp writers or wide-eyed fanatics; they were scientists – rocket experts, nuclear physicists, and intelligence experts [emphasis added]. They had banded together to study our UFO reports because they were convinced that some of the UFOs that were being reported were interplanetary space ships and the Lubbock Lights were one of these reports.”

Now, none of this proves that anything extraordinary fell at Roswell but it does suggest that there was some kind of high power committee of mixed civilian and military that oversaw the collection of UFO information. Given the situation in 1947, and what we have learned about interest in UFOs that began with the Foo Fighters, continued to the Ghost Rockets and then to the flying disks, there is no question about this. The motivation for the formation of the committee seems to have begun before the Roswell crash (for a detailed look into this again see Government UFO Files: The Conspiracy of Cover-up).

Stan Friedman, to counter this “assault” on MJ-12, wrote that I had misquoted Exon in the magazine article and UFO Crash at Roswell. I sent transcripts, as well as tapes, of Exon’s comments to Don Schmitt and to me, on to him along with a copy of the book and asked what I had misquoted. He acknowledged that the quotes were accurate and then complained that I had given more emphasis to his words than they warranted… well, that’s sort of my job, deciding what was important in the interview. The important point is that the quotes were accurate.

So, where are we then? Well, the committee existed and we have documents other than Exon’s claims to back that up. Their purpose was to answer questions about UFOs. Exon tended to link them to Roswell, but given what we know it seems the committee was formed prior to anything happening at Roswell. It was very high level, it contained those you would expect to be on it, and this information tends to negate MJ-12, which was the purpose of my article published in the Spring, 1992. The point is, there is evidence for a high level committee, it was not MJ-12, and the documentation proves it.

Or maybe the point here is to show that the name, “Unholy Thirteen,” was just something Exon invented because he didn’t know the official name of the committee and to him it was a useful way to discuss them. He knew they existed and that they were charged with determining the national security threat of the flying saucers… especially in 1947 when no one knew much of anything about them... and that was about all he knew about that.

MUFON's 'Hangar 1: The UFO Files' Series Gets Picked Up for Another Season (Ad Nauseam)

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MUFON's 'Hangar 1' Series Gets Picked Up for Another Season (Ad Nauseam)

Back for an encore

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Commercial television production’s a funny thing, and thank god I’m not in the game because I’d be dodging creditors from here to Donetsk or Erbil or wherever the suits wouldn't follow me. To wit, I thought The History Channel — or rather, its H2 spinoff — did an incredibly lame job of showcasing MUFON’s incident reports in its “Hangar 1” series during the first quarter this year. Why talk about it now? Because the thing scored enough points to rate another season in 2015.

“It went off the charts the last couple of weeks,” says MUFON executive director Jan Harzan, who was definitely pleased with the net effect. For one thing, he says, “Our membership grew 20 percent.” He also says the shows have convinced additional witnesses, including military and law enforcement, to step up and spill. Furthermore, an avalanche of fresh sighting reports began rolling into MUFON’s website once the show aired internationally. “We took over a thousand reports last month, and they’ve been coming in from everywhere, Brazil, Spain, Australia, 40 different countries. Last month, India moved from nowhere to second place on the (report) list.”

Closer to home, however, some critics railed against “Hangar 1’s” choice of cases, narrator, and even some of the basic facts. But De Void far more bummed out by the superficial and the obvious.

Here’s the deal: An hour’s worth of prime time leaves 42-44 minutes to squeeze content around the commercials. H2 decided to shoehorn six cases into each episode. Do the math — no time to waste, right? Yet, bloated by recurring thematic images of “researchers” traipsing down dark corridors walled with dusty boxes, the show’s most persistently annoying quirks were the redundant, time-consuming, teaser-review sqibs on both sides of the breaks. Which works out fine if you’re targeting viewers who quench their memory-impaired ADHD issues with Red Bull therapy. But if you’re one of those persnickety types who likes a show to cut the crap and get to the point, “Hanger 1” was an exasperating slog that habitually glossed over any and all complexities with pure formula flab.

H2 saved the most irritating of its eight installments for last, and No. 8 is one De Void wishes De Void could rewatch, just to tally the number of times the voice-over repeated the term “shadow government” (De Void’s gonna go out on a limb and guess they said it 12 times. Twelve. A dozen. XII. 2x6.) Because that episode’s title was “Shadow Government.” And nowhere did “Shadow Government” tell us what the shadow government is. "Hangar 1" infers the shadow government has something to do with things like Men In Black, and that its clandestine agenda had something to do with former Defense Secretary James Forrestal going out the 16th-floor psychiatric-unit window in 1949. Lotta sizzle, no steak.

Now, Harzan is a retired IBM executive who’s smart enough to know nobody gets rich trying to popularize The Great Taboo. An opportunity comes along to get your name out there on cable, hey, whatever, these TV guys, they’re the experts.

“We review the scripts,” he says. “It’s television, they do what they do. They track how many people turn off TV and when they switch channels and when they come back and that’s why they do so many teasers. It’s a standard industry practice, and this is not a documentary per se.”

Harzan says the last time MUFON types attempted something like this was in 2008, a three-show Discovery Channel pilot called "UFOs Over Earth." It never got off the ground. "It was just too boring. Nobody wants to watch of bunch of people looking around for stuff in an open field," he says. "They'd show a bunch of investigators talking in a room together and deciding at the end it's an identified flying object. That's not very exciting.

This time around, Harzan also stated in an email, the “Hanger 1” producer “doesn’t want to waste his time with the ‘balanced reporting’ theme that most media people espouse.” Asked to elaborate during a phoner, he added, “He’s not going to put on a debunker like [the late] Phil Klass saying everything can be explained by Venus.” Understood. Throwing a propagandist like Klass into the mix would be like appointing a Chinese drywall manufacturer to run the Bureau of Consumer Protection. But, as with so many other forms of infotainment, the standards here are arbitrary. Enlisting researchers with alternative or mitigating explanations, Harzan says, is "Hangar 1's" call; MUFON merely provides the material: “From what I’ve heard, a lot of ufologists won’t go on the show because they have a certain agenda they’re trying to promote.”

Well, everybody works an angle, and Harzan says MUFON’s goal is a membership of 50,000, which would be more than a 10-fold increase over the current numbers. But maybe drawing people to the brand is something “Hangar 1” has figured out how to do. This much is for-sure true: If De Void were in charge of a series, it definitely wouldn't be invited back for an encore.

Space Aliens Are Already Here

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Interstellar Dust Track Found In The Stardust Aerogel

By Robert Sanders
The Huffington Post

     Imaginary aliens abound on TV and in the movies while we listen hopefully for radio signals from other intelligent civilizations and fantasize about the bizarre forms of life that might exist on the thousands of newly found exoplanets.

Yet aliens are probably already here, in the form of fluffy, submicroscopic bits of dust from out of this world that were captured 10 years ago by NASA's Stardust spacecraft and parachuted to Earth in 2006.

It took eight years for a large team of scientists led by UC Berkeley physicist Andrew Westphal to locate and study the interstellar dust bits collected by Stardust, with the help of a large cadre of citizen-scientists who volunteered with Stardust@home to scan images of the aerogel collectors in search of tracks made by speeding dust.

Westphal and his colleagues, including over 30,000 "Dusters," announced Thursday, Aug. 14, in the journal Science their discovery of seven dust motes probably from outside our solar system, visitors from a distant star and likely produced less than 100 million years ago, perhaps in an exploding star.

UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew | VIDEO

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UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

      A video shot outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, during a forest fire unexpectedly captured a lot more than firefighting efforts.

On July 17, 2014,, a news organization in Western Canada, posted a video shot in West Kelowna -- northeast of Vancouver -- featuring efforts to stop the Smith Creek Wildfire.

Here's the original video report, showing the UFO at approximately 26 seconds:

"In the news piece, a bright object appears from behind clouds above the fire area quickly moving left to right," according to The news site revealed the following description from a witness who noticed the unusual aerial object in the video:
Shot out from the clouds above the mountain during a forest fire near our neighborhood. It pulled a wisp of cloud with it as it exited.

A forest fire broke out on the mountain behind us and during the attempt to put it out, this event took place.

I was watching a video online of the fire from a little earlier in the day and I spotted the UFO 37 seconds in. I have no idea whether anyone else has noticed this or not. Most folks would be focused on the fire.

37 seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud right above the mountain and passes through a clear spot back into the next cloud. I was quite startled and surprised when I saw it.

The UFO left a thin trail of cloud vapor as it exited the cloud. This, to me, eliminates any thought that this might be a camera lens artifact or light phenomenon effect.

The event lasted only a few seconds. Judging by the distance I was from the object it had to have been moving very fast. The scene cuts away while the UFO is still visible. I'm left to assume that there must be more footage of it than I saw.

I phoned the website's news department to ask if it would be possible to see the full footage, but was met with disapproval. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the word UFO.

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UFOs Photographed By Father and Son

3 UFOs Photographed By Father & Son 8-12-14

Father, son claim they saw 3 UFOs


     A 61-year-old businessman and 36-year-old son claimed they saw three unidentified flying objects circling the moon at 12:20 a.m. on Aug. 12 and managed to take photos of the occurrence.

Isagani Caparas said he and his son Gilvert were drinking at the third floor of their house in Gen. T. de Leon in Valenzuela when the younger Caparas saw the three objects moving in crisscross fashion.

“The objects were round, one was color red and the two were white,” said Caparas.

At one point, the UFOs formed a straight line with the red object in the middle, according to Caparas.

Caparas, who supplies drainage equipment for a major mall, said he is wondering why there was not a single report of the unusual activity. He said the objects were very visible and were assuming that others also witnessed the event.