Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across Western Sky | VIDEO

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Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across Western Sky 7-27-16

     LOS ANGELES -- People from Sacramento to Los Angeles and Las Vegas reported seeing a mysterious light streaking across the sky Wednesday night.
CBS News

The flashes of light spurred numerous calls to the CBS Los Angeles newsroom from people around the metropolitan area.

The light was also visible in other states, including Utah, and spurred a flood of reports and video on social media.

Witnesses said the ball of fire in the sky lasted about 30 seconds.

Vandenberg Air Force Base officials also told CBS Los Angeles they didn't have a launch Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service told the station the incident wasn't weather-related, and said in a tweet: It was seen here in Las Vegas. Looks like space debris burning up. Not confirmed." ...
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UFO Conspiracies Stifle Crop Circle Research

UFO Conspiracies Stifle Crop Circle Research

     While it is generally accepted that artists, not aliens, are responsible for the mysterious and intricate patterns that appear in farmers' cereal fields, how they create such large-scale patterns without leaving a trace of evidence remains a mystery.
By Peta Doherty
ABC Rural

It is hard to imagine how the enormous, symmetrical and intricate designs could be created, and that puzzle has led to crop circles becoming a platform for all sorts of conspiracy and UFO-related theories.

But some believe that association is holding back research that could progress agronomy, and is stifling the opportunity to study a living art movement. ...

Professor Richard Taylor, who lectures in art, physics and psychology at the University of Oregon in the United States, said more effort should be made to figure out the who and the how of crop circles.

"I just find it absolutely fascinating that each year around the world these crop circles keep on appearing and it remains a mystery," Professor Taylor said.

According to websites that keep track of crop circles, there have been more than 12,000 created around the world. ...

Mysterious Purple Orb Spotted On Ocean Floor | VIDEO

Mysterious Purple Orb Spotted On Ocean Floor 7-25-16
It's blobby. It's bright purple. It lives under the water. But what is it? Scientists aren't exactly sure just yet.
     The research vessel Nautilus is a floating laboratory equipped with cameras that can peer deep down to the ocean floor. Researchers with the Ocean Exploration Trust posted a video on Monday showing an unusual find. The Nautilus spied a small bright-purple orb underwater in the Channel Islands off the coast of California.
By Amanda Kooser

The main focus for the vehicle's Channel Islands mission is to study deep-sea corals, but the odd sphere attracted the scientists' attention. The video includes a soundtrack of the researchers making real-time observations as the camera sweeps along. They call it a "purple blob" and then wonder aloud "What is that?" ...

Mars Colonists Must 'Live Off the Land'

Mars Colonists Must 'Live Off the Land'

      Long-term human colonization of Mars is feasible, as long as Red Planet pioneers "live off the land," a recent NASA report concludes.

"There are massive resources on Mars obtainable from the
Leonard David
atmosphere and extracted from the regolith which are capable of supporting human colonization," write the authors of the report, which is called "Frontier In-Situ Resource Utilization for Enabling Sustained Human Presence on Mars."

Using Martian resources, existing technologies could supply water, oxygen, fuel and building materials, the report adds, "to relax the dependence on Earth during the buildup of a colony on Mars."

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truck Driver Says UFO Attacked Him

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Truck Driver Say UFO Attacked Him - The Dispatch 10-1-1973
- right and or left click on image to enlarge -

     ... he saw a bright light or aluminum object in the air behind him, "coming up real fast." ...

Then I stuck my head out the window and a large ball of fire struck me in the face. ...
The Dispatch

Monday, July 25, 2016

'I Saw a UFO,' Claims Singer Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

     Demi Lovato's latest comments are literally out of this world.

The "Confident" singer covers Elle Canada's September issue, and in her quirky interview with the glossy she shared her theories on extraterrestrial life.
By Desiree Murphy
Entertainment Tonight

"Aliens!" Lovato, 23, exclaimed when a reporter from the magazine asked her what she believes in. "I've seen a UFO."

The pop star claimed she had the sighting "a couple of years ago."

"I was walking outside and I looked up and it almost was like there was a worm in the sky," she explained. "It was changing shapes and moving all over the place." ...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mysterious 'Planet Nine' Tilted Our Solar System?

Mysterious Planet Tilted Our Solar System?

     Two recent studies have shown that the existence of a mysterious, hypothetical Planet Nine could explain why the planets in our Solar System don't fully line up with the Sun.
Researchers have been speculating about a ninth planet since January this year, and these latest studies add more weight to the hypothesis that, at some point in time at least, there was an extra planet orbiting our Sun.

In fact, if Planet Nine does exist (or did), it would help to explain something that scientists have puzzled over for decades - why the Solar System is tilted.

What does that mean? ...

Friday, July 22, 2016

UFO Video-Taped Over Scottish Town?

UFO Video-Taped Over Scottish Town?

     Jamie Cooper, 33, claims that the unidentified object was spotted by his 13-year-old son James hanging over Ayr Harbour for around 15 minutes at 5.30pm on Sunday.

Martin Little
In the shaky 28-second clip a black entity, which resembles a chinook helicopter, is clearly seen hovering in the distance.

The dad-of-one, from Ayr, Scotland, said teen James sent him the footage after visiting the grocery store and was concerned by what it could be. ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UFO Ejects Green Fiber Over Elementary School

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The Akron Beacon Journal 11-1-1954
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     Mysterious, long strands of fiber were picked from bushes and trees here by two teachers who said the 3-mile trail was left by a "cigar-shaped aircraft. They said their hands temporarily turned green after touching the strands.
By The Akron Beacon Journal

Their story about the strange aircraft, also reported seen by 60 children here, was similar to reports in California, France and New Guinea in the past two years.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Video Feed of Mysterious 'UFO' Explained by NASA | VIDEO

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Video Feed of Mysterious 'UFO' Explained by NASA

     NASA is offering an explanation for the space video controversy that has some UFO believers up in arms.
By CBS News
The video appears to show an object entering the Earth's atmosphere before NASA's live feed from the International Space Station abruptly cuts off. Some conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest that NASA was trying to hide something.

In the video, posted on YouTube July 9 by UFO hunter Streetcap1, you can see the bright object descending towards Earth; then the feed stops

... But NASA says there's a fairly mundane explanation for why the feed was interrupted.

"The video is from our High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS, which is mounted externally on the ISS," NASA spokesperson Daniel Huot told CNET via e-mail. "This experiment includes several commercial HD video cameras aimed at the Earth, which are enclosed in a pressurized and temperature-controlled housing. The experiment is on automatic controls to cycle through the various cameras."

Huot continued: "The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station," he said. "For video, whenever we lose signal (video comes down on our higher bandwidth, called KU) the cameras will show a blue screen (indicating no signal) or a preset video slate." ...