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Mystery ‘Fireball’ Spotted Over UK | UFO NEWS

Mystery ‘Fireball’ Spotted Over UK | UFO NEWS


     A ‘huge fireball’ was seen in the skies above Derbyshire last night.

The sighting was one of many of a mystery object in the skies above the UK last night.

The fireball was also reportedly seen by people in Ireland, Scotland, and Nottingham.

So far there has been no confirmation as to what the object was . . ..

UFO Over New York Spurs 911 Calls

UFO Over New York Spurs 911 Calls 4-25-15

By Tom Wilson and Kathianne Boniello

     The truth is out there — and it’s hovering over The Bronx.

A mysterious light in the sky so freaked out some Hunts Points residents that they called authorities to report their only possible explanation: the arrival of aliens from outer space.

A “flying spaceship” is moving swiftly over East 149th Street and the Bruckner Expressway, one terrified woman told a 911 operator Saturday night, according to an FDNY source.

Juan Marrero said he, too, had a close encounter.

“I look up and see this fireball, ‘Whoosh!’ and then another, ‘Whoosh!’ ” said Marrero, 57, a pigeon fancier who was on the roof of his building at 11:30 p.m. when he saw two bright lights streaking across the sky. “From one side of the sky to the other, too fast for an airplane.”

Andres Morales, 25, said he also saw the speedy orb — and did his best to document his out-of-this-world experience.

“I stuck my hand out the car window and snapped like crazy,” he told The Post. “I don’t know what it was but it was moving crazy fast.” . . .

UFO Policy Cancelled By Royal Australian Air Force

Cancellation of Defence Instructions (General) ADMIN 55-1, Unusual Aerial Sightings Policy
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Paul Dean By Paul Dean

Royal Australian Air Force Officially Cancels UFO Policy Once-And-For-All With Impressive Release Of Documentation

Part 1

      In the 1994, and further in 1996, the Australian Defence Department increasingly and officially washed their hands of the UFO/UAP matter. This came after some 44 years of official Defence handling of the issue, with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the old Department of Air (DOA) begrudgingly doing the lion’s share of the investigative work - if you can call it “investigative work” that is. See, judging by the thousands of declassified and released pages held now at the National Archives of Australia (NAA), its crystal clear that those in RAAF and Aviation officialdom did a sub-standard job of , chronological filing, policy development, and last, but definitely not least, actual investigation. Veteran researcher Bill Chalker stated to me in my first phone conversation with him 6 years ago, that his opinion of the government’s handling of the matter, after looking through the files, was “an entirely lost opportunity” for a proper “scientific appraisal” of the UFO matter. He was right then, and he is right now.

As stated above, the Department of Defence (DOD) washed their hands of the matter in 1996, however, there was still, from 1996 until very recently, one final scant, almost useless, UFO policy for the Defence community to refer to when needed. It was titled “Defence Instructions (General) ADMIN 55-1, Unusual Aerial Sightings Policy”. Tonight I can report that even that policy has been cancelled, and I can even give you a date: the 25th of March, 2013. That’s it. The whole sorry state of affairs is really over. The RAAF, and DoD as a whole (with the exception of the RAAF’s 41 Wing “Contacts of Interest” Standing Instructions, of which has nothing to do with the public, or indeed, most of the DoD) truly holds no policy on the UFO matter. You can’t even expect to get a reply email or latter if you contact them. That’s it.

And here is how it ended.

Now, as mentioned above, the former 1996 to 2013 DoD policy on the subject of UFO’s (or Unusual Aerial Sightings as the RAAF referred to the issue) was titled “Defence Instructions (General) ADMIN 55-1, Unusual Aerial Sightings Policy”. It was dated 13 Jun 1996, and carries this statement:

“For many years the RAAF was responsible for the handling of Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS) at the official level. This function ceased in 1996 after consideration of the scientific record suggested that there was no compelling reason for the RAAF to continue to devote resources to the recording and investigation of UAS.”
This instruction followed the 1994 policy change, which, for example, stated:
“Consideration of the scientific record suggests that, whilst not all UAS have a ready explanation, there is no compelling reason for the RAAF to continue to devote resources to recording, investigating and attempting to explain UAS. The RAAF no longer accepts reports on UAS…”

“Some UAS may relate to events that could have a defence, security or public safety implications, such as man-made debris falling from space, a burning aircraft or an aircraft making an unauthorised incursion into Australian air space. Where members of the community may have witnessed an event of this type they are encouraged to contact the police, civilian aviation authorities or coast watch.”
As one can see from these official statements, there was, by the mid-1990’s, a complete lack any interest in the UFO topic, or, any half decent faith in what people, sometimes very highly qualified, had been reporting to the RAAF for decades. It may be important to note here that the 1996 policy was slightly reviewed and amended in the year 2000 too. This becomes important, as we shall see.

On the 25th of June, 2014, I received a letter (which was actually a reply letter to earlier correspondence I sent to the Chief of Air regarding the stunning 1973 North West Cape UFO case) from the RAAF Director of Coordination, Group Captain Catherine Wallis. In her letter to me, she mentioned that the DOD’s 1996 Defence Instruction for Unusual Sightings Policy had been entirely cancelled in March 2013. She actually said, in black-and-white, that “…Defence has no current policy on this issue.”. Effectively, she was stating that the 1996 policy (which was barely a policy at all) had died. This was news to me. So I told those who would listen, and that was that.

Then… I had an idea……

The DOD can’t just “cancel” a Defence Instruction without various layers of administrative action and tasking taking place. There has to be paperwork. I mean, for starters, the actual 3 page policy itself must surely have the word “Cancelled” stamped over it. Or something. So, on the 24th of January, 2015, I sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Defence FOI Branch, explaining to them their own pitiful UFO policy, and its total cancellation, with this brazen demand:

“I want to be furnished with a copy of the cancellation document(s); I also want to be furnished with copies of any and all material (memorandums; email letters; minutes of meetings; references to secondary material used in decision making processes; loose minutes; interagency correspondence with civil aviation bodies; etc.) that were created, used or “went in” to cancelling the above mentioned policy.”
Gotcha, Gotcha, Gotcha!

On the 27th January 2015, I received a reply from the Defence FOI Branch stating that my request for said material was valid, and would be processed. Nine weeks later, the requested material was emailed to me, on the 15th of April to be exact, and it contained a single PDF of 58 pages of Defence material: internal emails, briefs, minutes, distribution lists, procedural documents, and, of course, the actual cancellation of “Defence Instructions (General) ADMIN 55-1, Unusual Aerial Sightings Policy”, or, rather the policy front page, still intact, but with the word “Cancelation” at the bottom. Above (top) is an image of the policy cancellation. After 60 years of official involvement in the UFO, or “UAS”, matter, our DoD, spearheaded by the RAAF, that one word “Cancelation” formally finalises their having anything to do with the UFO/UAP phenomenon. I just hope that when a really serious incident occurs over Australia, witnessed by hundreds, plotted on synthetic aperture radar, over thousands of square kilometres, that they get their act together and take matters more seriously.

In my Part Two of this piece (hopefully published very soon) I will highlight the details from the other 57 pages of material they furnished me with, which is the process work which went into cancelling the policy, the opinions, the procedures and the bureaucracy involved. One day someone will look back and see what a piece of messy history it all is.

UFO Lands Briefly, Then Takes Off Again | UFO CHRONICLE – 1947

Idahoan Says He Saw Disc Light On Earth - Sacramento Bee 7-7-1947
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By Sacramento Bee

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Landed in Idaho
July 6, 1947

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Feds To Investigate Possible UFO Landing | UFO CHRONICLE – 1994

* Special Thanks To Kay Massingill & The Magonia Exchange Project


Australian Monthly UAP / UFO Reports

Australian Monthly UAP / UFO Reports

By Keith Basterfield

March 2015 Australian national level sightings listing

Compiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean.

     This is the sixth in a series of Australian national level sightings listings, gathered from input by Australian civilian UAP groups, and other sources. Many of the reports in the listing have not been investigated and documented.

One of the reasons for the listing, is to draw people's attention to cases of which they might not be aware, and to stimulate them to then investigate and report back to us all. Paul and I would prefer to be publishing only cases which have been investigated, but the lack of investigated and published cases within Australia, would mean we would miss out on so many others. We have therefore chosen to compile as many as possible, with the hope, that over time, most cases we list here will have been investigated.

If you have items for the April 2015 listing, please forward them to by 3 May 2015.

Recurrent light phenomena in Tasmania:

A man visited a property in Tasmania which has been the scene of previous unusual light phenomena. At 2040hrs on 20 March 2015, in the company of the two property owners, they brought his attention to a slight glow around the honey box which he thought was just normal light. Then, moving to a rear fence, the owners saw a light and the man tried to approach it. He "...could clearly see a golf ball sized light at 70??metres away sitting at the base of a tree." The man approached the light but lost sight of it. The owners told him "...the light had shrunk to a very small point source as I approached it."

At about 2100hrs, the man "...walked about 40 metres from the owners...and the 6 week old torch I had (with new batteries) started to act weird and the light would go on and off." After walking back, the torch resumed its usual functioning.

At about 2140hrs "...a second light appeared in the air about 2 metres (?) off the ground and about 5 metres to the left of the 'pilot light' which was still sitting at the base of the tree." The three went inside after watching for a while longer.

On the 21 March 2015 at 0610hrs, "I witnessed a light about the size (?) of a basketball (?) appear at approximately 70-100 metres away. It stayed in the air for about 4 seconds. I initially flashed my torch at it with no response from the light, which then moved to the right and I could not see it anymore."

"I also placed three game cameras (which work off localised heat sources) and set them to video function as normal. When I picked up the cameras, which had nothing of note on them, I found that two of them were now on still mode."

The man returned to the location on the 26 March. At 2015hrs the "pilot light" was again visible from the front gate. He approached this light but it faded so he returned to the gate. He could then see it again, approached but lost sight of it. The walkie talkie he had with him was working until he was about 100 metres away from the property owners, it started cutting in an out. He moved forward about another 100 metres, and a white light appeared at about 50/70 metres to his left and started flashing on and off. One second on and two seconds off. After about ten seconds another white light appeared about 10-15 metres to the right of the first light and this also turned on and off. After five minutes he returned to the farm. More lights were seen at 2245hrs and also on the following night.

(The above was summarised from a first hand account by the visiting male witness, supplied courtesy of Bill Chalker and TUFOIC. Keith Roberts of TUFOIC has kindly supplied us with a full account on the recurrent light phenomena.) . . .

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Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane to Fly Again

Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane to Fly Again

By Mike Wall

      The United States Air Force's X-37B space plane will launch on its fourth mystery mission next month.

The unmanned X-37B space plane, which looks like a miniature version of NASA's now-retired space shuttle orbiter, is scheduled to blast off atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on May 20.

"We are excited about our fourth X-37B mission," Randy Walden, director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, said in a statement. "With the demonstrated success of the first three missions, we’re able to shift our focus from initial checkouts of the vehicle to testing of experimental payloads." . . .

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Air Force Orders Intelligence Experts To Study UFO Cases | UFO CHRONICLE – 1952

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Air Force Orders Intelligence Experts To Study UFO Cases
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By The Ottawa Journal

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Secret US Intelligence Agency Holds UFO Answers


UFOs: Super Secret Hearings Held By Congressional Committees | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

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Results of 'Saucer' Hearings Reportedly Kept Secret - UPI (10-16-1957)
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Congressional Investigation of The UFO Program | UFO CHRONICLE (7-3-1961)

FORMERLY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS | USAF Letter From Colonel Robert Blount To Dr Robley Evans (MIT) Re 'Flying Saucers'

Former CIA Director Adm. R.H. Hillenkoetter on UFOs:
“It is Time for the Truth to be Brought Out in Open Congressional Hearings"


UFO-Alien Abduction Still Haunts Travis Walton | INTERVIEW

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Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     Close encounters of the FOURTH kind. That's when a person claims to have been kidnapped by a UFO and its reportedly otherworldly occupants.

Of course, there's no tangible evidence that anyone has ever been taken aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft. But there are those who claim they've been abducted, and their stories are chilling.

Travis Walton's terrifying account is the stuff movies are made from, and he joins us on the HuffPost Weird News podcast to talk about that day 40 years ago, when the then 22-year-old logger says he was knocked unconscious, and woke up to find he was surrounded by ETs aboard their ship.

"It was a metallic, glowing disc, making some very strange sounds," Walton told us. "The closer I got to it, the more scared we all got and they were swearing at me to get away from there, and when I got up close, it suddenly got louder and started to move.

Dan Aykroyd Explains UFO Cover-Up

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By Alejandro Rojas

     Last Friday, Dan Aykroyd appeared on the third episode of The Huffington Post’s new The HuffPost Show, and among other topics, shared his views on the U.S. Air Force’s UFO cover-up and some details about his own UFO sightings.

The HuffPost Show is hosted by founding editor of The Huffington Post Roy Sekoff and former professor and veteran HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill. The show is a new weekly news magazine style show, and the third episode, featuring a long interview with Aykroyd (see below), was aired online on Friday.

The conversation turned to UFOs when Hill asked, “I said if I am ever going to meet Dan Aykroyd I am going to ask him about this. You believe in UFOs. Is that right?”

There was a slight hesitation by Aykroyd, and a few giggles from off camera, but Aykroyd headed straight into his answer.

Aykroyd told Hill, “I do. I have seen four, and I can’t say that they are alien craft and neither can the Air Force. . . .