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UFO Captured on Live TV Over Hong Kong? | VIDEO

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UFO Captured on Live TV Over Protests in Hong Kong 9-30-14

Video: Has this Scottish man spotted a UFO?

By Julie Gilbert
VINCENT Smith was watching coverage of ongoing protests in Hong Kong on BBC news when a bright object descended in the top right of the screen.

      A SCOTSMAN believes he spotted a UFO as he sat watching TV this morning.

Vincent Smith, from Blantyre near Glasgow, was watching coverage of ongoing protests in Hong Kong on BBC news when a bright object descended in the top right of the screen.

It is seen flying diagonally before landing on a building and then shooting off vertically and at speed.

Vincent could not identify the object as anything recognisable and is heard asking on the video: "What is that?"

MJ-12: Stanton Friedman Fires Back; The Disputation with Kevin Randle Continues ...

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Stan Friedman & MJ-12

By Stanton Friedman
The UFO Chronicles
© 9-30-14

     I have always had a grudging admiration for Kevin's ability to write fiction. Anybody who can write many dozens of novels deserves respect. I guess I can accept a smart computer that somehow says the opposite of the truth about the CT Memo. At least we both agree it is not signed and there is no /s/. But why not note that the absence of signature is a sign of genuineness? We didn't know until well after the memo was discovered that Cutler was out of the country at that time. Why didn't the supposed (mythical) hoaxer merely add one or the other?? He is accused of adding Truman's signature. Why accuse me of saying the latter was an exact match to the one on the Bush letter? It was Kevin not me that said "exact" match. I have accepted the official findings of forensic document examiner Black as stated to Dr. Robert M. Wood that it was appended because of the feathering. Ike might well have preferred documents with signatures. Even Karl Pflock agreed that the CIA could have copied the signature.

Yes, let us talk about provenance. What is the basis for the claim that all leaked documents have a provenance? In this case the Provider of the EBD was guilty of a crime. A hoaxer wasn’t. As Kevin knows full well photographing and distributing a TOP SECRET Restricted document to somebody without an appropriate security clearance and need-to-know is a violation of the law. Hoaxing generally is not. Why not just say "gotcha?!" Suppose the CTM was taken by one of the declassifers (all of whom had high level clearance) and put in a jacket pocket and then later placed in Box 189? Two step process. Nobody would tell me their names.

Yes, let's not argue about the distance to the crash site. We have a highly classified preliminary briefing about an extraordinarily important event which happened 5 years earlier. The approximate distance really doesn't matter. Which route was taken?

How did the (mythical) hoaxer know that, contrary to the official claims made, that TOP SECRET RESTRICTED was in use?? Psychic I guess. How did he know that Donald Menzel would pass muster as having a very high security clearance and a very long connection with the NSA … psychic I guess.

I never talk about Willingham. What is meant by "we believed"? As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger: what do you mean "we", white man? Why is it the fatal flaw? I know that I do not have access to classified files at Sandia or elsewhere and so far as I know, Kevin doesn't either. That he didn't find anything about an "El Indio- Guerrero" crash in the unclassified world means nothing. Any information about a crashed saucer recovered on December 6, 1950, and taken to Sandia would have been highly classified just as was any analysis of the Roswell, Plains of San Agustin, or Aztec crashes. December 6, 1950, was the date of a major security alert involving motion of an object(s) in the sky. Roswell and Kenneth Arnold were highly publicized events. The Plains and Aztec were not. I strongly recommend the outstanding and comprehensive research about Aztec done by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey as reported in "The Aztec Incident"... Bruce

Maccabee and Grant Cameron have written about the Dec.6, 1950 national security alert.

I don't think Kevin has provided some sort of statement that this preliminary briefing would provide a listing and details of all saucer crashes. The first one provides the basic data saying Man is not alone... an incredibly important statement. The Briefing of Ike at the Pentagon on November 18, 1952, only lasted under 50 minutes. As stated "It should be regarded as introductory to a full operations briefing intended to follow." Introductory surely doesn't mean comprehensive.

I certainly am not impressed by a kind of guilt by association with Richard Doty and the Aquarius documents. Let us look at the EBD, CT, and TF. No, I don't want to get into the false testimony of Frank Kaufmann and others. At least he admitted he had lied about taking Blanchard and Marcel to the Debris field. I still would like to know from those who say the 3 documents are phony and why they make that claim. How did anybody know the details that unexpectedly turned out to be true???

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GHOST ROCKETS: 'Smoking Gun Evidence' of US Led Deception Against The Soviets?

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Ghost Rockets

The Smoking Gun of the Rosetta Deception

James Carrion By James Carrion

      After writing the book the Rosetta Deception (available for free at ), I have been in a constant search for corroborating information to bolster the theory that the Ghost Rockets over northern and southern Europe in 1946 were the product of a strategic deception operation by the US and UK against the Soviets with the endgame being the breaking of the Soviet diplomatic code. I have now uncovered the smoking gun evidence for the deception.

I didn’t have to dig through Government archives - those records are for sure still classified and will remain so despite any Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests - I simply had to examine the open source evidence that the deception planners could not hide away in locked file cabinets marked Top Secret - the New York Times online newspaper archive for 1946 providing the necessary clues.

At the same time the Ghost Rockets were flying over Europe, another geopolitical event of enormous importance - the Paris Peace Conference was being held July 29, 1946 to October 15, 1946 – also playing a role in the Rosetta Deception. The Paris Peace Conference involved the victorious WW2 powers of the US, UK, France and the Soviet Union negotiating war reparations and the redrawn borders of Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Finland. But it is how these two events played out in the US news media that reveals the inner workings of the Rosetta Deception.

If you have taken the time to read the book, you will understand how complicated the deception operation was and how important the timing of each step was to pull off a successful operation. In Chapter 53 of the book, titled appropriately “Timing is Everything” I explained the chronological rationale for the events that took place. I will reiterate some of that here but first let me recap for the reader who has not had the chance to read the book or who maybe started and never finished it, the crux of the deception operation. To break the Soviet diplomatic code, this was the blueprint followed:

1. Create anxiety on the part of the Soviets that some country was experimenting with advanced missile technology first over northern Europe in Scandinavia and later over southern Europe. The Soviets knew they were not involved but would be desperate to find out who was.

2. Influence the Scandinavian countries to declare a news blackout on the Ghost Rockets at the end of July 1946 but keep the stories alive in the American Press.

3. Because of heavy FBI surveillance, Soviet agents in the United States were operating at reduced capacity with most of the intelligence gleaned coming from the American Press. Any sensitive intelligence that a Soviet agent wanted to communicate to Moscow was done through Soviet diplomatic channels. Since the Soviets could only use radio in the event of an emergency, they relied on US commercial telegraph carriers to transmit encrypted messages back to Moscow.

4. Known as Operation Shamrock, the major US telegraph companies were making copies of encrypted Soviet messages and sending these to the Army Security Agency (ASA), the predecessor of the NSA. The attempted breaking of these Soviet messages is what became later known as the Venona Project.

5. The ASA had two major challenges to deal with to break the Soviet diplomatic code as the code was double encrypted – first by a code book and second by a one-time pad. The ASA had already discovered at this point a tedious method to break the second layer of encryption based on a Soviet screw up in their cryptographic practices as each one-time pad had been manufactured more than once and was essentially a two-time pad. The code book however had to be rebuilt completely from scratch.

6. To speed up the whole process, the US/UK used a technique known as gardening – planting text that the Soviets would unknowingly encrypt as intelligence and send back to Moscow. The intercepted traffic could then be decrypted by exploiting the Soviet screw up in pad manufacture. Through comparative analysis the second layer of encryption could be removed revealing the first layer of encryption that required a code book to read.

7. To reconstruct the Soviet code book – the first level of encryption would be examined for tell- tale “cartouches”, code groups that contained Anglicized names that literally had to be spelled out character by character from a spell table that represented the Latin characters. Once these Anglicized names were isolated, the surrounding code groups that represented Russian words from the code book could be guessed based on knowledge of the planted text. This would allow the code book of 10,000 Russia words to be reconstructed out of thin air. The more plain text that could be planted and communicated by the Soviets through diplomatic channel, the better the chances were of reconstructing the Soviet code book.

8. Once the code book was reconstructed, it could be put to use decrypting all other Soviet diplomatic code messages hoping that the messages contained information about Soviet spies in the United States and other persons of interest to US/UK counterintelligence.

The wild card that the deception operators were most concerned with was how to force Soviet intelligence in the US to send planted text in the American press via encrypted Soviet diplomatic channels rather than through open non-encrypted channels. In other words, what was stopping the Soviet TASS news agency from sending US newspaper stories in the clear via standard wireless radio or telegraphic communication, and not via encrypted Soviet diplomatic channels? The answer? Using what the Soviets claimed their system of Communism championed – the rights of the common worker.

On August 7, 1946, a strike by 300 Press Wireless workers was called in New York, Washington and San Francisco by the American Communications Association (ACA). Press Wireless, Inc. supplied newspapers and press associations with news reports from abroad, not obtaining news but transmitting messages by radio between the United States and fourteen countries in Europe, Asia and South America. In its peak year, 1945, it handled 157,000,000 words or an average of over 430,000 daily. In 1946, communication from the US to Europe was sent either through standard radio communication, radio telegraph or transoceanic telegraph cable. The first voice over transoceanic cable was not functional until the 1950s.

The reason for the strike was the decision by Press Wireless to lay off or reduce the wages of 46 employees because of a sharp reduction in traffic since the end of WW2. Despite a no-strike clause in the labor management contract, the Union refused to call off the strike until the employees were reinstated and the company refused to reinstate until after arbitration.

A week later, the ACA extended the strike, ordering its members in all other cable and wireless companies and foreign operations centers not to handle overseas press messages. The New York Newspaper Guild in turn told its members not to handle Press Wireless messages, prompting the New York Times to issue front page apologies from August 14 till the news embargo ended on August 19, stating that because of the strike, certain foreign news stories could not be published. The strike effectively curtailed most of the radio and cable transmission of international news to and from the US.

Affected by the expanded news embargo which began at 2 PM on August 12 was the Soviet TASS news agency. The Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) was the central news agency for the collection and distribution of internal and international news for all Soviet news media (newspaper, radio and television). It had a monopoly on official state information, most of which was not published in the Soviet Union but issued as information for Soviet officials. The agency was frequently infiltrated by the Soviet intelligence and security agencies and many of its employees also voluntarily served as information sources for the KGB.

So imagine you are a TASS/KGB agent and the method you have used for normally transmitting media reports of intelligence importance has suddenly been cut off. What do you do? You find a different channel of communication. The strike affected all news agency message traffic, but commercial traffic was exempted. Soviet diplomatic personnel relied on US commercial telegraph companies to transmit encrypted messages to Moscow, a communication channel which was also routinely used by the Soviet intelligence agencies. In light of normal overt communication channels being cut off, the commercial channel could act as the backdoor for transmitting media articles on the Ghost Rockets and the Paris Peace Talks to Moscow - media articles that were planted by the deception planners with the full cooperation of newspapers like the New York Times.

Rosetta assets had considerable experience infiltrating labor unions, learning from the best of the best – British Intelligence in the guise of British Security Coordination (BSC), also based in New York City. For these experienced operatives, it was child’s play to kick off the strike and manipulate both sides until the deception planner’s goals were met.

The Rosetta deception planners created a bottleneck of information flow for the Soviet intelligence agencies in the US at a very crucial time – a time when Moscow desperately needed overt information to flow on the Ghost Rockets and what the US media was reporting on the Paris Peace Conference. That bottleneck forced transmission through the commercial telegraph carriers who were more than happy to transmit encrypted news media stories while rejecting all overt news media and simultaneously feeding these encrypted messages back to the ASA/GCCS where allied codebreakers would attempt to break the Soviet diplomatic code. Ingenious really – and the fact that this story has only come to light some seventy years later – attests to both the thorough detailed planning and execution of the deception and the extreme compartmentalized secrecy of the operation.

From August 12 – 19, 1946, just one short week when TASS was forced to use the encrypted Soviet diplomatic channel to send US news media stories to Moscow, the US/UK deception planners completely controlled the information flow between Soviet Intelligence on American soil and Moscow Centre, a code breaking feat that even the Anglo code breakers of the enigma code and the Japanese cypher could not claim.

The US/UK governments have no reason to hide the details of this operation from the world. The events transpired almost 70 years ago and the methods used no longer apply in a world where information flows across the globe in fractions of a second. It is time for the truth to be told and the deception planners acknowledged for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. If the history books on the Cold War have to be revised accordingly, so be it.

It is time for the magicians of Rosetta to take a bow for their incredible performance.

New OZ UFO X-Files Revealed by Australian Researcher, Paul Dean | VIDEO

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Paul Dean

     Australian UFO researcher and regular contributor here at TUFOC reveals never seen before, previous classified UFO documents (OZ X-Files if you will) during the public UFO conference in Melbourne, Australia (Video)–FW

Low Flying UFO Cloaked Itself, says West Virginia Witness

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Low Flying UFO Cloaked Itself 9-25-14

By Roger Marsh

      West Virginia witnesses at Elkins reported watching and following a low flying , triangle-shaped UFO that eventually appeared to cloak itself and disappear about 8:40 p.m. on September 25, 2014, according to testimony in Case 60101 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The reporting witness and his wife were driving south out of Elkins on Beverly Pike when two bright orange lights were observed low in the sky.

“The light on the right was higher than the one on the left, suggesting the object had just changed direction or was banking from a western direction of travel to a northern direction of travel,” the witness stated.

The couple moved closer to the object.

“We watched the lights get closer and appear level as the object was traveling due north in the opposite direction of travel from us. We noticed a third, dim white light in the front of the object, thus forming a triangle of lights with the two orange orbs to the rear/side.”

The witness described the object.

“As we got closer I noticed the orange lights were hourglass-shaped. Last night was very clear and devoid of any cloud cover. This made it possible to discern the shape of the object was indeed a triangle, flat black in color, reflecting no light.” . . .

Ufology’s Anthropocentrism

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Ufology’s Anthropocentrism

Alien Intent—Human Explication

Frank Warren By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 2005-2014

      There are multitudes of not only Ufologists, but also scientists and on the other side, self-proclaimed skeptics etc., who seem to have an inside track on the psychology of ET. In listening to some, one would think that they’ve had intimate encounters with our alleged visitors, and or have studied their societies for years. (If in fact they have societies at all).

Many propose their motives, and why things happen or don’t; for example, regarding Roswell, some have stated that, “the crash of an ET craft” isn’t possible because ET would be too far advanced in their respective technologies for that to happen.

Still others claim that ET is just as fallible as we humans, regardless of their superiority over us. Scientists of course argue that ET can’t be here, as the distances are too vast to travel, (unscientifically) presuming that ET is humanlike, roughly the same age as the human race and functioning at a similar level of technological advancement.

Skeptics have often echoed the sentiments that if UFOs were indeed alien spacecraft, then they would obviously make contact with the governments of the earth. Conspiracists theorize they indeed already have, and work in conjunction with a macabre faction of the powers-that-be.

Most theologians, who seem to know what the “Supreme ET” of all is thinking, say that we are alone.

Some very esteemed Ufologists have suggested that ET has been visiting the planet since the first detonation of the A-bomb; that much like Star Trek,” a “Federation of Planets” is concerned, much akin to children playing with a gun.

Within these various dogmas lies a common thesis; they are all based from human logic or anthropocentrism; therefore, the foundation to which they (said dogmas) are predicated is non-existent! I submit that trying to deduce alien intentions/ideologies with human explication to quote (speaking of Star Trek) one of my favorite extraterrestrials “is not logical!”

Barring abductions, there isn’t enough data to surmise any alien ideology of any sort; to suggest otherwise is nonsensical. In order to postulate a theorem about an extraterrestrial life form at the very least, some facts are obligatory; for example, are they carbon based? Do they require sustenance? Are they societal? Do they possess emotions, etc?

Without further data there is only speculation; that speculation is futile, unless ET is analogous to the human species. Naturally that notion can’t be ruled out either, given the lack of information.

Ultimately, in order to validate the various licenses taken by so many, the preface must be, “If ET is akin to the human species, then I believe . . .” as it is currently impossible to presume “alien” intent by human explication.

MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman's Rebuttal

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MJ-12: Kevin Randle Rails Against Stanton Friedman's Rebuttal

By Kevin Randle
The UFO Chronicles
© 1-28-14

     Really? This is the best you can do? I produce a long analysis of the MJ-12 mythology, complete with documentation and the best you can do is point out a mistake that is the result of a misplaced phrase and a computer glitch.* Of course I knew that Cutler had not signed the memo. You said so in your book. This is trivia.

Instead, let’s discuss the lack of provenance. In every other leak of classified material into the public arena, there is a provenance. The reporter, researcher, recipient of the material knows the source who is available to them for questions and authentication. With MJ-12 none of those factors are in evidence and in the world of leaked and questioned documents, this is a huge red flag. You are unable to provide the name of the source or a repository of the information that can be used to verify the authenticity. Without that, you have a work of fiction.

In fact, that could well be the genesis of MJ-12. Bill Moore, Bob Pratt, and probably Richard Doty collaborated on a novel that had the working title MAJIK – 12, but Moore changed the name to The Aquarius Project. It is the blueprint for MJ-12 and was written two YEARS before the film allegedly arrived at Jaime Shandera’s house. When MJ-12 was revealed to the world, Bob Pratt thought it time to “dust off” the novel and see if they could sell it. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence?

And you must remember that Bill Moore talked to you about creating a “Roswell” document in the hopes it would suggest to some witnesses it was now legal for them to talk about the classified research. Yes, you have denied this in the past, but Moore mentioned it to others so it is not from a single source, it is the genesis of MJ-12.

Let’s talk about Project Aquarius, which you ignore. This is, in fact, the original program that evolved into MJ-12. The first mention of MJ-12 is in a document that also mentions Project Aquarius, which it turns out, is a hoax. Isn’t it interesting that this initial appearance of MJ-12 is a hoax? And I haven’t even mentioned the MJ-5 fiasco.

And don’t forget that you have said repeatedly that the Cutler/Twining memo was planted in the National Archives. We just disagree on who placed it there. You fail to mention that the carbon copy was folded as it would have been if mailed (and which makes it easier to conceal in the inside pocket of a suit jacket), but there is no reason to fold it because it would have been filed flat. To me it was planted to provide a provenance for an MJ-12 document as a way to blunt that argument. It failed in that respect.

I don’t really care to argue about the trivia of the distances to the debris field but will say this. It would seem that in a document that includes a section of maps (unavailable to us) it would have the distances calculated precisely, especially from a military organization that contains a couple of dozen trained navigators. Their jobs were critical in combat, so they would have been able to provide precise distances and locations (grid coordinates) which should have been reflected in the body of the EBD but are not.

But the fatal flaw is the Robert Willingham nonsense. Here is something that reflects the state of UFO research in the mid-1980s. Many of us believed in the 1980s that Willingham’s tale of seeing a crashed flying saucer was true when his affidavit appeared. We believed him because he was a high-ranking Air Force officer telling a tale that seemed to be plausible. We believed that Todd Zechel had verified Willingham’s credentials, and now, in the EBD, there was further evidence that his story was true.

But the first version of Willingham’s tale took place in 1948 and involved three objects, one of which crashed. This version was published in 1968 in Skylook and told us Willingham was a CAP officer as opposed to an Air Force officer. To make it worse, he claims to have been flying a fighter that wasn’t operational in 1948.

In the version that appears in the MJ-12 document, the crash took place on December 6, 1950. This can be traced to Zechel and Moore and suggests the UFO was “incinerated” upon impact. Willingham tacitly agreed with that date, but later changed it so that he could tell his ridiculous story about flying fighters in Korea in December 1950.

In the last version, Willingham said that the events took place in 1954 or 1955. If true, then the tale couldn’t appear in a document created in 1952. And further research proved that Willingham had not been an Air Force officer nor was he a fighter pilot. His tale was invention and shouldn’t appear in a document created at the highest levels for the president. They would have known it wasn’t true if it had been told prior to the creation of the EBD, unless, of course, the EBD was created in the 1980s by those who weren’t on the inside and believed the tale at the time.

There is absolutely no evidence of a crash in the El Indio - Guerrero area of Mexico. And before we have to hear that “absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence” I should point out that I have searched everywhere for evidence of this event. Friends and colleagues have searched for anything related to this published in the right time frame or witnessed in the right time frame at the locations mentioned and have failed. There is nothing to suggest a UFO crash on December 6, 1950. At this point, given the situation, those advocating the authenticity of MJ-12 must present something other than the MJ-12 document as evidence that this crash happened and if unable to do so, should then reevaluate their opinion on MJ-12. Or, to put a point on it, absence of evidence is evidence of absence in this case.

In fact, let’s take it a step farther, if you are advocating a crash on the Plains of San Agustin in July 1947, then you must explain why that is not mentioned in the MJ-12 document. These two points seem to be mutually exclusive. If MJ-12 is real, then this crash must not have happened. If there was such a crash, then MJ-12 must be in error. There would be no reason to withhold this information from a document prepared for the president. Both can’t be authentic and I suspect both are fraudulent.

Or, if you believe there was a crash in Aztec, NM in March 1948, then why wasn’t it mentioned in the MJ-12 document? Doesn’t its absence argue against the authenticity of the Aztec crash? Conversely, if Aztec is a real event, then doesn’t that argue against the authenticity of MJ-12?

What we have in the MJ-12 document is the situation as it existed in the mid-1980s. At that time, those who faked the document didn’t believe in Aztec or the Plains crash but did in the Willingham tale. They attempted to create a document that seemed to have been written in 1952, but these elements have helped us date it. Willingham’s UFO crash tale is the real fatal flaw in MJ-12.

But rather than talk about these points critical to MJ-12, we delve into minutia of it with little regard to the overall picture. We engage in “gotcha” argument rather than something of substance that actually helps us resolve this dilemma. So there is a minor error in my analysis? Does that negate the overall challenge to MJ-12? No, these arguments about it just obscure the truth.

I could drag in aspects of this in which you have made mistakes, including your belief that the signature on the Truman memo is an exact match until you learned that no two signatures are an exact match. Then you changed your tune, but overlooked the minor alteration to the stroke crossing the “T” in Truman. The reason was Truman’s signature habitually touched the text and it was necessary to carefully remove the evidence of where it bushed those letters.

And, I expect to hear about how Phil Klass paid you one thousand dollars because you provided samples of pica type on White House letters.

But if we wish to understand this MJ-12 mess, then it is necessary to understand the major issues arguing against authenticity rather than minor problems with the analysis. Let’s resolve the major issues before we begin with the minor and irrelevant ones.

*For those who have corresponded with me on a regular basis, you know that my computer regularly launches emails in the middle of sentences. It has to do with the way the touch pad is laid into the lap top. I’m not sure what causes it… but this same flaw also will highlight text and delete as I type. I usually catch it and can recover it, but sometimes I don’t see this happening. I catch it on proofreading because there are usually two sentences or two paragraphs jammed together that have no transition. In this case, it took out several paragraphs in which I was discussing, as you did, the sample from Cutler’s office that had been signed. The flow seemed natural and I didn’t catch the change which says that Cutler had signed the memo. Of course he hadn’t and I knew that.

You can take it from there. I have no desire to prolong the agony.

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UFO Witnesses Exposed To Radition, Suggests UK Defence Intelligence

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UK Defence Intelligence suggests witnesses may have been exposed to UFO radiation

By Alejandro Rojas

      A witness to the UK’s most famous UFO sighting says he may be suffering from the effects of radiation, and in a recent press release, points out that a UK Defence Intelligence (DI) report suggests that he may have been exposed to UFO radiation. Meanwhile, the U.S. Air Force says they have lost his service and medical records from that time.

It was reported this week that the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has admitted that they will be releasing more UFO files, despite having said that they had already released all of their UFO files. This current revelation has been due to the efforts of John Burroughs, a military witness to the UK’s most famous UFO sighting.

Burroughs says he has been seeking official answers as to what he might have experienced that night in December, 1980 when he and others witnessed a UFO. At the time, Burroughs was a U.S. Air Force security officer stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, which, along with nearby RAF Woodbridge, was on lease to the U.S. Air Force.

Since then he has had health problems and suspects that his UFO experience may have contributed to his condition. He says, “I have specific medical symptoms that are considered by some very knowledgeable people to be a fingerprint of a specific kind of radiation.”

It was actually a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) he made in December that prompted the MoD to release these newly found UFO documents. However, coincidentally, the MoD did not actually post that information publicly until September 16, the day after Burroughs sent out a press release to many UK media outlets alerting them to his plight. . . .

British MoD Still With-Holding Secret UFO Documents

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British MoD Still With-Holding Secret UFO Documents

By Gordy Goodger

     Woodbridge UK, September 15, 2014 — The British Ministry of Defense is still withholding high-level UFO public policy papers, along with other key information, despite the public stance that all material has been transferred to the National Archives, according to John F. Burroughs, a retired USAF security officer. Burroughs, 54, was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 and witnessed one of the most significant UFO events in English history.

According to Burroughs, the MOD commissioned a Top Secret Technical Memorandum 55/2/00 in 2000, which was intended to provide the pretext for closing down the MOD UFO desk. That Memorandum included a Key Recommendation that "It should no longer be a requirement for DI55 to monitor UAP reports as they do not demonstrably provide information useful to Defense Intelligence."

Subsequent to the internal release of the Technical Memorandum, the UK MOD shut down the public UFO (UAP) reporting desk and began a process of transferring all of the UFO reports to the British National Archives.

According to the National Archives web page dated 21 June 2013 they stated they had today released its tenth and final tranche of UFO files, containing 4,400 pages of UFO policy, correspondence and UFO sighting reports covering the final two years of the Ministry of Defence's UFO Desk (from late 2007 until November 2009).

The files reveal for the first time the reasons behind the closure of the UFO Desk and how sightings had become a social phenomenon making tabloid headlines and sparking a disclosure campaign for 'the truth'.

Dr. David Clarke, author of the book 'The UFO Files', said: 'The last pieces of the puzzle have finally been revealed with this insight into the last days of the UFO Desk. These files spell out clearly why the Ministry of Defense decided - after 60 years - it no longer needed to keep tabs on sightings, even those made by 'credible' people such as police officers and pilots. The last files from the UFO desk are now all in the public domain. People at home can read them and draw their own conclusions about whether 'the truth' is in these files or still out there.'

This seeming act of transparency was apparently a ruse, as FOIA requests by Burroughs have revealed two further versions of the truth.

In an initial response the MOD admitted the existence of 6 crucial UFO/UAP public policy papers which have NOT been released. According to that version UFO/UAP Policy papers dating from 1971 through 2004 have been held back. These papers contain the MOD public information policy for over three decades, including a change from the use of the term 'UFO' to 'UAP', in June of 2000.

Burroughs feels this change was an attempt to conceal MOD information on the UFO issue from June, 2000 onward by referring to the phenomenon in question as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, (UAP) rather than the well-understood "Unidentified Flying Object" (UFO). The change would allow the MOD to make the claim that no further information on the UFO is being held, while maintaining information on the UAP.

In response to a follow-up FOIA request, the MOD revised its position to say that they were still maintaining 18 UFO documents as classified.

The MOD said that the documents were being 'prepared' for public release -- meaning reviewed for material that should remain redacted -- at a later date. When Burroughs submitted a request for early release of the classified documents, the MOD declined, claiming that doing so would 'delay the planned public release" of the material.

"This makes little sense to me," Burroughs said, "as releasing them to me would accelerate access to the information contained, not delay it. The MOD is clearly dragging its feet on full disclosure, while presenting the illusion to the public that it has already happened."

Nick Pope, Co-Author of the book Encounter in Rendlesham Forest with James Penniston and Burroughs, and former Directorate of Defense Security, Ministry of Defense who's gone on record saying Rendlesham might be the turning point in history that leads to the explanation of the UFO phenomenon" stated this when he learned of Burroughs FOIA discovery.

"I knew for sure that not everything had been released, because by the MOD's own admission, some files/documents had been lost, some destroyed, some redacted and some withheld altogether. Also, material where the information owner is a defense contractor (e.g. some of the Project Condign working papers) is exempt from disclosure altogether, as private companies are outside the scope of the Freedom of Information Act". The bottom line is this: whether it's exempt from the FOIA entirely, withheld/redacted under exemptions to the FOIA, destroyed or lost, some material on Project Condign and on the Rendlesham Forest incident has yet to emerge, and some may never come to light”.

Burroughs will be presenting the results of his active FOIA request program and his analysis of MOD Technical Memorandum 55/2/00 at the Woodbridge Community hall Station Rd Woodbridge Suffolk IP12 4AU on Saturday September, 20th at 7:00pm. Also appearing with Burroughs will be Richard Dolan, Larry Warren and Gary Heseltine.

According to Burroughs, the significance of the contents of the Memo 55/2/00 has long been overlooked by the research community because it was deliberately obtuse in nature. The Memo is technically complicated and the writing was adroit in the process of stating key facts while presenting a facade that the phenomenon under study was one of several forms of rare, but naturally occurring weather aberration.

"You have to know what you are looking for," Burroughs said, and understand what is actually being stated. The memorandum is a masterpiece of bureaucratic double-speak."

Among other points Burroughs will cover in his talk are the fact that there is an international race to weaponize the technology employed by the phenomenon.

According to Burroughs, "The memo states clearly that 'Russian, Former Soviet Republics and Chinese authorities have made a co-ordinated effort to understand the UAP topic.' and that high level scientists, astronauts and senior pilots have been appointed to study groups."

The most significant accomplishment Burroughs has made to date is to correlate the described characteristics of the 'true phenomenon', as he puts it, under study by the MOD, with a 2003 paper by Jaques Vallee and Eric Davis and a 2010 paper printed in the Journal of British Interplanetary Science by Hal Puthoff.

Puthoff's paper, published a decade after the MOD memo, describes a theoretical propulsion system for interstellar travel, based on the Alcubierre 'warp drive' concept.

"It boils down to this:" Burroughs stated, "Puthoff's predictions for effects of a drive capable of interstellar travel match the effects of the UFO Phenomenon noted by Vallee/Davis and they match the effects described by the MOD of the UAP Phenomenon under study." "Most significantly, the predicted effects of the theoretical interstellar drive on humans in close proximity match those of the MOD - which could not have known of Puthoff's theory at the time of the writing -- and they match the symptoms I exhibit from a close encounter with the phenomenon while on duty at Bentwaters."

"I am convinced that this is the reason the DOD has classified my medical records and attempted to doctor my Service Record to show I was not in service at the time, to allow the VA to deny me benefits, but more importantly, keep the medical information about my condition a Classified secret.

Finding Aliens and Its Impact on Society

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Finding Aliens and Its Impact on Society

So What Really Goes Down if We Find the Aliens?

By Seth Shostak
The Huffington Post

     If we trip across life that's not of this world, do we blast it or befriend it? What impact would it have on our society?

This was the topic of a two-day symposium held at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress last week. Several dozen researchers -- astronomers, philosophers, theologians, biologists, historians, and other tweed-jacketed specialists -- opined on what might happen should we find we're not alone.

A lot of the discussion, unsurprisingly, was about discovering life that's intelligent. This prompted a symposium leitmotiv that was dished out repeatedly: when thinking about aliens, beware of anthropocentrism. In other words, don't assume that they will be similar to us ethically, culturally, or cognitively.

Well sure, I can get down with that. I agree that we tend to view everything in the universe through the prism of our own natures. Mind you, I note that the squirrels in my front yard seem to do the same. They're awfully squirrel-centric. That ensures that they attend to activities that are truly important (mostly acorn management). I don't think less of them for that.

Where this leitmotiv became more than a neo-Greek caution against hubris was when it was used to argue that SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is fatally flawed. We were told that our hunt for aliens assumes that they are like us. That kind of provincial attitude, it was said, will doom SETI to endless frustration. If we don't think outside our own biological box, we'll fail to find any company in the cosmos. . . .