Thursday, May 25, 2017

Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs | VIDEO

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Noted Actor, Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs

     On a recent visit to the BBC's The One Show, actor Kurt Russell and Chris Pratt were on promoting the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie; in the clip below the host brings up a news story about a
The One Show
pilot's report of seeing UFOs while on approach at an Arizona airport; Russell interjects and admits that he was indeed that pilot and the event occurred the night of what is now known as The Phoenix Lights.

Interesting to note that in eyewitness, Mike Fortson's original report, he saw what he described as a huge v-shaped craft very near the Sky Harbor Air Port and believed he was about to see a plane crash and or collision. As in Kurt Russell's experience the craft and or object did not show up on radar.–FW

Rock Star's Upcoming Announcement on UFOs

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Rock Star's Upcoming Announcement on UFOs

     LAS VEGAS - Can a rock star do what generations of investigators have failed to manage -- that is, find out what the government knows about UFOs?
By George Knapp
Last year, Tom DeLonge, the co-founder of Blink 182, told the I-Team about his plans to create a multi-media empire based on inside information given to him by military sources he had cultivated.

Since then, DeLonge has taken some lumps, and his grand plan was nearly crushed by the WikiLeaks disclosures.


On his Twitter feed, he's acknowledged delays in making his big announcement but says it's still coming. ...

Secret UFO Files To Be Released By The British Government (Again)

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Secret UFO Files To Be Released By The British Government (Again)

     50 years of collected UFO data and activity held by the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) is being published after the June election next month. The secret dossier will reveal 18 documents held back after the information needed to be re-examined by the MoD.
By Lulu Morris

Withholding this classified information classified information has reignited claims of a government cover-up of possible alien sightings.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

'Alien Megastructure' Star Is Dimming Again; Astronomers Sounding The Alarms

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Alien Megastructure’ Star Is Dimming Again

     The most mysterious star in the Milky Way is at it again.

Astronomers are sounding the alarms Friday as telescope observations detect unusual light patterns coming from a distant star
By Marina Koren
The Atlantic
located about 1,300 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Cygnus, in the outer edges of the galaxy. The mysterious dimming and flickering of the star, first discovered in 2011, means something is passing in front of it. It has puzzled astronomers ever since, but this is the first time they’ve seen it dimming in real time, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to observe whatever it is that’s blocking the star’s light.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mystery Donor Saves Shag Harbour UFO Festival

Mystery Donor Saves Shag Harbour UFO Festival

     An Unnamed Financial Operator has swooped in to help save the Shag Harbour UFO Festival.

Thanks to a nameless donor, the festival marking the 50th anniversary of Canada’s most famous UFO mystery will go on.

On Oct. 4, 1967, Shag Harbour locals reported seeing four orange lights in the sky. The lights dove to the water level, floated and then sank, residents said.

The event became known as Canada’s Roswell ...

Rendlesham: Colonel Charles Halt Returns to UFO Site | VIDEO

‘Something extraordinary happened here’
– Colonel Charles Halt returns to UFO site in Rendlesham –

     “It brings back old memories,” said retired US Air Force colonel Charles Halt on his return to the spot where, in December 1980, he was at the centre of a UFO mystery in Rendlesham Forest.
By Tom Potter
As deputy commander of Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases, Mr Halt wrote a memo to the Ministry of Defence describing the incident, and recorded what became known as the Halt Tape – made public the following year.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Alleged Alien-Human Hybrid, Intelligence Agencies, The FBI and a FOIA Appeal

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Jack Brewers Response for Appeal Re Lash Case

DoJ Responds to FOIA Appeal,
Directs FBI to Search Further for Lash Files

     A May 10 email (see above) from the Department of Justice stated my appeal for files on Jeffrey Alan Lash "has been processed with the following final disposition: completely reversed/remanded." The email was from the DoJ Office of Information Policy and addressed an appeal filed due to the FBI previously reporting requested records were unable to be identified.

Readers will recall my post on the Lash case summarized the 2015 story of a man found dead in a vehicle in the Los Angeles upscale community of Pacific Palisades. The bizarre saga involved a stash of millions of dollars in weapons and ammo, about a quarter of a million
Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer
dollars in cash, and testimonies that the deceased had claimed to be an ET-human hybrid working with U.S. intelligence agencies, among other odd plot twists. The post went on to become my most viewed by far, and continues to consistently be among the most viewed per week in spite of having been posted two years ago.

Outside Pacific Palisades condo where Lash reportedly lived

My initial FOIA request to the FBI for records on the Lash case was filed in 2016. I was subsequently informed by the Bureau in a letter dated Dec. 15, 2016, that records were unable to be identified, but it was added that the "response neither confirms nor denies the existence of your subject's name on any watch lists." It was also clarified to be a standard notification "and should not be taken as an indication that excluded records do, or do not, exist."

The letter further stated, "If you have additional information pertaining to the subject that you believe was of investigative interest to the Bureau, please provide us the details and we will conduct an additional search."

I subsequently wrote, in part, in an appeal dated Feb. 1, 2017:
I therefore point out 'The Guardian', in an article dated July 23, 2015, reported the late Mr. Lash believed he "was a secret government operative under constant surveillance by the CIA, the FBI or both." The article may be viewed here.

Similarly, 'The Washington Times' reported Lash identified himself to neighbors as "Bob Smith" and "claimed to have worked for either the FBI or CIA." The July 23, 2015, article may be viewed here.

'The Los Angeles Times' and many other media outlets reported similar circumstances. Files available for release are therefore requested on any investigations the Bureau may have conducted of Jeffrey Alan Lash, as well as any interest in or relationships with Lash.
Let's hope a further search for responsive records at the FBI turns up something interesting and available for release. For those of you following the political sword rattling taking place between the White House and FBI, it might be worth noting that the letter received in the May 10 email was actually contained in a pdf, and was dated March 23. For whatever reasons, the March letter was not emailed until the day after former Director James Comey was fired. I mention this because it might or might not indicate ripples of the political turbulence reach throughout the FOIA staff and process in some manner.

UFO Group's Public Funding Investigated

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Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group

     A group of UFO enthusiasts has come crashing to Earth with a federal minister ordering an urgent probe into their taxpayer funding.

The Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group on the NSW Central Coast has pocketed nearly $6000 in government money since 2013.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter, whose department dishes out the volunteer grants, is in disbelief.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery - First Look Trailer

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U.S.S. Shenzou / Star Trek Discovery

     Last night we got our first good look at the new Star Trek TV series, Discovery; its trailer was packed with some gorgeous shots, as well as new ships, uniforms, and tech of the show, which is set 10 years before the original series. Here’s everything we noticed.
By James Whitbrook

Wednesday, May 17, 2017