Thursday, January 04, 2018

Pentagon's Secret UFO Search, The Science Editor for Time Weighs In | INTERVIEW – VIDEO

Pentagon's Secret UFO Search, The Science Editor for Time Weighs In

Editor's Note: In the aftermath of the revelation of the Pentagon's Secret UFO Program, sadly most of the interviews conducted with the actors have been subpar. As is often the case, various news organizations can't help themselves and tend to make light of
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
anything under the UFO umbrella. Conversely, there are some that rise above the dreck; the following interview by CBS This Morning, with Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine's Science Editor is one example.–FW

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  1. Dipping their big toe in the water, but still stuck on the limited humancentric time frame of "they could only be here recently and to find Earth is soooo difficult". I know this site is already full of people that know this and are well past this discussion, but I wish I could stop the interviews and say in 300 years what have we learned about if I'm a 3,000,000 old mature scientific alien species, what do you think you would have learned about space? And physics? And all the sciences? Or if you were in kindergarten, tell me how to get to Mt. Everest from the US on your own with no help from anything or you're a PhD graduate with unlimited resources and help, can you get to Mt. Everest? And when you get there did you create a base camp to help acclimatize, did you use local resources to reduce your need for more trips?

    Anyway thanks CBS and Mr. Kluger for taking another baby step.

  2. Yes, I thought he was pretty decent about it. I seem to hear a lot less condescending statements. Even Neil Tyson was intrigued and said this is our best shot at finding something. Hopefully more information will be coming out.


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