Sunday, May 28, 2017

Roswell: 'Proof' the US Government Covered Up Evidence of Alien Life?

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Roswell Memo Snippet
A UFO researcher claims he may have unlocked the secret behind the alleged Roswell cover-up, using modern imaging technology to decipher a top-secret US government memo.
     In July 1947, New Mexico residents reported lights in the sky followed by a strange disc-like craft crashing into the Roswell desert.
By Ten News

US authorities initially released a statement confirming a crashed flying saucer, but the statement was soon retracted, followed the next day by an explanation claiming an Air Force ‘weather balloon’ had crashed.

The alleged cover-up sparked alien and UFO believers’ biggest conspiracy theory to date.

Now, one researcher says he has ‘proof’ the US government covered up proof of alien life.

David Rudiak says he’s enhanced a black-and-white photo taken of General Roger Ramey at Fort Worth Army Air Field in the days after the crash. The General is seen holding a ‘top secret memo’ in his hand as he looks over the alleged weather balloon wreckage.

Rudiak says he now can read 80 percent of the document, and it confirms there were “crash victims” and the craft was in fact a “disc.”

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