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Boomerang Shaped Object at Collarenebri, NSW, Australia

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Boomerang Shaped Object at Collarenebri, NSW, Australia 2-4-16


My Uncle and I were on a road trip to the outback of NSW to paint on a property just to the North of Broken Hill, NSW Australia. We had driven from Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland and had decided to camp for the night at the football oval camping area near the Barwon River at Collarenebri NSW. The football oval is on the opposite side of the Barwon River to the township of Collarenebri.

At about 9 pm we had retired for the evening, my Uncle was sleeping in the rooftop tent on my 2005 Hyundai Terracan, 4WD vehicle and I was sleeping on a mattress inside the rear of the vehicle, with the windows and rear door open and covered in fly-screen, my head towards the front of the vehicle.

By Keith Basterfield

I was laying down and looking at the stars to the North East, when I saw a thin, light blue and grey smoky coloured object appear, about 20 metres above the treetops. I think it would have been about the size of the full moon, with the foggy part extending each side, to make it appear bigger. The object could have risen from the ground, when I first noticed the object it was above the trees a couple of hundred metres to the North East of my position.

The object rose in the night sky and moved closer towards our position. It appeared to be a flock of Corellas at first, as I had mistaken the movement of the lights to be white wings of birds. As it came closer I could see that it resembled a Boomerang shape and had multiple revolving white lights on its underside.

As the object got closer, and higher in the sky, I could see that it was a translucent, cloudy, fog like, and boomerang shaped, with multiple white revolving lights underneath, about as bright as stars. No noise was heard when this object moved overhead about 30 metres above the treetops. I pushed my head out of the flyscreen which was covering the gap of the open, rear, passenger side window and I watched it go over the top of the vehicle until I could no longer see it.

The lights on the underside were about as bright as stars in the Milky Way, which were surrounding it, maybe that is why I say that it appeared translucent because the intensity of those lights were not dissimilar to the stars.

The object was about 30 metres across and about 8 to 10 metres thick in the middle of the Boomerang V shape. It moved very quickly and smoothly, I observed the object for about five seconds while it silently and quickly headed in a Westerly direction. It appeared to accelerate and kept accelerating as I was watching it, over a period of about five seconds from the time I first saw it. I could definitely see the underside at this point in time, which was covered in about 20 revolving white lights, which were brighter in the middle. I could see that it was a Boomerang shape and it was translucent, in that I could see through it, although it had lost its cloudiness by this time. [...]

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