Thursday, April 07, 2016

UFO Sighting in Greerton, New Zealand

UFO Sighting in Greerton

     A Greerton resident's former disbelief in claims of UFO sightings has been changed forever by what he saw above Argyll Road last night.

He was awoken about 12.30am by a thud he imagined was made by a cat.
By Andrew Campbell

“I was looking out onto our lawn when I noticed a flickering greenish coloured light moving quickly across the horizon, before coming to a sudden stop in a south westerly direction, which appeared to be somewhere toward the Kaimai Range, hovering slightly,” says Jayson Hurley.

“Finding this unusual, I ran a grabbed my wife who also witnessed this object hovering.”

The couple observed the object for what seemed like about 15 minutes, says Jayson.

He says it remained hovering in one position moving from right to left, then left to right.

Finally it stopped, the light brightened, then extremely quickly it took off straight up out of sight with no noise. [...]

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